Personal development seminar for your success

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Personal development seminar for your success

Personal development is a major topic when it comes to achieving professional goals. To be successful in the long term, you need to be able to reflect on yourself and make decisions based on previous experience. All of this can only succeed if you continue to develop professionally and emotionally. We explain why and when a personal development seminar makes sense.

What is a personal development seminar?

If you research personality development seminars online, you will quickly realize that there are countless offers competing with each other. As a result, there cannot be one universal definition. However, the basic aim of participating in a personal development seminar is to achieve the following:

  1. Positive personal development (in different ways, depending on the focus of the seminar).
  2. Initiating positive changes to become more successful and satisfied.

Personal development seminar: Why should you take part?

A personal development seminar is basically suitable for anyone who is willing to work on themselves and generate maximum personal performance. Developing yourself in general or in a specific area only has advantages for you.

Further development in this respect means that you make smarter and better decisions than in the past. This has a positive effect on your career as well as on your interpersonal relationships. A personal development seminar with the following objectives is particularly popular:

  • Optimize management style
  • Recognizing and using personal strengths
  • Combating social anxiety or phobias
  • Development of rhetorical and communication skills
  • Gain self-confidence in everyday and professional life
  • Finding orientation, defining life goals
  • Achieving personal or professional goals

How do you choose the right seminar?

With so many seminars on offer for personal development, it is not easy to choose the right seminar. You should therefore first clearly define what your expectations are and what you want to achieve by taking part. For example, if you want to optimize your impact on customers, a seminar on self-discovery is obviously not the right place for you.

The only thing that helps here is to read the description carefully and don't be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes the title can be misleading or inaccurately express where the actual focus lies. If the seminar has been recommended to you, you can have a wonderful exchange with the person in question. But perhaps there are other ways of asking previous participants?

How do you benefit professionally from a personal development seminar?

Most personal development seminars focus on success in professional life. Especially if you want to advance your career, self-confidence and charisma are essential alongside professional expertise. If you tend to be shy and sometimes literally hide your light under a bushel, a personality development seminar can give you valuable impetus.

Numerous seminars on personal development are also offered for (prospective) managers. Being responsible for employees and providing them with positive guidance requires great self-confidence and certain social skills.

Personal development seminar: The role of the business coach

Personal development seminars with a professional focus can be held by business coaches and (prospective) business coaches. A prospective business coach optimizes his personal appearance and social skills - comparable to a manager - in order to be able to advise his own clients optimally later on.

It is no coincidence that seminars on personal development are often held by business coaches: a business coach works with many people every day who want to achieve their professional goals. They can pass on first-hand experience and know what is important when climbing the career ladder.

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5 key concepts of a successful seminar

Not every personal development seminar is of high quality. In view of the fact that such seminars are sometimes expensive, a failure in terms of content is all the more annoying for you. Therefore, we would now like to familiarize you with the five key concepts of a successful seminar.

Personality Development Seminar Concept 1: Structure

It is almost self-explanatory: if the seminar is not structured in a meaningful way or does not follow a clear concept, it is impossible to impart knowledge to the participants in a sustainable way. A good personal development seminar usually opens with an overview of topics and a timetable. A seminar runs in four phases:

  1. Arrival
  2. Opening
  3. Work phase
  4. Feedback

Personality Development Seminar Concept 2: Visualization

The aim of the seminar should be clearly defined in the opening phase. This can take the form of a keynote speech by the seminar leader, a film or a poster with a jointly formulated objective, for example. All participants should know what will change positively for them after the seminar.

Personal development seminar Concept 3: Suitable working methods

There are various methods for organizing a personal development seminar. The working methods depend primarily on the focus and objective of the seminar. We present the best-known methods below.

Personal development seminar Working methods

World Café

The World Café method is suitable for large seminar groups. As the name suggests, the method is based on informal conversations during a coffee break. The aim is for the seminar participants to engage in constructive discussions with each other. A working group usually consists of four to five people. The following elements play a role:

  1. The menu: What should it be about?
  2. The tablecloth: Ideas are noted down on worksheets.
  3. Cutlery: This refers to utensils such as pens, clips and highlighters.

Personal Development Seminar Concept 4: Open Space

Like the World Café, the Open Space concept is also suitable for larger groups. The participants are given a rough topic to think about. They join together in working groups and focus on one aspect of the topic, which is then decided on together. Finally, the ideas are discussed in the Plenum presents.

Personality Development Seminar Concept 5: Thinking Hats

Another popular concept that is often used in a personal development seminar is "the 6 De Bono thinking hats". Each hat represents a specific perspective that needs to be illuminated with regard to the topic:

  • The white hat: analytical thinking, facts
  • The red hat: emotional thinking
  • The black hat: critical thinking
  • The yellow hat: optimistic thinking, opportunities
  • The green hat: creative thinking, idea generation
  • The blue hat: orderly thinking, process analysis

Personal development seminar: The importance of networking and exchange

A personal development seminar thrives on the interaction of the participants. Only through constructive exchange can meaningful impulses and objectives be developed. You should therefore not confuse a personal development seminar with a lecture where you simply listen to a speaker. Active participation on your part is not only desired, but required.

The exciting thing about a seminar is that you get to talk to other people and get to know many different perspectives. Strangers may view the topic of personal development in a completely different way to you. This can provide valuable food for thought that you should remain open to.

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Personal development seminar: Your responsibility for implementation in everyday life

Taking part in a personal development seminar is one thing. Ultimately, however, it is about putting the knowledge you have acquired and the tools presented into practice in everyday life. You alone are responsible for this. Have the courage to leave your comfort zone and stand up for your views and goals in your professional life.

You will notice: The more often you overcome yourself, the easier it will be for you. Experiencing that nothing bad happens when you stand up for yourself also contributes to your ongoing personal development. The seminar can be the first important step, but the real path lies ahead of you alone.

Personal development seminar: What are the long-term benefits?

A personal development seminar can provide you with decisive impetus for your personal development. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for more self-confidence or specific goals.

However, in order to promote your personality development in a targeted manner, you should be clear about what type of personality you are. In concrete terms, this means: What are your individual strengths and weaknesses? Why do you keep making certain mistakes? How do you behave when interacting with other people?

At this point we would like to offer you our free DISC personality test to your heart. This is simple and precise, as it distinguishes between just four clearly structured personality types. The focus is primarily on how the characters interact with each other. Understanding why you react how to which personality type will give you many advantages, especially at work.

Reviewed by Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich

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