Personality development: Become your best self!

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Personality development: Become your best self!

You train your body, your brain and your memory. You like to do this with great enthusiasm. After all, you want to be physically and mentally fit. That's great, but have you ever considered personalities to train you? Train them further and actively give yourself more time for personal development in everyday life? 

If not, it's high time! Because not only body and mind benefit from training, but also your personality deserves to grow. In the following lines you will learn how to do this and why personality development is such an important keyword. Have fun with the exciting journey to your personal growth!

What is personality development?

Every person has individual character traits that distinguish him from his peers. These characteristics are not a fixed set of rules, but flexible and adaptable. They begin to develop already in childhood. And although researchers are still not completely agreed on the extent to which character traits are genetically determined - i.e. given from birth - it is known that your personality traits can change over the years.

This does not always have to be due to drastic experiences. Some characteristics can change quite consciously - simply and only for the reason that you want it that way. As a rule, it is assumed that the character of a person is formed from many different influences. These include, as already mentioned, your genes, but also your upbringing, your environment and the people around you. And then there is the part that you actively contribute. Because your Personality Development you can take into your own hands.

Why you should do that? Well, if you want a stable personalities you are at peace with yourself. You are no longer easily rattled, are self-confident, convince with mental strength and feel overall happier. You can better deal with problems and know who you are, what you stand for and where you want to go. This drives you forward in your personal life, but also in your professional life and on the career ladder.


Why is personality development so important?

So now you know what influences your personality and how your individual characteristics are shaped. Personality development supports you to find yourself more and more and to live according to your values. Values are important for your personal development a very decisive criterion. They give us the path, so to speak, or set the pillars by which we align our lives. Before we begin to set out on the path of the Personality Development values are usually something that we are not even aware of. Rather, they guide us subconsciously. This doesn't have to be a bad thing at first. But only when you become aware of your values, you have the possibility to change something about them.

Here's an example for you: You keep getting into arguments with your boss because he asks you to stay late in the evening. But you don't see that at all and feel attacked. But you cannot tell him this without becoming abusive. The reason: In your subconsciousness the value "freedom" has been reinforced by experiences in your life. Childhood anchored. When your boss asks you to stay late at the office in the evening, you feel violated in this value and react with attack to defend the value. 

This is a very natural reaction. As soon as you start to deal with yourself and your personality and become aware of your value of "freedom", you can resolve this tension for yourself. You can calmly explain to your boss that you would like to be available within your working hours, but that you would like to use the evening off for yourself, which you are entitled to. In this way, the conflict between you and your boss may be resolved and you will not be under such pressure. emotional distress.

So you see what influence Personality Development on life, on how we deal with our fellow human beings and thus also on our personal well-being. Use this for yourself, get to know yourself and your trigger points better and learn to live according to your own values. You will learn how to do this in the next sections.

The basis of personality development

Let's say the last paragraph convinced you. You think to yourself "Great, that's exactly what I want!" and give the Personality Development a chance. Now the only question that really remains is how exactly this is supposed to work: How do you consciously develop your personality so that you become more confident, stronger and happier? First of all, the basis must be right. Meaning: you have to know who you are. What distinguishes your character? What talents, desires and dreams do you have? What are your goals, strengths, weaknesses, Fears and hopes?

As the basis of your personal development In the first step, you define the current state, and in the next step, you formulate your target state. That may sound rather analytical. True, but it helps to recognize your current state and to formulate a goal. Because as in all other areas of life, goals are always achieved particularly well when they are not just vague ideas in your head, but are formulated in concrete terms.

By the way, you should not set yourself too high goals, but realistic ones. If you're a very quiet, introverted person, it's unlikely that you'll become a stage presence. And you don't have to be - Personality Development does not mean transforming yourself into another person. It would make much more sense to simply get rid of some of your shyness so that it is easier for you to approach other people and become more self-confident. Think carefully about why you want to change what about yourself. And once you've decided why you want to do it, go for it!

personal development

What is part of personality development?

Before you get started and formulate your actual and target state, let's take a look at what contributes to your personal development everything belongs to it. For as often as this term is used today, opinions differ as to what it actually encompasses. In order to develop yourself and to live according to your individual values, the following criteria are important;

  • Open mind: Yours Personality Development always starts with yourself. Only if you are open to deal with yourself and your thoughts and emotions, you can embark on this wonderful journey to yourself. Let go and trust!
  • Personal responsibilityIn addition to open-mindedness, a large portion of personal responsibility is also part of your personal development. You will soon realize that it is no use blaming others. Start with yourself and ask yourself what part you contribute to certain situations. Take full responsibility for your decisions, thoughts, feelings and actions. This is the way to a stable personality.
  • changesEverything was better in the past? Do you often hang on to the past? That won't get you anywhere! Start opening yourself up to change. Maybe it holds something great for you. 
  • Endurance: Along the way, you're going to need some staying power and some stamina. Personality Development does not happen overnight and is an ongoing process. You will experience breakthroughs as well as setbacks. Keep at it - it will be worth it for you! 
  • goalIn order to develop the necessary stamina in difficult situations, it helps to consciously remind yourself of your goal again and again: Why did you set out? What is your goal at the end of the path? You can also create a vision board on which you write down pictures of how you imagine your goal. Hang it up in a place where you can see your goal. Visionboard over and over again. So you are constantly reminded of your goal and get the necessary stamina.

The 3 pillars of personality development

Your personal development is basically divided into three important areas. However, you do not go through them one after the other, but they repeat themselves again and again:

  1. KnowledgeThe realization of yourself is the analysis of the actual state. Here you first become aware of who you are and what makes you you. But this analysis is not finished after one time. The more you work on yourself and your personality, the more often you will learn something new about yourself. So never lose sight of reflecting on yourself and getting to know yourself over and over again.
  2. AcceptanceWait, didn't we just say that personal development is about changing yourself? Why should you accept yourself now? It's simple: we don't want to turn 180 degrees and become a different person. We can also just accept ourselves as the person we are and not have to get rid of every little habit and thought. Begin to accept yourself as the person accept and love who you are. Only in this way will you be able to develop in the long term. At Personality Development it's more about.., negative beliefs and habits that keep you from living to your full potential.
  3. ChangeLast but not least, change occurs. Of course, this doesn't happen overnight, and as we've already established, it takes stamina, a concrete goal in mind, and the will to change. Don't let setbacks drag you down and be mindful and loving with yourself along the way.

What influences personality development?

Are you ready to get started and get your Personality Muscle to train? Before we get straight to your first steps of personality development, let's take a quick look at influencing factors. Which ones can influence your personality development and what does that mean for you?

An important point in personal development are biological influences. This includes, for example, your diet or even pre-existing conditions. Does that surprise you? In fact, studies have shown that our diet has a significant influence on whether and how natural processes - such as hormonal processes - function in our body. If these are disturbed, this can affect our health. Behavior, our Thoughts, emotions and thus personality development.  

Social influences - such as environment, upbringing, or our relationships - also play a part in how we control our thoughts and feelings. For example, we can influence the Belief Set in the Childhood have trained: "I am not good enough" or "I can't trust happiness". But such beliefs can be uncovered, accepted and transformed into positive beliefs in the course of personal development.

Finally, the SocietyThe world in which we live strongly influences our personality development. The Western world offers many opportunities to deal with oneself and discover the true self. Here it is sometimes easier to take this path and stand up for one's own values and views. In other parts of the world, there are very clear roles to follow. Personal Needs often go unnoticed here.

First steps of personality development

Here we go: No matter whether you want to change previous habits, develop special abilities or determine Behavioural patterns If you want to break through - be sure that it won't happen overnight. Developing your personality requires persistence and stamina.

Until the new behavior patterns or habits have really arrived in your everyday life, it can take weeks, months, sometimes even years. But that won't stop you, because you have your previously defined goal clearly in mind. In the following, you will learn which characteristics and methods help you to develop your personality and in which situations you can work on yourself particularly well.

1. take responsibility

Realize that you can shape your own personality. This presupposes that you take responsibility for yourself and your decisions take over. If things don't go as planned, don't blame your environment, but question yourself. On the other hand, of course, be proud of who you are and the qualities that make you unique.

2. be open-minded

People with a strong personality do not regard other opinions as criticism, but as enrichment. If you go through life with an open mind, you will master difficult situations much more easily. Let yourself be guided by Prejudices Don't be deterred, but always form your own opinion! The more open you are to new situations, the more your horizons will expand.

3. think positive

Look at problems as challenges and mistakes as new opportunities. Don't let it get you down when things go wrong. It's easier said than done, but with a little practice you'll find it increasingly easy to focus on the positive. Be optimistic and you will see how much the new, positive way of thinking will help you in your life. personal development the future.

4. never stop

People learn throughout their lives. Your personal development is an ongoing process that will never be complete. Realize that you don't have to be perfect, but you can get a little better every day. Be the best you!

Personality development is an ongoing process

Situations in which your personality develops

All well and good, but in which situations can you actually apply your newly acquired knowledge? There are endless possibilities for developing your personality in practice - both in your private and professional life. Let's start with your job: within your professional activities, look for specific projects and tasks for which you can use your leave the comfort zone must! Network, apply for management positions or give presentations to your colleagues. Prove your skills and continue your education. If you look closely, you will find endless opportunities for personal development in your job.

The same goes for your personal life: The classics are travel and volunteer work. Whenever you discover foreign cultures, you broaden your horizons. And every time you volunteer for a good cause, it brings you closer to the people you love. Engagement personally. But sport can also strengthen your personality and train your discipline, your (mental) endurance and your fighting spirit.

At best, you develop yourself in the things and situations that you love and with which you like to spend a lot of time. That way you'll be doubly motivated and stay on the ball, even when it's hard. Ultimately, it's about becoming the best version you can be. And for that, it pays to go full throttle!

When is personality development complete?

Personal development doesn't happen overnight - that much is certain. But how long does it take to develop your personalitiesHow can you change your habits, thoughts and feelings to suit your goal? Is there even a rule of thumb for this or do you basically never get to grips with it?

Yes, that's exactly how it is: personality development accompanies us throughout our lives. In every new Life phase we encounter new challenges and each one of them offers the potential to evolve and find more of ourselves.

How can you work on your personal development?

You already know a lot about how to work on yourself. To get you started, we've put together a list of resources you can use for yourself:

  • DISC personality testThey help you to find out what type of person you are and thus to better classify yourself. You can download the free test of Greator here make. In it you'll learn, which of the four personality types you are and what that says about you. 
  • Books and podcastsAlso, there are now countless books and podcasts on the subject that you can work with. 
  • CoachingsBut coaching also helps you with your personal development. Especially with issues that are deeply rooted and have been with you for a long time, it can be helpful to look together with an experienced coach and dissolve beliefs. 
  • AppsYou can find countless apps in the App Store that can help you with your personal development.

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