Personal development: This is how you become your best self!

You train your body, your brain and your memory. You do this with pleasure and with great enthusiasm. After all you want to be physically and mentally fit. Great, but have you ever thought about training your personality? To train them further and to give you time for your Personal development to take?

If not, it's about time! Because not only body and mind benefit from training, but your personality deserves to grow as well. How this works and why personality development is such an important keyword, you will find out in the following lines. Have fun on the exciting journey to your personal growth!

What is personality development?

Every person has individual character traits that distinguish him or her from others. These characteristics are not a fixed set of rules, but flexible and adaptable. Already in childhood they begin to develop. And although researchers are still not entirely agreed on the extent to which character traits are genetically determined - that is, they are present from birth - it is known that personality traits can change over the years.

This does not always have to be due to drastic experiences. Some characteristics can change quite consciously - simply and solely for the reason that you want them to. As a rule, one assumes that the character of a person is formed by many different influences. These include, as already mentioned, your genes, but also your upbringing, your environment and your fellow human beings. And then there is the part that you actively contribute. Because you can take your personality development into your own hands.

Why would you do that? Well, if you have a stable personality, you're at peace with yourself. You are not so easily distracted anymore, you are self-confident, convincing with mental strength and you feel more satisfied overall. You can handle problems better and know who you are, what you stand for and where you want to go. This drives you forward in your private life, but also in your professional life and on the career ladder.

The basis of personality development

Let's say the last paragraph convinced you. You think "Great, that's what I want!" and give personality development a chance. Now the only real question is how exactly this is supposed to work: How do you consciously develop your personality to become more confident, stronger and happier? First of all, the basis must be right. Meaning: You have to know who you are. What makes your character stand out? What talents, wishes and dreams do you have? What are your goals, strengths, weaknesses, fears and hopes?

As a basis for your personal development you define the actual state, in the next step you formulate your target state. This may sound rather analytical. True, but it helps to recognize your current state and formulate a goal. Because, as in all other areas of life, goals are always achieved particularly well if they don't just exist as a vague idea in your head, but are formulated in concrete terms.

By the way, you should not set yourself too high goals, but realistic ones. If you are a shy person, it is unlikely to turn you into a ramp sow with stage presence. And that doesn't have to be the case - personality development doesn't mean turning yourself into another person. It would make much more sense to just get rid of some shyness so that it is easier for you to approach other people and become more confident. Think carefully about why you want to change which qualities in yourself. And when you have decided why you want to change, go for it!

First steps of personal development

Here we go: No matter whether you want to change existing habits, develop special abilities or break certain behavior patterns - be sure that it does not happen overnight. Developing your personality requires tenacity and stamina.

It can take weeks, months, sometimes even years until the new patterns or habits really arrive in your everyday life. But this will not stop you, after all you have your previously defined goal in mind. In the following you will learn which qualities and methods will help you to develop your personality and in which situations you can work on yourself particularly well.

1. take responsibility

Be aware that you can create your own personality. This requires that you take responsibility for yourself and your decisions. If something goes differently than planned, you should not blame your environment, but question yourself. The other way round, of course, also applies: Be proud of what you are and of the qualities that distinguish you as a unique personality.

2. be open-minded

People with a strong personality do not regard other opinions as criticism but as enrichment. If you go through life with an open mind, you can master difficult situations much more easily. Don't be put off by prejudices, but always form your own opinion! The more openly you approach new situations, the more your horizon will expand.

3. think positively

Consider problems as challenges and mistakes as new opportunities. Don't let it get you down when things go wrong. This is easier said than done, but with a little practice it will become increasingly easy for you to focus on the positive. Be optimistic and you will see how much the new, positive way of thinking will help you in your personal development.

4. never stop

People learn all their lives. Your personality development is an ongoing process that will never be completely finished. Remember that you don't have to be perfect, but you can get a little better every day. Be your best self!

situations in which your personality develops

All well and good, but in which situations can you actually apply your newfound knowledge? There are endless possibilities to develop your personality in practice - both in private and professional life. Let's start with your job: Within your professional activities, look for specific projects and tasks for which you have to leave your comfort zone! Network, apply for management positions, give presentations to your colleagues. Put your skills to the test and continue your education. If you take a closer look, you will find endless opportunities for personal development in your job.

The same goes for your private life: The classics are travel and volunteerism. Whenever you discover foreign cultures, you expand your horizons. And every time you volunteer for a good cause, this commitment takes you further personally. But sports can also strengthen your personality and train, for example, your discipline, your (mental) endurance and your fighting spirit.

At best, you develop in the things and situations you love and with which you enjoy spending time. This way you are doubly motivated and stay on the ball, even when things get tough. In the end, it's all about becoming the best version you can be. And that's what it's all about!

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