The 10 most important qualities for the self-employed

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The 10 most important qualities for the self-employed

Successful entrepreneurs are characterised by innovative ideas, sought-after skills and a flair for contemporary products or services. They know what their customers want and always pursue high quality standards. But there is a bit more to it than that: In addition to important hard skills and soft skills, the following are also decisive Beliefs and personal qualities determine whether a business will be successful in the long term or not. That's why we would like to introduce you to 10 important qualities for self-employed people today.

1. go for it - but do it right

Be effective - and at best, be efficient. Efficiency means doing things right. Effectiveness, on the other hand, means doing the right things. Because if you do everything right but take the wrong approach, you'll get results that won't get you anywhere. Conversely, if you're doing the right thing, it doesn't have to be 100 percent perfect. The main thing is that it gets done at all. So don't procrastinate any longer, get started!

2. as a self-employed person: shine with competence

Your craft is what you must never lose sight of. Sure, once you start your own business, there will be tasks you haven't come into contact with before: accounting, acquisition and advertising, for example. However, never lose sight of the core of your work. Always keep your expertise at a high level. Because these skills are what your business is built on. After all, you don't earn money with bookkeeping - unless you're a self-employed accountant.

3. characteristics for the self-employed: take the initiative

At the beginning of your start-up, nobody knows you and your business yet. Waiting quietly until the first customers roll in is therefore useless. Instead, you need to show initiative and actively approach potential customers. But be careful, please do not confuse initiative with false actionism! Taking the initiative does not mean acting hastily. You should always take enough time to develop strategies and implement them.

4. strengthen your credibility

One of the most important business goals is to gain the trust of your (future) customers. This is preceded by personal closeness and credibility. And how do you generate this? By demonstrating your expertise. Show your expertise whenever possible, for example through good content on the Internet. In this way, you can credibly demonstrate what you are capable of. Your customers will thank you with their trust.

5. be dynamic & flexible

When you start your own business, you need a corresponding market. But what if the market does not accept your services or products despite previous analysis? Or if you have defined your target group incorrectly? No problem, just be dynamic and flexible! Don't stick rigidly to your initial situation, but change your offer. Adapt it until it sells. Being dynamic, flexible and agile always pays off.

6. Features for the self-employed: Take responsibility

When you start your own business, you are responsible for yourself, your company, any employees and, of course, your customers. You should always be aware of this and it should influence your decisions. Do not act recklessly, but always with foresight and responsibility.

7. encourage your creativity

Creativity is a great asset. It helps you develop better ideas and find smarter solutions. Creativity can be encouraged in a targeted way. In everyday life, for example, try to think around corners more often. Look at things and points of view not only from one side, but from different perspectives. Let yourself be inspired and turn the newly gained inspiration into creativity.

8. Always learn

Educate yourself, because expertise is the cornerstone of your self-employment. Especially if you are working as a sole trader and are not in daily exchange with colleagues or other experts, you should inform yourself specifically. For example, subscribe to topic-related newsletters or trade journals. Attend lectures, trade fairs or meetings. Be inquisitive, curious and always keep your expertise at a high level.

9. Features for the self-employed: Stay innovative

Wir leben in einer (digitalen) Welt, in der sich vieles schneller ändert als man „Veränderung“ sagen kann. Es gilt das Recht des Innovativeren. Ideen von gestern haben keinen Fortbestand. Was zählt, ist Fortschritt. Überrasche deine Kunden und Konkurrenten daher mit innovativen Geschäftsideen. Sei immer einen Schritt voraus – oder bestenfalls der Erste, der eine Innovation entdeckt und verfolgt.

10. take it with humor

When starting your own business, a little humor can sometimes be worth its weight in gold. Simply because not everything will go the way you want it to. Failures and missteps are part of the game. To err is human. Learn to take the positive out of it and smile away the low blows. If you can laugh at yourself and your mistakes, you're admitting to yourself that you're not perfect. Because who is?

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