Manifestation: Fulfill your desires through the power of thought

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Manifestation: Fulfill your desires through the power of thought

Have you ever wondered how successful people you look up to have made it this far? They never stopped believing in their vision! The power of thought is enormous. You can move mountains with it. You think this is mumbo jumbo or just talk? Then read on and see for yourself what you can achieve with manifestation!

What does manifestation mean?

Manifestation is now on everyone's lips. But what exactly is it? The term is derived from the Latin word "manifestare", which means "to show" or "to make tangible". Thus, the term "manifestation" is almost self-explanatory. It is about actually bringing something invisible, something that is not yet real, into being.

From a spiritual point of view, manifesting describes a consciously controlled mental process that transforms your wishes and visions into reality. Thus, you actively influence your life, because you consciously cause a change in it with the power of your thoughts.

But it is also possible to manifest something unconsciously, because basically you manifest almost permanently. If, for example, you tell yourself in the morning that today can only be bad because you have a boring meeting ahead of you, it will turn out exactly the same. You are manifesting a negative mood that will continue throughout the day without actually wanting it.

How does manifesting work?

Manifesting is based on the law of attraction. You always attract exactly what you are radiating and what you are concentrating on. If you radiate positive energy, good things will happen to you. If, on the other hand, you have built up a negative aura around you, then good days are rather scarce goods.

You can think of yourself as a living magnet. Depending on the frequency on which you vibrate, you attract different things. And the more you become aware of this, the stronger your power of attraction becomes. If you still don't succeed in attracting the things you manifest, you can be sure that there is still something bubbling in your subconscious that is keeping you from doing so. Perhaps deep down you have doubts about whether you really deserve the life you are manifesting. But of course you do! You just have to internalize it.

Not to forget is also your perception. Imagine that you have manifested success in your job. Consequently, all your senses are sharpened in this regard and you perceive even the smallest nuances that indicate this. A benevolent nod from your boss, a nice customer review or a high five from a colleague - all of these you have hardly noticed or simply not appreciated as something positive. But because your senses are sharpened due to the manifestation, you perceive all these little signs that things could be looking up at work particularly intensively. And that motivates you immensely.

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Learn to manifest desires: 5 steps

You keep thinking about your goal and you've already achieved it. No, it's not that simple after all. To reach your Manifesting wishes correctlyyou proceed step by step. Only then will you attract what you have internalized.

1. become aware of your wishes and needs

You believeYou know what you want? Then put it into concrete words. If this is still difficult for you, then take some time to become clear about what exactly you want from life. As soon as you can express it, you can manifest it. Also, think about what Needs behind your wishes and write a list.

Use positive phrases here. For example, write, "I wish to have a job that fulfills me." Out of place are negative phrases that interfere with your manifestation, such as, "I wish to stop wasting my time at XY company."

Then check the goals you have written down. Ask yourself whether these are really desires that come from deep within your heart, or whether you merely want to keep up with others or impress them. Listen to yourself and cross out all goals that do not come from deep within you.

2. visualize your goals mentally

Pick one item from your list that would fill you with the most joy. Then close your eyes and imagine what your life would be like if that dream came true. Dive mentally into the moment when it became real.

How do you feel about it? What does your environment look like? And how do the people around you react? Does your life change from then on? Imagine exactly which steps you took to reach your goal and how it felt when you finally crossed the finish line.

3. create a vision board or meditate

It may sound trite: But vision boards help you to always keep your goals in mind. In the last step, you have intensively perceived your dream in your mind's eye and now know how it feels and what it looks like. So that you don't forget, you keep all of this on your vision board. Visionboard solid. Don't worry, you don't have to make a poster and hang it on your wall. All you have to do is grab your notebook and fill it with suitable visuals.

Another option is to meditate. You turn your goal into a mantra and murmur it during your Meditation over and over again in front of you to internalize it.

4. become active

You have now defined your goals and even visualized them. Now it's time to actively implement them! Think about which steps are necessary for this and create a to-do list. Work through this list piece by piece.

For example, think about how you can make your daily Adapt routine and what new habits you can establish. It is important that all your actions come from a positive and confident mindset. mindset arise out of it.

5. stay positive and do not lose faith

No one has achieved their goals from one day to the next, not even through manifestation. It is not a miracle cure that allows everyone to live their dream instantly. Manifestation is a tool that helps you stay focused and attract the things that bring you a little closer to your goal. So don't lose heart right away if it takes you a little while to realize your dream.

Keep your mind positive, otherwise you'll set yourself back a big step. Only when you are convinced from the bottom of your heart that you will make it, will your dream become a reality.

Manifestation Methods: How can you manifest your desires?

The so-called "369 method" helps you to manifest. It is also called "Nikola Tesla method", because he had focused on the number 3 and its multiple. He connected the secrets of the universe with the numbers 3, 6 and 9 and thus also the origin of all being.

This brings us to the subject of numerology. The 3 stands for the connection of man to the universe and the source of life. The 6 represents this source as well as the power in man. The 9, on the other hand, appears as the divine. It stands for letting go and growing and enables us to free ourselves and heal. If all this doesn't sound like the perfect foundation for manifestation, what does? So now let's take a look at exactly how the "369 Method" works.

  1. Think about what exactly you want to manifest.
  2. Write down the reality you desire three times every morning after you get up.
  3. Note them down six more times in the afternoon.
  4. Write them down again nine times the night before you sleep.

In this way, you ensure that your manifestation remains present day and night. This in turn helps you to align your daily life accordingly and soon find yourself at the finish line. In addition, you can also do a meditation to activate your own vision. You can find out how this works in the video.

Manifestation of Emotions: How you manifest love

A partner who gives you love, enriches your life and makes it worth living - who doesn't wish for that? But in the stressful everyday life it is often difficult to meet new people and the prospect of love seems to fade away. Or have you only ever met people who weren't serious about you, or who really weren't right for you? Then you're right to ask yourself, "Can't love just be manifested?"

Basically, you can manifest anything, so the answer is, "Yes!" Let's go back to the law of attraction. You attract the things you focus on. So don't focus on what you want in a Relationship you don't want, but on what you do want. If you focus only on the things that you do not want from your partner, then you will only come into contact with people who radiate exactly that. But you don't want that!

So direct your thoughts to your desires. To do this, however, you must first be clear about what you actually expect from a relationship. Get specific here and visualize what the perfect relationship looks like for you. Of course, no relationship is perfect. Nevertheless, certain basics have to be right for it to work, and that's what it's all about.

Dive into the world of emotions

Try to empathize with this relationship. Imaginary conversations with a partner in your mind can help you with this. Soak up all the positive emotions you associate with it and free yourself from all the negative of the Past.

Of course, this is not about completely immersing yourself in a dream world and losing touch with reality in a relationship. Rather, the manifestation revolves around teaching you how a healthy relationship for you, and to show you which things are really important to you. Only then can you focus on that and attract exactly that.

First learn to love yourself

"You first have to get yourself accept and love before you can love someone else." You've probably heard this phrase thousands of times, right? What may sound trite to your ears is true.

When you manifest love, you must not visualize it as a necessary building block that makes you complete or perhaps even makes you a better person. You alone are good enough, you don't need a partner for that. Love is one of the most beautiful additions to life that the universe has to offer, and you should see it as such.

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Manifest your dream life

Manifestation is not magic, but a valuable tool that helps you align your inner self with the realization of your desires. Thanks to it, your goals will always remain present and you will always direct your thoughts and actions towards them in everyday life. Thus, thanks to manifestation, you actively work towards your dream life and never lose sight of your desires.


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