Susan Sideropoulos 3/3: The path to personal growth

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Susan Sideropoulos 3/3: The path to personal growth

Actress and presenter Susan Sideropoulos had an experience in her past with which she could not make peace for a long time: She put all her heart and soul into a series project that was cancelled far too soon. In the interview, she reveals her path to personal growth: "I was able to help myself for a short time, but came back to the same point a year later. Because for me, my work is a calling. When I do something, I do it with my heart and soul. I throw myself into work like there's no tomorrow."

Her heart project had a special meaning for everyone involved. Positive energybut was not taken any further. Susan Sideropoulos: "You can now talk about who was at fault. But that doesn't get you anywhere, because that's how the industry is. However, I was rooted in this project and always carried the sadness and anger with me - like a love affair that came to an end. I was so incredibly sad and just couldn't open up to new things. I was really broken by it."

The gratitude minute

Following the failed project, existential questions arose. Susan Sideropoulos was suddenly no longer sure whether she felt comfortable in the show business. She reports: "If I bring so much love somewhere and it is not valued at all, then I ask myself: Can I bear such a loss again? The years went by and somehow it didn't feel like a natural flow anymore. I was always looking outside for reasons and wondering who was to blame. As a result, I became more and more passive and just went with the flow. You second-guess decisions and blame yourself."

I soak up everything that has to do with personal development.

Susan Sideropoulos

One day, a good friend reminded her that she finally needed to get back into action. Susan Sideropoulos then signed up for a mindfulness seminar. At the same time, she started a new sports program and the online seminar of Laura Malina Seiler to graduate. These three components ran in parallel for a while - and were the best thing that could have happened to her. Susan Sideropoulos: "Since then I've been soaking up everything that has to do with personality training. For example, we do a gratitude minute with our kids every night and tell each other what we're grateful for."

Susan Sideropoulos: The power of visualization helped her

'It is what it is. But it is what you make it.' This saying has a special meaning for the mum of two. She shares, "I have a really hard time accepting things when they've happened. I still wonder many weeks later what exactly went wrong. It happens to me all the time. But it's good that I can at least see and recognize it already. I can now feel immediately when I fall back into my old pattern."

The power of visualization is also an important topic for Susan Sideropoulos. In the interview she tells: "I have already visualized things very concretely with date and they all happened like that. That was really scary in parts. Watch what you think, because it could happen." Susan Sideropoulos already has one or two concrete projects for the next few months. Some things are still open, though. She says, "Sometimes I don't know what's coming up. That can be a good thing or you can fall back into old fear patterns. And that's when I have to see that I stay with myself and just trust life."

Another universe

But one thing is for sure: In the future, Susan Sideropoulos wants to visualize a lot more and deal with personal growth. She says: "I've always asked myself what the low points were good for and how many years have to pass before you understand it. And I now think I've actually arrived there already. Because if it hadn't been for the low points, I wouldn't have worked so hard on the subject of personal development. I sometimes think to myself, Wow, how can other people still live without this subject and not even know about this parallel universe?"


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