6 tips for your self-realization - this is how it works

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6 tips for your self-realization - this is how it works

What is personal development for you? Do you only associate it with your professional vision? Or does it encompass much more? Or does it involve a lot more, like self-reflection, going deep into yourself and getting to the bottom of what you want? We would like to inspire you today, how you can manage to live your potential (again)! We help you to become the most fulfilling and happiest version of yourself. Bring your radiance into the world! Look forward to six tips for your self-realization.

This is how you get into your creative power

Maybe you're having doubts right now. That one voice inside you that says, "It's all good the way it is. I can't complain. It's fine." And then there's always that other voice inside you that says, "There's more to it. That can't be all!" Now it's up to you to decide if you're ready to step out of your comfort zone and get excited about a new direction in your life. We would like to give you 6 tips on how to get into your most beautiful creative power.

Everything that happens in your life is no coincidence

For example, do you know the Powertalk of Laura Malina Seiler on her podcast channel "Happy, Holy & Confident?". Start with the episode "Higher Self Talk: All is Well!" It helps you connect with your creativeness and with your trust in the Universe. Then everything that's happening in your life right now is not an accident. It's the result of your inner beliefs. "Sometimes we just have those days or even phases where everything seems to go wrong. Instead of listening to those negative thoughts, it's important to be the energy we want in our lives," finds the LIFEcoach.

Powertalk for your self-realization

"Take the 5 minutes, close your eyes and feel the power and love that is within you, waiting for you to live it. Believe in the best and trust that the universe will match your energy," Laura Malina Seiler knows all too well from her own experience. Well, are you curious now too? The "Higher Self Talk" is ingenious if you want to activate pure motivation, power and love in yourself, if you want to have more trust in yourself and the universe. So, let go of your doubts, your fears and worries. Let go. Everything will be fine! There is nothing you can't do. Allow yourself to feel free again. Believe only in the best from now on! Believe in yourself! Celebrate yourself now for all that you have already created. How many times you've gotten back up. You don't have to fight anymore. Go out with ease and show yourself to life.

6 tips: How self-realization works

Of course, we have even more ideas in store for you, how you can develop your personality wonderfully. We would like to present the Powertalk to you as just one possibility. Here are 6 more tips for your self-realization.

  1. Reflect: Ask yourself the right and important questions now: Who am I? What can I do? Where do I want to go?
  2. Beliefs: Write down all your beliefs that you can think of that are holding you back from living your potential. And really take your time. You certainly won't think of all the obstacles to success right away. But write them down.
  3. Questioning: For each sentence, ask yourself, "Is this really true?" Yes or no? Answer the question honestly. Then ask yourself, "Can I be 100% sure that this statement is true?" You may be ready to go deep and look at when and from whom you picked up this pattern. You may now be ready to decide on a new formulation of the belief. 
  4. Meditation: Many of our coaches have published meditations on YouTube or in their own apps. See which one speaks to you and get involved. Look forward to feeling yourself and your feelings again and especially to release old, deep-seated judgments with the help of Meditations to dissolve.
  5. Podcasts: Listen to inspiring podcasts on various topics. Whether it's about finances, relationships, career reorientation or self-empowerment. Feed yourself with great and valuable content that will take you further. Because we at Greator also have our own podcast with many well-known top speakers.
  6. Embark on your path now. We would like to accompany you on your way and therefore offer you our 7-Day Vision Challenge with Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim and Walter Hommelsheim to the heart. In this intensive week you will learn to focus on your goals, to formulate them clearly and how to implement them.

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