Strengthening connectedness - the first step to real closeness

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Strengthening connectedness - the first step to real closeness

The need to belong is deeply anchored in our soul. Feeling connected to a person or a group of people gives us security and safety. Do you feel connected to someone? Connectedness occurs when people meet who share the same interests, preferences, or Life goals share

How important is connectedness? Without the emotional connection to family, friends and acquaintances we feel lonely. Loneliness is considered one of the worst feelings a person can experience. In Indian yoga teachings, it is believed that all people are connected to each other in their souls. We are one. In Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, "yoga" also means "connection".

How are connections made with other people and how does it feel to feel connectedness? The wedding ring is a visible sign of connectedness. Of equal importance are emotional and spiritual connectedness.

What does in connectedness mean?

Integration into a group was vital thousands of years ago. Surviving in the wilderness under adverse conditions was only possible together. Modern, globalized and digitalized society has evolved into a world of lone warriors.

Only long-time married couples still feel united in a deep bond. The sense of belonging, once a basic need, is unknown to many people. Do you sometimes feel like you're alone and on your own? Are your Relationships characterized by superficial acquaintances? Being connected means feeling inner support and a sense of belonging.

The feeling of connectedness is at the same time a very personal and individual matter. Every person has certain ideas about social connections. Whether you feel connected also depends on your expectations. Connectedness develops when closeness and distance are in balance.

Distant behavior leads to loneliness

Distant behavior can have a negative impact on the sense of belonging, while too much closeness is perceived as threatening. The worst thing about loneliness is the inner emptiness and the feeling of having failed.

Belonging does not happen by itself. A Soul partnership develops only when you know how to touch the soul of the other. If you want to feel more connectedness, don't wait for something to change, but become active yourself. Feelings of connection can develop with all people. With your family of origin as well as with your partner, with work colleagues and friends, but also with people you hardly know.

At work, connectedness is expressed through a sense of belonging to the company, a department or a team. Strengthening connectedness in the professional context means more Teambuilding and plan more joint activities. Connectedness means:

  • Security
  • Security
  • Acceptance
  • Appreciation

to feel. For us as social beings, emotional connectedness is enormously important, because it gives us support and strength, creates trust. Connectedness is the basis for a happy life, self-determined life.

 deep connection to a human being

How does a bond develop between people?

As social beings, we are not meant to live alone. Without closeness and contact with others, our soul atrophies. Emotional connection is a basic psychological need. Our private relationships, professional ties, and leisure contacts thrive on the connectedness we feel when we are with others.

Adults are actually independent and thus able to go through life all by themselves. However, our soul longs for closeness and inner connection. This feeling can already be felt during a fleeting encounter with a person you find sympathetic. Belonging can occur on a purely physical level, but also on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.

How do you feel connectedness?

Two people who feel close to each other understand each other without words. Is that connectedness, familiarity or love? To really understand a person and to appreciate him or her with all his or her acceptwhile she feels the same way about you can be called a feeling of genuine connection.

In everyday life, we often live past each other. Do you sometimes feel lonely even though you are surrounded by other people? Spatial proximity and physical contact make up only part of the sense of belonging. Spiritual and mental connectedness are just as significant. Similar interests and similar views strengthen connectedness. Stimulating conversations and shared activities generate emotional familiarity.

Mental and spiritual freedom

Spiritual closeness is not limited to the private relationship of two, but also includes friends, acquaintances and colleagues. In the course of life, the importance of the various levels of connectedness shifts. While sexuality accounts for a large part of emotional connectedness in younger years, mental and spiritual intimacy with each other becomes increasingly important in older age. Understanding, respect and love are signs of emotional connectedness.

In a connection with another person, a high level of understanding can be achieved. This understanding without words is based on empathy. Immediate connection is felt when there are common interests or goals. Personalities that complement each other are also a perfect match. Emotional familiarity begins with getting to know each other. A relationship can be intensified by further meetings.

Inner proximity

People with an emotional connection to each other feel comfortable in each other's company. You can feel inner closeness by the fact that you are content and happy when you meet this person or hear the familiar voice on the phone.

Connectedness refers not only to individuals, but to groups of people, such as family and, in a professional context, to the company's workforce. Do you feel connected to the company where you work? This sense of belonging can be expressed through job satisfaction. In the broadest sense, the sense of belonging includes the nation to which you belong as well as the state in which you live.

How do you strengthen connectedness?

Strengthening the deep connection with a person is mostly connected with the desire to improve the relationship. It is one of the most beautiful experiences in life to love and trust your partner and at the same time to feel understood and well taken care of.

One way to strengthen the bond is to have conversations and reveal very personal things about yourself. Being with someone you feel connected to is an intense encounter. Dare to reveal your very private thoughts and share yourself. Familiarity develops when you both approach each other and show genuine interest in the other. Listen actively and give your counterpart the opportunity to open up.

Use every moment to strengthen the feeling of familiarity and connection. Greet your colleagues and give them a nod of encouragement. Smile at your coworkers when you give instructions or have conversations. This will strengthen the sense of belonging in your team and give your colleagues the feeling that they are valued.

Finds common ground for more connectedness

If you want to strengthen the bond between you and others, find common ground! What connects you? Do you read the same books, are you interested in the same sport or the same nutrition concept? Common ground is an important link that helps people feel instantly connected to others.

At work, this can also be similarities in the curriculum vitae or the same way of working. If you listen carefully when talking to others, you will quickly discover indications of similarities. Even if they are only superficialities, such as a preference for the same fashion brand or favorite chocolate, this feeling strengthens the bond.

Every encounter with another person can lead to a genuine, deep connection. If you are willing to open up and engage with the other person, trust and intimacy can develop. Use your empathic abilities to help you recognize the true essence of your counterpart. Stable connections are based on connectedness. Learn to connect people unconditionally with their strengths and weaknesses to accept if you want to strengthen the bond between you.

Strengthening your own connection - this is how it works

Connection or loneliness? Mistrust or trust? There are many sides to life. Do you have the feeling that others People understand you? Are you able to empathize with other people or situations?

Strengthening your own connection begins with accepting yourself as you are. Thereby you create the prerequisite to be seen and accepted by other people the way you want to be. Connect with yourself, with your inner voice, with your inner self. Self-esteem and your personality.

Inner connectedness cannot be influenced by anything from the outside. The emptiness that comes from loneliness cannot be filled by anyone but yourself. Listen to your heart. Ask yourself what you desire. What fulfills you? What things or tasks make you happy?

Have a grateful basic attitude

Show Gratitude for your partnership, your career, your beautiful home. A grateful attitude strengthens the interpersonal connection and creates connectedness. Be open, talk about your feelings and encourage the people around you to do the same. It takes courage to take off your inner mask. But it is worth it, because it is the prerequisite to strengthen the connection with yourself and with others.

Pay attention to your feelings when you meet other people. Strengthen your bond with your family by regularly scheduling activities together. Loving rituals foster belonging. Reading a bedtime story to children or having an intimate conversation over a glass of wine with your partner creates deep connection.

Even small, positive moments help to strengthen familiarity. From this, a spiritual bond develops, which is in line with our natural Need for safety and security.

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