Deceleration in life - tips against stress

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Deceleration in life - tips against stress

Finish your coffee quickly, then rush to the bus - and at work, things continue hectically. After all, you want to be as productive and successful as possible. You only notice that you're constantly under pressure when you take a short break. How about a targeted deceleration? It helps you to enjoy life more. Escape the time pressure and treat yourself to the necessary time off. Relaxation. Otherwise, burnout may occur.

The concept of deceleration

The meaning of deceleration seems clear: Acceleration and stress are replaced by a certain slowness. But then you won't manage your work or be late for appointments!

But deceleration is a deliberate slowing down that can be integrated directly into your everyday life. It is the counterforce to acceleration, in which you become faster and faster. You can't keep rushing ahead without consideration - that will eventually break you down and also destroy your Relationships. That's why it's important to slow down occasionally.

Shift down a gear, act consciously and slowly: With this behavior, you counteract the hectic pace. More patience and Mindfulness are closely related to the concept of deceleration. This brings you to peace and protects you from burnout and other mental illnesses.

Why is deceleration important?

Deceleration is not necessarily meant to slow you down, but to increase your awareness of the individual processes sharpen. With a little more calm, you perceive everything more clearly. The work processes and other procedures are easier to understand. Sooner or later you will find your own rhythm and this will have a positive effect on your quality of life.

However, if you are constantly impatient and feel rushed, this pressure triggers frustration and possibly even burnout. You're putting yourself under more and more stress: That's already becoming a Habit have become. Stress is also your typical excuse for being late. And yet you still think that more is possible. So you pack your free time with appointments and activities. You can already see where this leads: to even more hectic and acceleration.

It is enormously important to slow down. This is the only way to find out what's going on with you. Use your Time with more attention. The deceleration strengthens your ability to concentrate and improves your overall mood.

deceleration meaning

Effect / advantages of deceleration

Especially in business, there is a strong momentum that turns normal work stress into pervasive stress. The deceleration of life, however, strives to slow down. Rushing is often unnecessary and doesn't get you anywhere. Whether you wait impatiently for input or relax in the meantime doesn't change the situation itself, but your own attitude.

People who live decelerated lives consciously perceive the here and now. The stress triggers become less important. Instead, you observe your surroundings. This new Mindfulness helps you to lower the stress level.

The primary benefits of deceleration:

  • Stress Relief,
  • Relaxation,
  • lower risk of burnout,
  • Mindfulness,
  • more intense experience,
  • intensified perception,
  • better ability to concentrate,
  • mental and physical well-being.

Acceleration and lack of time have a great influence on the social and individual sense of time. If you want to look more into the topic, for example, the Association for the delay of time a good address. Or you can simply enjoy your newfound time in your very own way. This definitely has nothing to do with boredom.

Root cause analysis with the help of coaching

Acceleration and deceleration, your personal pace you probably already trained in childhood. When children react slowly, they are impatiently driven. When they are fast, a brake comes occasionally. A child who relaxes for a while is immediately labeled a slacker. And what about boredom?

Time pressure often begins in childhood. With so many activities, there is hardly any free space for the things that are really fun. Then this unpleasant feeling of foreign determination arises.

How was it for you? What are your thoughts at the moment and on deceleration?

Do you think that breaks can Productivity deteriorate? Do you think that only stressed people success can have? Or that burnout is a typical side effect of top jobs?

In a personal coaching session you can find out where your own drive comes. You also get to know yourself better. This is important for correctly assessing the risk of burnout. In the best case, you'll learn right away how deceleration works. This helps against too much Stress and brings you into a healthy balance.

Practical tips for everyday life

When others are slow, you quickly get annoyed. That's why you can't manage to move in slow motion yourself. So how do you want to slow down? The following will show you Tips for deceleration.

  • Revise your to-do list and set aside enough time for each task.
  • Set time limits for yourself at work: You need your breaks and also the end of the day to rest.
  • Delegate individual tasks and focus on the important things.
  • Overcome your Perfectionism.
  • Multitasking makes inattentive: go through the points one by one and not at the same time.
  • Give yourself a little rest when you've completed a task and praise yourself for it.
  • Go offline when the workday is over. Don't be available all the time.
  • Create islands of time to let your mind wander.
  • Choose mantras and sayings for slowing down and place them at your workplace.

How to integrate deceleration into your job

It's not easy to balance work and private life. When you talk about deceleration at work, it often means a decelerated career. Many employers are allergic to this attitude. They want you to do your best and always be willing to work overtime. Fortunately, more and more Executives because they know how important a good work-life balance is.

With a flexible work organization the decelerated practices can be better integrated. The deceleration path works through new methods, such as the shared responsibility model. Some companies are embracing sharing even at the executive level. This reduces the stress level for everyone.

Work planning is about calculating enough time for the individual tasks. If this is difficult to implement in the normal working day, the deceleration takes place on vacation. You may also be able to use up the overtime you previously accumulated to recover after a prolonged period of stress.

Exercises to promote deceleration

A fundamental shift in thinking for comprehensive deceleration takes time. The following exercises will help you get started with a slower life:

  • Take time to make your personal plans.
  • Be mindful, focus on the now and observe your surroundings. Enjoy with all your senses: How does the coffee taste? How does the air smell? How does the silk scarf feel on your skin? What are you hearing right now? What do you see?
  • Turn off your smartphone in the evening and only turn it on again in the morning after breakfast.
  • Take a walk to relax.
  • With meditation or an anti-stress training you overcome your inner Impatience.
  • Pick a good saying to slow down and carry it with you always.
  • Don't be rushed and jostled - even when driving. Defensive driving has an amazingly relaxing effect.
  • Use waiting times for mind wandering.
  • Enjoy your time off by simply doing nothing.

At Greator, you'll find helpful information on the topic and tips on how to manage stress and overwhelm. This way you can find your own pace and not feel stressed all the time.

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