Slatco Sterzenbach: Become the designer of your life

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Slatco Sterzenbach: Become the designer of your life

"Sometimes when I consider what big consequences small changes can have, I'm inclined to believe there are no small changes." Slatco Sterzenbach is an extreme athlete, 17-time IRONMAN and expert for successful mindset. The popular speaker gives important impulses for more power in life with his lectures. Are you ready for exciting input of a different kind? Then have fun with his lecture!

Slatco Sterzenbach: 3 changes for your life

A small bottle of cola a day contains 13 kilograms of sugar per year. That's 130 kilos in ten years. And the most rapidly increasing childhood disease is diabetes mellitus type 2 - i.e. adult-onset diabetes. Slatco Sterzenbach knows: "It's the little things that add up to make the difference. I am firmly convinced that we only become the shapers of our lives if we have previously become the shapers of our day."

It is your responsibility to decide whether to drink a bottle of Coke or eat an apple. For the expert, there are three important areas that influence your decisions and therefore the shape of your life: Change your mind. Transform your body. Heal your soul. Slatco Sterzenbach: "The first step is: Change your thoughts! Then the transformation of your body comes automatically. And the most important thing for health is of course: heal your soul! If the soul is not on its way and does not get recognition, then we get sick."

Change your mind

Changing your thoughts to the positive starts with focusing on what you no longer want in your mind. The expert knows, "We have too many negative messages that we constantly take in without registering it. I'm sure you've heard the beautiful phrase, 'You can't not communicate.' And you can transfer that phrase 1:1: You can't process information."

The successful coach is firmly convinced that it's the little things that count in life. That's why he has the following tip for you: "What do you focus on? What rituals do you have in your daily life that will make a difference later on? Use your time and take 15 to 30 minutes every day to gather information for your life. mindset Gathering those who nurture, support and inspire you."

Slatco Sterzenbach: "Transform your body!"

There are two relatively mundane tips, the effects of which we are not always aware. The first is to do 15 minutes of muscle training twice a week. This can dramatically change your quality of life for the better. Slatco Sterzenbach: "From the age of 30, our muscles decrease by 1.5 percent every year. But muscle is the only place where fat burning happens. It's the little things that add up to make the difference and decide which direction your life goes."

So enjoying physical freedom has something to do with building muscle. In addition, the athlete knows: "We all get older. And we all may have an accident or an operation that is necessary at some point. Then the question becomes: what resources am I going in with? What decisions have I made every day that add up to make a big difference?"

Heal your soul

Slatco Sterzenbach recommends making a list of your personal energy angels. He says, "These are things that give you energy. It can be a massage, a nice book or a delicious tea. Make a list! In my seminars, my participants have to find a hundred energy angels. They change your consciousness because through them you know that you are allowed to do something that is good for you. And every day that you do something that is good for you is a wonderful day."

The expert is convinced that every thought you have has the tendency to manifest itself. Slatco Sterzenbach: "Your whole being is energy. Share that being and that love and energy. Keep the focus. It's all about you. Change your mind. Transform your body. Heal your soul."


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