Dr. Joe Dispenza: Experiencing Spirituality anew

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Dr. Joe Dispenza: Experiencing Spirituality anew

"I came into contact with spirituality as a child," reveals neuroscientist and personality coach Dr. Joe Dispenza. "As a child, you are more aware of these levels. But then you are conditioned by advertising, social guidelines and the outside world. And then you have to find your way back to this state by gradually peeling back the layers." In the second part of the interview, Dr. Joe Dispenza about states of consciousness in the quantum field and reveals where he gets the strength for his mission.

Feel new consciousness

What do spiritual experiences actually feel like? Dr. Joe Dispenza describes them as follows: "Every time I come back to three-dimensional reality, I think, 'I've got everything wrong so far.' What just happened changes my perspective on everything. You start to see reality differently. It's a healthy process, shedding one layer at a time. And suddenly you start to see all the things that have always existed. We don't see things as they are, but as we are...", he explains how it feels for him to experience spirituality in a new way.

Dr. Joe Dispenza's mission

But where does the expert get the power for his seminars, some of which involve meditating for four consecutive nights? He says: "Just a short moment of connection can change everything: It can lead you into a new future, give you a new body and a whole new dimension. And people who experience that inspire me. So where do I get the power from? I believe in possibilities and then you automatically believe in yourself." For him, that is spirituality.

Whether seminar participants desire health, wealth, a new job or a new relationship is irrelevant to Dr. Joe Dispenza to begin with: "I simply want them to learn to connect. I want them to learn the formula. And after they get what they want, most of them then want to give back to others. That's my mission. The beautiful thing is, once you start reporting on it, it spreads. And then we see more and more miracles."

Formula for changeOpen yourself to your spirituality

Many people spend a lot of time waiting for results. That's where the mistake lies, because the moment you're looking for change, you're not connected. If you wait, you don't create. Dr. Joe Dispenza: "That's why in our seminars we show people how to do it the right way. The closer you stay to our formula and the more you leave out everything that's not part of the technique, the better you succeed."

Compared to many other trainers, Dr. Joe Dispenza's approach focuses less on the past time and instead much more on the future. He relates, "When someone talks about their past, it's predominantly because they feel the emotions that connect them to the past. That makes you feel sad, unhappy and injured. The brain now creates images. And with that, you end up conditioning your body to the past."

Experience spirituality in a new way: Intention & Emotion

In the interview, Dr. Joe Dispenza describes the brain as a recording of the past. He says, "When you wake up in the morning and think about your problems that may have to do with certain people or places, you're thinking in the past. But we know: When you show people going beyond their problems, identity and thoughts, there will come a moment when they feel free."

That's why Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches his participants to be in the here and now. He reveals, "Suddenly you see possibilities you never saw before. You can feel the emotions before they happen. A clear intention, reinforced by emotions, thoughts and feelings, creates the state of being - and suddenly you evolve from a personality of the past to a completely new, future-oriented personality."

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