Recognizing soul mates: 10 signs of a perfect match

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Recognizing soul mates: 10 signs of a perfect match

Finding a soul mate is a great gift that not everyone is granted. However, you can actively help your (love) luck on the jump. You could theoretically meet your soul mate on any day and at any time. In the following article you will learn how you can reliably recognize him and which stages of development you have to go through until your soul partnership.

What is a Soul partnership?

There are numerous philosophically inclined descriptions for a soul mate. The most commonly used metaphor is that of the missing piece of the puzzle that makes your soul complete. That this piece of the puzzle was missing in the first place, you often only notice when you have found your soul mate. You complement and complete each other.

A soul partnership is characterized by trust, understanding and affection. You know what the other person thinks and will say even before he has said it. The same is true vice versa. There is a magical bond that is invisible to other people. To outsiders, the soul partnership sometimes even seems a little scary.

Often the soul partner is also the love partner. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. There are quite a few soul mates that are of a friendly nature. Also twins are often said to be soul mates.

Soul mateship: what does science say about it?

Before we delve further into the subject of soul mates, it makes sense to first shed some light on whether something like a soul mate even exists from a scientific point of view.

Hans-Werner Bierhoff, a well-known professor of social psychology at the Ruhr University in Bochum, describes soul mateship as a personal illusion. Accordingly, it is a subjective feeling that can feel different for each person. (Source: What makes love strong: The new psychology of couple relationships, authors: Hans-Werner Bierhoff and Elke Rohmann).

Although the term "illusion" implies that the soul mate does not exist from a scientific point of view, this cannot be said so sweepingly. The sensations of the soul elude research in many cases. If you experience your soul partner as real, then he is for you. You can compare it a little with religious Faith compare. Scientific proof is not needed.

How do I find my soul mate?

Finding your soul mate is not an undertaking that can be concretely planned. The more pressure you put on yourself, the lower your chances. Even if it may sound a little esoteric: Your mind must be free, open and unbiased. Only then will your soul mate be able to come to you. Basically, your soul mate can meet you anywhere: at work, in your free time or by chance on a walk.

Nevertheless, you do not have to wait completely idly until your soul mate meets you. By familiarizing yourself with the signs of a soul partnership, it will be easier for you to recognize your soul mate.

recognize soul mate

Recognize soul mate: 10 typical signs that will help you

Want to know how to recognize your soul mate? Then pay attention to the ten following signs:

1. confusion

When you meet your soul mate for the first time, the world stands still for a moment. You don't know what will happen to you. In spiritual circles, there is talk of a "shaking of the soul". You have that Feelingthat the person is looking into your innermost being. You feel vulnerable and complete at the same time. Your soul mate recognizes who you really are.

2. the magic of attraction

Have you ever felt strongly attracted to a person? Strong attraction can indicate a potential soul mate. Physical appearance, wealth or other social advantages do not matter. Your soul mate is perfect for you with all his flaws. You feel a strong desire to seek the closeness of this person.

3. you complement each other

Soul mates often have distinct differences in character. Thus, they complement each other perfectly. Soul mates compensate for each other's weaknesses and promote their strengths. Together they feel invincible. The closeness of your soul partner gives you courage and confidence. You have the feeling that you can do anything with him or her by your side.

4. similarities

Despite differences in character that make complementing the partner soul possible, commonalities can also be found among soulmates. You are in conformity with each other in your norms, values and attitude to life.

Sometimes there are surprising similarities that can be interpreted in a spiritual way: You may have the same Strokes of fate or you have a birthday on the same day.

More signs of a perfect match

5. you understand each other without words

Soul partners feel what occupies the other inwardly. No words are necessary for this. If your soul mate is not well, you will notice this immediately. Soul mates cannot fool each other.

6. mutual respect

A kindred spirit in no way means that you always have to agree. If there are differences of opinion, both parties remain respectful. Insults and abusive shouting do not exist among soul mates.

7. talk and be silent with each other

With your soul mate, on the one hand, you can talk for hours, and on the other hand, moments of silence are easily endured. The silence does not feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, you feel your connection all the more intensely.

8. Trust

To your soul mate you entrust your deepest secrets, knowing full well that they are safe with him. Your conversations are deep and open. No matter what you confide in each other, you do not judge each other. You often feel this trust already at the first meeting.

9. support

As soul mates, you share the same goals in life. Is one of you successfulthe other person will begrudge him or her from the bottom of his or her heart. Envy and resentment do not exist among soul partners. Instead, you always try to support and encourage each other. The success of the other is at the same time your success.

10. you just know it

As banal as it may sound, as soon as you come face to face with your soul mate, you will know. When two kindred souls find each other, there is no longer any doubt. Both sides feel an immediate connection. You know: we belong together.

How to find your soul mate

To find your soul mate, it is important to first work on yourself and develop a deep understanding of your own needs, desires and life goals. Focus on being your best self and live a fulfilling, authentic life. Openness and a willingness to connect emotionally are also key. Look for deep, meaningful connections and be mindful when meeting new people. Often a soul mate shows up in unexpected ways, so it's important to be open and receptive to the signs of the universe.

Soulmates: These 8 phases bring you together

Love must develop. This is true even if you are sure that you have recognized your soul mate. You will go through eight stages of development until complete soul merging. However, not everyone experiences these stages at the same pace. So it may well be that you are ready for the next step faster than your soul mate.

Stage 1: You recognize each other immediately

The first phase begins with the inexplicable, yet unshakable certainty that your soul mate is facing you. A look, a gesture or a single word is enough to awaken deep feelings. Often it happens to both parties. Sometimes, however, the male part needs a little longer to admit the phenomenon to himself.

Stage 2: You celebrate your connectedness

In the second stage, you enjoy your intimate connection. It seems as if a inner emptinessthat you have not been aware of at all, has suddenly been filled. You feel closer to your soul mate than you have ever felt to another person before. Even across spatial distance you feel how the other person feels right now.

Stage 3: Confusion

Such an intense closeness as you experience with your soul mate can after a while lead to strong confusion or even to Fears lead. After all, you two have never experienced anything like this before.

Possible Fears are:

  • Loss of identity due to the strong bond.
  • Dependence on the (soul) partner.
  • Fear of being responsible for the well-being of the partner.

Developmental stages 4 to 8: From longing to merging

Level 4: Removal

After the first critical phase of confusion, it can now happen that the two soul mates first distance themselves from each other in order to sort out their own thoughts. Men in particular are not infrequently affected by the violent emotionsThe distance is overwhelmed by the difficulties that a soul mate brings with it. However, the distance is an important phase to the perfect soul partnership.

Stage 5: Longing

After a while, the desired distance triggers violent feelings of longing in both parties. You pine for your soul mate so much that it physically hurts. However, you both don't quite know how to approach each other again.

Stage 6: You put the focus on yourself

The roller coaster of emotions gradually calms down in this stage of development. You begin to focus on yourself again. You pursue your work, your hobbies and your social obligations. The distance you gain allows you to look at the soul partnership a little more neutrally: What happened to me in the first place? How can it continue?

Stage 7: Slow approach

You have given yourselves space for a while. Now it is even easier to allow the deep connection again. By now you are clear about what your special connection is all about and what you want for the future. Now, at the latest, one of you is actively making contact again.

Stage 8: Fusion

In the final stage of development, both of you are ready to merge with each other spiritually. All fears and doubts are eliminated. The deep soul connection and unshakable trust are stable.

However, for some soul mates, new challenges may require a re-run of the Development stages 4 to 8 are necessary. However, this is not a bad thing, but should be regarded as a natural and exciting cycle.

Soul mate

Do soul mates separate again?

Soul mates rarely separate from each other again. Often they stay together for a lifetime. Those who have found the other half of their soul feel incomplete without their partner. Since it happens to both parties, self-explanatory, no desire for separation arises.

Nevertheless, a soul partnership is no guarantee for a lifelong (love) relationship. People evolve throughout their lives. You may find at some point that your desires, values and ideas have changed and no longer conform to each other. This can affect the soul partnership.

The bond will not completely dissolve, but in some cases it may make more sense to go separate ways, at least as lovers. Many soul mates still manage to have a lifelong friendship. However, keep in mind that the connection is so strong that a new partner should be very tolerant and understanding.

How to let go of your soul mate again

Letting go of a soul mate can be one of the most challenging experiences, but it is an important step in personal development and healing. Start by acknowledging and expressing your feelings without judging yourself. Find ways to feel gratitude for the time spent together and the insights gained. Dedicate yourself to your personal development and cultivate self-love and self-care. Make space for new experiences and relationships without making comparisons. Remember that letting go does not mean forgetting, but rather living in peace with the past.

The importance of sexuality in soul partnerships

Sexuality plays a profound role in the soul partnership, as it goes beyond the physical connection and reflects a strong spiritual and emotional bond. It serves as an expression of deepest love and intimacy, where both partners understand and accept each other on an intense level. This unique connection allows the true essence of each other to be recognized and mirrored, bringing a dimension of healing and spiritual growth to the relationship.

Soul mate friendship

Soul mate friendship is a profound connection that goes beyond conventional friendships. It is a relationship in which two people are connected on a deep, soul level, leading to an understanding and acceptance that goes far beyond the superficial. This type of friendship is characterized by a strong emotional bond, mutual understanding and the ability to understand each other without words. Soul mates in friendship often experience a high level of intimacy and trust, which leads them to support and encourage each other in their personal development.

Get ready for the love of your life

To prepare yourself for the love of your life, start by working on yourself. Develop self-love and self-acceptance, because a healthy relationship with yourself forms the basis for a fulfilling partnership. Be open and ready to both give and receive love. Clarify your values and what you are looking for in a relationship. Live a fulfilling, happy life as a single person, as this attracts positive energy and potential partners. Stay optimistic and trust that the universe will choose the right time for you to meet.

Conclusion: Soul partners also need to nurture their relationship

A soul mate is not synonymous with a perfect partnership. Although there is a deep spiritual bond, as a couple it is important to master the hurdles of everyday life. Here lurk some avoidable stumbling blocks. In our free webinar we will therefore make you familiar with the 5 biggest and unnoticed relationship mistakes. familiar.

The webinar is suitable for singles as well as for people who have already found their soul mate. Among other things, we will discuss respectful communication with your partner and the prevention of relationship conflicts. The topic of (fulfilled) sexuality also plays an important role. Become aware of what kind of Relationship you would like to lead.

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