Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "Switch off unproductive thoughts".

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Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "Switch off unproductive thoughts".

Do you sometimes wish you were more productive and successful? If so, we have just the thing for you: In this video, Dr. Stefan Frädrich explains one of the most important criteria for sustainable success: Switch off unproductive thoughts. Specifically, it's about your inner center - that is, about Calm and serenity. You can not imagine how to boost your success through this? Then let yourself be surprised!

Shut down unproductive thoughts: Convergent thinking and divergent thinking

There are two different types of thinking that are relevant to the project of shutting down unproductive thoughts: convergent thinking and divergent thinking. Convergent thinking is about doing things right, finding a right solution.

Divergent thinking, on the other hand, works in a completely different way: The aim here is to find as many possible solutions as possible. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "In everyday life, we should use divergent thinking much more often than convergent thinking. We should always work towards finding as many solutions as possible in order to form the best possible alternative from them."

In everyday life, however, we often do the opposite. Dr. Stefan Frädrich explains: "We have appointments and to-do lists. We check things off and are always in this convergent tunnel. Yet we often don't find the right solutions until we turn away from the actual problem." You know that situation where you think of a really convincing argument - but not during the argument, but only when it's already way too late?

Avoid Stress and pressure

When do we normally use divergent thinking? As a rule, whenever we are relaxed and not stressed. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "This is exactly why we should practice being in the here and now much more often." We note to ourselves: don't let hectic situations stress you out and try to stay relaxed! That way, unproductive thoughts will diminish and you'll find better solutions.

The expert knows, "It's not good to feel rushed and put pressure on yourself. It's better to live in the moment, to be in the here and now." Then the positive attitude comes all by itself. Dr. Stefan Frädrich explains, "There is nothing positive and nothing negative in the world, unless we think it. And some people celebrate the negative. It's always about telling ourselves our own movie."

And do you want to be the main actor in a negative film? No? Then you can start, for example, with so-called perception exercises. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "Even with small meditation exercises you can simply let your thoughts move on. Get away from the thoughts that Stress do. Do what makes you feel good, and please do it consciously."

Shut down unproductive thoughts: Here's how!

To be productive and succeedYou should therefore not only perform and work in a goal-oriented manner. Above all, you should consciously take breaks. Switch to idle mode more often. Try to evaluate your everyday life less. And consciously take time for yourself. Time that is not goal-oriented, but that you spend with things that you enjoy.

Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "Sometimes you just have to let things happen. Grass doesn't grow faster because you pull on it. It's when we're doing nothing that we get the best thoughts!" On that note, thanks for Gedankentanken. But don't always think so much! Because sometimes that's exactly how you get the very best thoughts.

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