Detlef Soost: "How to make your life a success story!"

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In life there are always two possibilities - one positive and one negative. Coach Detlef Soost finds, "If you feel bad, pretend you feel better. Fake it till you make it! Because if you pretend something is positive, eventually it will be." The message is: you make your life! While you can't always change the situations in your life. But you can determine the way you deal with them.

Detlef Soost also thinks that we all need an impulse in our lives, a kind of wake-up call: "After that, you no longer look left or right, but go your own way. You can resign yourself to your fate or you can fight back. We are responsible for creating our own success in life. Our thoughts count too - not just our physical condition or experience."

You're capable of accomplishing anything.

Detlef Soost

No matter what situation you are in life: You are capable of achieving anything. The rules for success are always the same. And you can succeed on different levels. There are:

  • mental success
  • emotional success
  • physical success
  • professional success
  • social success
  • sustainable success

Detlef Soost: "One success doesn't really work without the other. You can't be filthy rich but lonely and still feel happy. It's also relatively difficult to have a wife and children but not the financial means to support them. Everything is problematic if it doesn't come together."

Detlef Soost: The five steps to a success story

Therefore, always ask yourself what your Goals are and how you achieve them you can. Detlef Soost tells you five steps: "Once I understood the five steps to success, my life literally took off. Do you also want things to really take off in your life? Then have fun reading!

Step 1: The goal

Define your visions, dreams or ideas as concretely as possible. Write them down and support your goal with images - for example, using a vision board.

Step 2: Faith

If you're not 100 percent passionate, don't do it at all. Stand behind your goal with all your passion and see it through! Detlef Soost: "If you have a plan and know how you're going to get where in what time, then this automatically results in the Self-confidence, that you can do it."

Step 3: The decision

Commitment to yourself and your goals is extremely important! Detlef Soost: "You have to want to go as far as your legs will take you. Make it clear to yourself that you are a winner! And the winner keeps going when the losers have already stopped running. That's what makes the difference." Make a promise to yourself to do whatever it takes to reach your goals.

And then tell all your friends and acquaintances, so that the pressure is increased! Detlef Soost: "Tell even those who hope you fail. That gives you even more pressure because you don't want to give anyone that satisfaction." Line up so you have backdoor more. Slam all the doors behind you so you can only go forward.

Step 4: The path

The road can be long - and sometimes there are obstacles in the way. Detlef Soost: "From the stones on our way we build the house of our success." Nothing in life is without obstacles, because the path of success is not linear. There are dents and ripples. Sometimes things go well, sometimes they don't. But as long as you don't lose sight of your goal, you'll always keep going.

Detlef Soost: "Don't let smaller or bigger obstacles get you down, but keep going! Extremely important is also the team with which you move forward. The five people around you every day shape you and what you radiate." If you surround yourself with people who find reasons why something isn't working in life, then nothing much will work for you either. Therefore, find people who are just as successful and have the same goals as you. Or people who are even more successful than - because you can learn from them.

Step 5: Success

Every step on the path of your Success strengthens your self-confidenceto keep going and not give up. Detlef Soost: "Passion rules us! It's so simple and easy that it almost hurts."


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