Nature coaching: What is really important to you in life?

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Nature coaching: What is really important to you in life?

Spending time in nature can be exceedingly healing. Most people would probably agree with this statement. However, nature offers even greater potential in terms of self-knowledge and personal development. Nature coaching helps you to ground yourself in the truest sense of the word and to find out what is really important to you in life.

What is nature coaching?

As with any other form of coaching, the focus of nature coaching is on the client, who is preoccupied with a particular problem. The coach in turn provides help for self-help. This means that he guides his client to discover hidden resources and to apply them purposefully in everyday life. Nature coaching can take place either as individual coaching or in a group.

The elementary difference to other coaching concepts is that the coaching does not take place in a coaching practice, but outdoors. Nature functions here as an important coaching tool. Through the power of the natural elements, the coachee experiences tranquility, Mindfulness and relaxation. All this has a supportive effect in solving problems and stresses.

The course of a nature coaching can be designed individually. Nature offers an almost inexhaustible repertoire of plants, animals, places and objects that can be used symbolically for the client's concern.

Example: Nature coaching in its simplest form

Let's say you don't feel up to the challenges of your daily life. In this case, a sturdy tree that defies wind, weather and even time would be the appropriate symbolism. By hugging the tree, you can symbolically draw on some of its strength.

If hugging a tree is too spiritual for you, there are of course numerous other methods to use nature positively for you: Even a walk with all your senses can be considered nature coaching.

Have you ever walked barefoot through the forest and felt the unevenness of the ground under your feet? Have you ever breathed the forest air with your eyes closed or listened to the sounds of the forest? Why don't you give it a try? You'll notice how relaxed and grounded you feel afterwards.

nature coach

Nature coaching: The targeted activation of body and mind

Another special feature of nature coaching is the simultaneous activation of body and mind. In everyday life, most people are very focused on rational thinking in order to make the (technically) right decisions. intuitionEmotional needs and the signals of the body often fall by the wayside.

During nature coaching you will be guided to listen to your subconscious. This opens up new possibilities that help you overcome your problems and worries. Not only meditation and rest, but also physical activity plays a crucial role in this process. During a nature coaching session, the phases of mental and physical activity alternate.

The body, especially the importance of walking, is brought into your awareness. After all, it's not for nothing that we say, "How are you?" By walking in nature, you relieve tension and can even alleviate psychosomatic ailments. A rolling stone gathers no moss: This proverb takes on a new meaning when Coaching of nature takes on a whole new meaning.

Nature coaching: methods and concepts

As already mentioned, there is no rigid nature coaching concept. The design depends on the individual Needs of the client. For example, it is possible to use proven coaching concepts as well as systemic work, NLP, Hypnosis or meditation simply to move outside. The healing effect of nature reinforces the positive effects of the known methods.

Nature coaching can take place either tacitly or with words. This also depends on the personal question of the client. Many coaching sessions are designed as a journey of discovery: In the initial conversation, personal goals are first defined. This is necessary in order to select the appropriate elements of nature.

During the "sessions", the client walks through the forest together with the coach and collects mental as well as physical experiences of various kinds. Small implementation tasks can also be part of the coaching. The coach has the task of reflecting on the views of his coachee. At the end, the experiences are discussed in the context of everyday life.

What is a nature coach?

A nature coach acts as a kind of mediator between his client and nature. He is aware of the healing effect of the natural elements and can use them specifically to positively influence the personal development as well as the quality of life of his coachee.

However, nature coach is not a protected professional title. Therefore, you should not be afraid to ask the coach for his references. Ideally, he has completed a recognized training with certificate and can already provide a satisfied client base.

coaching in nature

What topics does a nature coach cover?

Coaching in nature serves to decelerate and cannot be pressed into a rigid concept. The same applies to the topics. This means that you can turn to a nature coach with almost any concern. The coaching form is suitable for both professional and private issues.

Below we have listed some typical examples:

  • What do I want to achieve professionally?
  • How can I achieve my professional goals?
  • How can I better manage my everyday life?
  • More Deceleration in my life?
  • What do I want from my partnership?
  • Am I still happy in my relationship?
  • How can I use my Relationship influence positively?
  • How can I feel more physically fit (again)?
  • What is the meaning of my existence?
  • What kind of life do I want to lead?
  • Happiness and fulfillment - what does that mean for me?

What are the goals of nature coaching?

The primary goal of nature coaching is, of course, to support you in finding a solution to your individual problem. Beyond that, however, you benefit from numerous positive side effects. Nature Coaching ...

  • Sharpen your senses.
  • Schools your Mindfulness.
  • Promotes the empathy for your environment and your fellow men.
  • Strengthens trust in your intuition.
  • Promotes your physical well-being.

Important to know: These side effects can of course also be your goal!

Why coaching in nature?

That nature has a healing effect on body and soul, hardly anyone doubts. This fact is even Scientific well documented.

Also very informative is the book "Shinrin Yoku - Healing Forest Bathing," written by Japanese professor Yoshifumi Miyazaki, which describes the healing effects of nature in detail and supports them with current studies.

You may still be aware of unsafewhether coaching in nature is the right concept for you. Therefore we have four convincing arguments compiled:

1. nature coaching inspires your inspiration

Numerous renowned artists swear by spending time in nature to overcome their creative crises. By gaining distance from your everyday life, your Head free for new ideas and possible solutions. The many different sensory impressions are extremely inspiring. You may even be overcome by the desire to paint or write. Follow this impulse and express your fresh thoughts.

2. living in the here and now

Are you already thinking about the next commitment or upcoming deadlines and feeling stressed as a result? Or are you dreaming of the life you want to lead when you have achieved all your goals? Both are understandable, but you are missing precious moments in the present.

Nature can help you to focus completely on the here and now. During your forest hike, concentrate on your surroundings with all your senses and let the impressions take effect on you.

3. take a bird's eye view of your problems

The distance you gain from nature coaching to your everyday problems gives you not only inspiration, but also Serenity. Your worries recede into the background for a moment. This breathing space gives you the opportunity to look at your problems from a new perspective. In this way, you recognize harmful thought patterns and can break through them more easily.

In nature, obstacles turn into challenges. You want to hike 15 kilometers, overcome a stream or even conquer a mountain? With determination, you will accomplish all of this. This attitude can be wonderfully transferred to everyday life.

4. you promote your health

Not only the soul, but also the body benefits enormously from coaching in nature. A hike in the forest strengthens your immune system and demonstrably lowers blood pressure. Your body releases happiness hormones, while the production of stress hormones is reduced.

In addition, exercise has a positive effect on your body weight, your joints and your bones. The latter is listed in the scientific paper "Living an active life - sport, exercise and health in middle and older adulthood".

What other training courses are available to become a coach?

Nature coaching is only one of many different coaching directions. If you are interested in a corresponding training, you should get an overview of all possibilities.

Some of the most popular coaching trainings include:

Tip: With the certified basic training for the Greator Coach you create a solid basis for all further coaching directions.


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