Modesty - is it an adornment or an obstacle?

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Modesty - is it an adornment or an obstacle?

There's a saying that modesty is an adornment, but it can also get in the way. Especially if you appear reserved and possibly hide your light under a bushel. Sometimes it's better to be confident. But you are modest and proud of it! After all, colleagues and other people like you precisely because you are so frugal.

But what is it about modesty - does it make you likeable or does it hinder your career? As with so many things, the middle ground is a good choice.

Here you'll learn more about the benefits and problems of being modest.

Introduction to modesty

The introduction to the topic begins with the Definition of modesty. It can be a character trait or relate to lifestyle. Basically, modest people stand out pleasantly because they seem content and relaxed. They do not need material wealth to be happy.

The origin of the word comes from the Old High German "bisceidan", which evolved into the Middle and New High German term "modest". In the past, it referred to the decision of a judge. This is still shown today by common expressions such as "the share decided for me" or "to give notice". Those who are modest are content with the judge's decision.

So it's about acceptance and insight. Restraint also plays a role. That becomes clear when you take a look at the Synonyms and related terms for modesty clearly:

  • Self-Circumcision,
  • Frugality,
  • Unpretentiousness,
  • Needlessness,
  • Simplicity.
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The role of modesty in personal life

In personal interaction, modesty is considered a positive, people-friendly character trait. People who are modest do not need excessive attention. In general, frugal personalities find it easy to be happy about little things. They don't need the super expensive car or luxurious clothes.

Modesty affects several areas of life. As a frugal person, you are satisfied with simple things and make yourself independent of excessive demands.

Logically, your well-being improves when you are humble. In addition, your frugal attitude affects your self-perception. In your personal development you get to know your weaknesses and avoid perfectionism. Another important point: You are good at sharing - whether it is material things or recognition. When someone admires or praises you, you immediately say that you are not solely responsible for the good result.

Such defensiveness toward rewards, however, can diminish your chances of success.

Humility in relationships and social interactions

Humble people often lead a mindful, simple and grateful life. Sure, because if you demand less, you can better appreciate the small everyday moments.

The Influence of modesty on social relationships is very large. Here, the focus is on self-reflection and generosity, plus your own moderation. You don't put too much pressure on yourself and those around you. You don't have too high expectations and tend to do simple things. Thus you gain inner strength and approach other people warmly.

In conversation, modest people are friendly and reserved. If modesty is strongly pronounced, they can even appear shy.

In contrast, immodest people like to present themselves in the best light. They want to impress others and tend to exaggerate.

If you appear reserved, you don't disguise yourself. This helps to build trusting relationships. Rather than manipulating others, modest personalities are usually good listeners. Their sense of justice is as well developed as their disinterest in their own advantage at the expense of others. Manipulation is also usually foreign to them.

In interpersonal dealings, modest types behave considerately and peace-lovingly. They are difficult to provoke and can control their emotions well. That is why they usually do not tend to impulsive and aggressive actions.

Humility and learning

Humility also influences the learning process. According to psychological findings humble people learn more easily. One of the reasons for this is that they do not overestimate their knowledge. For this reason, they prepare themselves accordingly well when an exam or a presentation is due.

Qualities such as curiosity are also relevant for the ability to learn. In fact, frugal people are considered open-minded and curious, because they like to understand everything. Thus, the motivation to learn is very high.

Fair treatment and openness toward classmates and colleagues also strengthens the desire to learn together. No wonder, then, that modesty improves teamwork.

However, according to psychologists, there is a risk that modest types underestimate themselves, which can have a negative impact on self-confidence.

In some cases, the Modesty in professional life a stellar career. Even outstanding achievements can go unnoticed: The group or an immodest colleague sneaks in the success. That's why you should make it unmistakably clear what progress you are responsible for. Otherwise, you'll fall by the wayside while your colleagues move up. Those who present themselves well stand out - and the boss is more likely to remember them than hard-working but modest employees.

Modesty and environmental awareness

There is also a connection between modesty and environmental protection, as the typical characteristics of environmentally conscious people show. Those who think and act "green" are inquisitive and open to new things. In addition to imagination and a willingness to experiment, dealing with moral values plays a role. What is important and what matters?

Obviously, modest people don't want to exploit anything or anyone just to make a profit - whether it's nature or whether it's other people. This seems to be exactly the connecting line between environmental friendliness and modesty.

Thus, a modest attitude can lead to a sustainable way of life. Perhaps many more people should overcome their craving for recognition and instead train themselves to be more modest, to rethink their demands and to protect nature.

What does modest mean?

Modest yet strong - a good combination

The conclusion on the subject of modesty once again makes it clear: It all depends on the right measure. If you are modest, you come across as likeable. However, you should not remain too inconspicuous, but occasionally overcome your restraint - otherwise you will not get ahead.

If you perform well and come up with new ideas, your supervisor should know that they come from you. This has nothing to do with immodesty, but with honesty.

As an entry-level professional, a certain amount of humility will help you learn and build relationships with colleagues and managers. Both are important for your future career path.

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