Dr. Joe Dispenza: Creating the new you with meditation

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Dr. Joe Dispenza: Creating the new you with meditation

Do you sometimes wish you could leave the unconscious behind? Do you imagine what it might feel like to enter a completely new reality? Do you want to know how you can bring everything your heart desires from the future into the now? Then the essence of Dr. Joe Dispenza's Advanced Retreat is just right for you! Behind all this is not a fictional science fiction movie, but the Visualization of your dreams. Find out how you can make your life even more positive with the right images in your head! In this magazine article, we reveal who Dr. Joe Dispenza what his views are and what you can learn from him.

Who's Dr. Joe Dispenza?

Dr. Joe Dispenza is American neuroscientist. He lives in Washington State and has lectured and taught on six continents in over 30 countries. A biochemist by training, he holds a doctorate in chiropractic and has completed numerous advanced training and postgraduate courses in neurology and neurophysiology. His areas of specialization include the functioning of the brain, cell biology and memory formation. Dr. Joe Dispenza is also the author of many scientific articles and books. His works include, among others: "A New You: How to Transform Your Usual Personality in Four Weeks", "Become Supernatural: How Ordinary People Achieve the Extraordinary" and "You Are the Placebo - Consciousness Becomes Matter".

But Dr. Joe Dispenza experienced not only highs, but also lows and strokes of fate: At the age of 23, the expert suffered a terrible accident. When an off-road vehicle hit him during a triathlon, the ambitious athlete suffered the most severe injuries to his spine. Doctors doubted he would ever be able to walk again. But Dr. Joe Dispenza trusted the strength of his body. He refused extensive surgery and made a pact with himself: The power that had created his body would now manage to heal him again. If he succeeded, he would devote the rest of his life to researching this force. And lo and behold, a few weeks later, Dr. Joe Dispenza was fully recovered.

What theses did he put forward?

Dr. Joe Dispenza is perhaps the most spiritual scientist in the world. He links theoretical findings with thoughts about a power that is inherent in every human being. Among other things, he posited that our brains cannot distinguish between an inner, thought experience and an outer, lived experience. He says, "It's about seeing ourselves in a new, different light. Changing our own little world. Being open. Learning. Only then do we automatically build new neural patterns and thus can change our thinking - us - permanently."

The expert is also convinced that every person can improve his or her frontal lobe, which is the youngest part of the brain in terms of evolutionary history, with the help of targeted Meditation to take the lead in the concert of brain areas. Meditation plays a central role for Dr. Joe Dispenza. With his "morning and evening meditation", he aims to increase self-awareness. The meditator should learn, positive changes of his mental and physical state of health. This in turn enables him to strengthen his immune system, which Stress-levels and increase the ability to concentrate.

What are you learning with Dr. Joe Dispenza?

His seminars focus on the "field" you create for yourself and the approach you take to make your thoughts real. In addition, the expert puts an emphasis on the change of consciousness, through which problems no longer exist. Of course, Dr. Joe Dispenza also uses the following techniques in his seminars guided meditations on. Our team took part in the Advanced Retreat of Dr. Joe Dispenza and felt that the meditations as very moving and emotional.

The Advanced Retreat is about switching off the constant stimulation of your external environment. The idea behind it is to separate yourself for a certain period of time from the people, places and objects that visit you at the same time every day in your busy life. This opens up completely new opportunities for you to create a new personality and a new personal reality. The neuroscientist's motto is: Break the habit of being yourself! He says: "For me, the most exciting thing is that we have a community of people who are beginning to understand the language of science on a philosophical, intellectual and theoretical level - to understand how we can be creators and, by changing our inner world, also influence our outer world."

Dr. Joe Dispenza: Meditation

Dr. Joe Dispenza's meditations aim to expand consciousness and promote positive changes in mental and physical health. Through his "morning and evening meditation", he aims to increase self-awareness and strengthen the immune system, Reduce stress and increase the ability to concentrate. Dr. Joe Dispenza combines scientific knowledge with meditation to help people change their thinking and create a new personal reality


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