A relationship coach for a fulfilling partnership

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A relationship coach for a fulfilling partnership

Advising on relationship problems and working out solutions is one of the tasks of a relationship coach: a happy relationship that lasts a long time forms the basis for a fulfilled life. In our modern, hectic and stressful society, however, the number of dissatisfied couples seems to be increasing. The number of separations and divorces is also said to have increased in recent years.

There are a variety of reasons for relationship problems. Exaggerated JealousyThe causes of relationship stress include infidelity, different views of life and different goals, as well as a lack of interest in the partner.

If you are in a Relationship crisis you look at the problems from your own perspective. Feelings like Fearanger or jealousy mean that you can no longer think clearly and with the necessary distance. As you lack the necessary objectivity, it is hardly possible to solve relationship problems amicably.

Providing support in difficult relationship situations and developing approaches to solutions is one of the tasks of a relationship coach. Neutral help and expert support from a coach who specializes in relationship problems can help to better understand the reasons that have led to a relationship crisis. Together with the relationship specialist, approaches to solutions are developed.

What is a relationship coach?

A relationship coach is a counselor who deals with relationship issues and problems that may arise in partnerships and has expert knowledge in these areas. Other names for this profession are couples therapist or couples counselor.

The task that a relationship coach performs is referred to as relationship coaching, couples counseling, or Marriage counseling refers to. A relationship specialist works with other people in person or online and also learns very intimate details of the client's private life as part of the coaching process. Therefore, the qualities that a relationship coach should have include:

  • Discretion
  • empathy
  • Patience
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Willingness and ability to work with other people

Talking openly about our own feelings is not easy for many of us. A good relationship coach meets his clients with Empathy, respect and diplomacy.

Relationship coach best

9 reasons for relationship coaching

Why do people confide in a relationship coach when they have partnership problems? Often the best friend, close relatives or other trusted persons are the first contact persons when it comes to difficulties in the Relationship goes.

The idea of having to seek professional help is often a deterrent. One's own assessment of having failed in the relationship can Guilt and evoke old beliefs like "I always fail."

If you can't find a solution on your own or with friends, a conversation with a relationship coach is a better alternative. A coach is a trained listener who analyzes what is being said and puts it into a meaningful context.

The nine most common reasons to see a relationship coach are:

  1. A partner cheats.
  2. One of the two partners feels neglected.
  3. Different perceptions of sexuality and resulting relationship problems.
  4. Stress at work has a negative impact on the relationship.
  5. Involuntary childlessness endangers the partnership.
  6. Outsiders interfere in the relationship.
  7. Disputes over child rearing.
  8. Financial difficulties put a strain on the relationship.
  9. Separation or divorce should be avoided.

In addition, any situation in which we feel rejected by our partner can be a reason to seek expert support from a relationship coach.

Why do relationship crises occur?

A crisis can occur in any relationship. Even long-standing partnerships are rarely as harmonious as they appear on the outside. Often are:

  • Lack of communication
  • Everyday stress
  • Misunderstandings
  • Suppressed negative feelings

responsible for a crisis in a relationship. However, there may also be other triggers such as difficult life situations due to serious illnesses or unemployment of a partner.

In order to Save relationship, it is important to address the problems directly. This avoids further escalation and creates the opportunity to overcome existing conflicts. Relationship coaching is designed to uncover the causes of relationship crises. Once the reasons that led to the crisis are found, a solution can be worked out.

Topics and tasks of a relationship coach

A relationship coach deals with all issues related to relationships. Whether relationship problems are caused by a Coaching can be resolved depends on various factors. If both partners are not yet very far apart, the discussion with the relationship coach is more likely to succeed. However, if the attempts to talk are blocked by one party, positive crisis management is hardly possible.

The responsibilities of a relationship coach include:

  • Causes for Relationship problems reveal
  • Counseling on a wide range of relationship issues
  • Support with partnership problems of all kinds
  • Development of strategies and concepts

Relationship coaching is aimed at people with very different relationship statuses. Coaching participants can therefore:

  • Newly in love
  • Living in a permanent or long-term partnership
  • Longtime singles
  • Affair participant
  • Partner in the separation or divorce phase

be. The services of a relationship coach are also used when it comes to tormenting relationships. Heartbreak or the search for more passion in the relationship.

Coaching is a help for self-help

Coaching focuses on the personality of the client. The relationship coach helps to build or improve specific skills. Coaching is an active, supportive activity that also requires a lot of cooperation from the client. The relationship coach accompanies this development process and encourages the Self-reflection on. However, coaching cannot repair the relationship. The method is primarily a "help for self-help".

A good relationship coach supports you in the process of finding solutions and helps to develop appropriate strategies. As a neutral observer, a coach takes an objective mediating position. At Coaching is not about steering a person in a certain direction. The aim is to develop ideas and solutions that help to overcome relationship problems. The best relationship coach is therefore an independent consultant who creates an atmosphere of trust and motivates his clients to cooperate.

Topics in the context of relationship coaching

In the context of relationship coaching, basically all topics related to a relationship can be discussed. Examples of relationship topics that are discussed during coaching are:

In addition to classic relationship issues, there are other areas that can be addressed during an appointment with a relationship coach:

  • Dissolve excessive jealousy
  • Deciphering communication patterns of successful couples
  • Improve the quality of the relationship

Relationship coaching is designed to help you better understand your attachment history. One of the tasks of the relationship coach is to show you ways to shape your partnership and what you can do for yourself.

What can relationship coaching do?

Is it worthwhile to use relationship coaching at all? What can relationship counseling achieve? Is your relationship in crisis? You have already thought about a Separation and want to give your partnership another chance?

Relationship coaching can be inspiring and liberating. Talking to a relationship coach can lead to new solutions that you haven't considered before. Talking to relationship professionals is easier than heated discussions with your partner.

The relationship coach is at the same time therapist, pastor and independent mediator. In a moderated conversation, hurtful words and accusations are excluded. Instead, positive moments and feelings are brought to the fore. During a relationship coaching session, you talk about everything that makes up your relationship. Intimate details such as sexual problems or jealousy can also be discussed. In relationship coaching, you learn to talk to your partner and actively address problems.

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Relationship coach online or in presence?

With relationship coaching, you choose between online coaching or an appointment at a coaching practice. Both forms of coaching can have advantages and disadvantages. Online relationship coaching is a particularly discreet way to discuss your relationship with a relationship coach.

When you talk to a relationship coach online, outsiders don't find out about it. Neighbors or friends therefore do not know that you have opted for coaching to overcome partnership problems. In most cases, appointments can be made online spontaneously and outside of normal business hours. The greater flexibility and anonymity are among the advantages of online coaching.

Not everyone is comfortable chatting online. Talking about relationship problems is a very private matter. Maybe you feel more comfortable in the safe environment of a doctor's office? With an established relationship coach, you can discuss your relationship problems in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

There should be no difference in the degree of effectiveness between digital coaching and face-to-face coaching. It essentially depends on the need and the personal preferences of the client which coaching form is preferred.

What topics does a relationship coach NOT cover?

With a relationship coach, you can find help and support for a variety of relationship issues. However, there are some issues that fall outside of his or her scope. These include, for example:

  • Legal advice on separation or divorce issues
  • Official business
  • Maintenance and custody disputes
  • Treatment of mental disorders

A relationship coach is not a legal advisor and cannot replace a divorce lawyer. Consultations on family law, contact rights and divorce issues are therefore not part of his or her area of responsibility. It is also best to discuss financial matters such as alimony payments with your divorce lawyer.

Only a few relationship coaches have completed medical or psychotherapeutic training or relevant studies. If not explicitly stated in the counseling offer, the relationship coach is not a psychotherapist. Treatment of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression or phobias is carried out exclusively by specialists in psychiatry or by psychologists. This also applies if the mental problems are directly caused by the relationship difficulties.

How do you find a good relationship coach?

A good relationship coach will take time for you, listen carefully, and support you with all their strength. But how do you find a qualified coach? The Internet is a good source for research. Using search terms such as "relationship coach" or "relationship coaching", you can search specifically for professionals who specialize in counseling for relationship problems.

Free content (for example, webinars) and a non-binding preliminary meeting are often offered. Important questions about dates, duration and goals of the coaching can be clarified in advance in a telephone call. Pay attention to the professional background of the coach and, if necessary, ask about education and professional background.

Other ways to assess coaching quality include references and client reviews. Check with friends, colleagues or other people you trust in your personal environment to see if they can recommend a relationship coach.

A relationship coach can only fulfill his or her task 100 percent if you as the coachee are motivated. Realistic goal agreements are easier to implement than demanding expectations. Coaching should give you new perspectives and show you possible solutions. However, relationship coaching cannot make a new person out of you.

This is what a relationship coach earns

Are you fascinated by the topic of relationships? Do you want to help other people and therefore become a relationship coach yourself? In addition to requirements, areas of responsibility and career opportunities, the salary is also one of the key decision-making criteria for this exciting job.

How much do you earn as a relationship coach? The amount you earn depends on your skills, degrees, and experience, as well as other factors. As a relationship coach, you usually work independently in your own practice or online.

Your relationship coach salary depends on the number of sessions you assign each month. The duration of a relationship coaching session is very individual and depends on the problems your clients need to work through. On average, about ten to 15 sessions are needed for a couple coaching.

The cost of coaching is borne by your clients themselves. A coaching session can cost between 80 and 200 euros. Have you completed your studies or training as a psychotherapist or psychologist? Then the treatment fee per therapy hour is calculated on the basis of the Fee schedule for psychotherapists (GOP) calculated.

Depending on your qualifications and professional experience, you will have as freelance coach the possibility of earning an average gross salary of between 3,300 and 4,000 euros or more (for 40 hours per week).

Become a relationship coach: These are the requirements

Relationship coach is a varied, exciting job. The requirements for this profession are not clearly structured. Even as a career changer you have the opportunity to work as a relationship coach.

Successful coaches often have a psychological or social science education or a corresponding degree. In consulting and therapeutic professions, experience in dealing with people is of great importance.

To work as a relationship coach, you should have:


Legally, the term "relationship coach" is not yet protected. In principle, even without relationship coach training, you can become a Couples therapy offer. Training to become a relationship coach will increase your qualifications and help you advance professionally. Training to become a certified coach is also available online. With our Training as a coach you get to know yourself better and at the same time learn how to support others and bring them to their full potential.

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