Systemic constellation: making dynamics & relationships visible

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Systemic constellation: making dynamics & relationships visible

The Systemic Constellation is a proven method in the coaching field to bring people to more clarity within their relationship constellations to help. In the process, dynamics and relationships within a system in which conflicts exist are turned upside down, to free incriminating memories from the subconscious mind. Negative feelings are thus dissolved and inner satisfaction spreads. How exactly systemic constellation work works and why it is useful, we explain in the following article. 

What does Systemic Constellation mean?

Systemic constellation work, which is often used as a synonym for constellation work in general, is about a method that makes dynamics and relationships within an existing system visible. Strictly speaking, certain relationship constellations (also called orders) and recurring patterns that prevail within a system (family, partnership, etc.) are to be uncovered, to release feelings and impressions. Because the individual components interact with each other, which should be brought back into balance -. for an increasing internal Satisfaction and conflict resolution from the outside. 

In concrete terms, this means: within a constellation process on a topic that you have determined, you gain the feeling of distance that allows you to do so, to look at the conflict area from the outside. You get the opportunity to react differently to the issues at hand and thus develop completely new approaches to solving them. 

Through the Change of perspective the method consequently has the goal to solve possible conflict potential and blockades as well as to show existing resources of the individual persons. Accordingly, people also get to know their own impact potential better. 

Systemic constellation as a partial method of systemic coaching

Behind the Systematic List are Insights from systems theorywhich is mainly in the Systemic coaching meaning is attributed to it. So the coaching method is about people learning, to navigate within one's own system more capably and to define new possibilities for action. Above all, it is about questions such as "How can I tap my personal potential?" and "How can I improve relationships with others and with myself?". The latter in particular is examined more closely with the help of Systemic Constellation. 

In this process, clients define the topic area they feel is important, their system, in which there is conflict potential, in order to take a look at it from the outside. Guided by a coach (in this case called a constellation facilitator), the following are thus developed new solutions gained. Consequently, Systemic Constellation Work is to be understood as a partial or daughter method of Systemic Coaching. 

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What does system mean in the context of constellation work?

You may have come across the term "system" a few times now, right? Basically, this is not much more than all the the contacts and connections and relationships you maintain in different areas of your life. Be it in the family, in the work environment, in the circle of friends or acquaintances - all these are systems in which conflicts can arise. Individual systems or system areas can overlap and influence each other, so that it is often not even possible for a single person to recognize this without help. 

In the systemic constellation work, precisely such Enmeshments deliberately broken up within a kind of simulation. This gives you the opportunity, depending on the incident, to identify profound and interrelated causes and to consciously change them into the positive. 

For which topics are systemic constellations used?

Systemic constellations are possible for all kinds of systems within a person's life. Depending on the subject area, the terminology of constellation work can also vary. Thus, the following areas are conceivable for the use of the setup:

Personal development in general

If you are unsure of who you are and how you work, and your Self-confidence or boost self-confidence Systemic Constellations can help you to do this. In order to find your Personality Development Thanks to the representative list, you get a feeling for how you are perceived by your environment - be it your own family, partner or colleagues. Accordingly, you then weigh whether it is in line with your own values and the way you want to be seen. 

Family / Family Constellation 

One's family can be perceived as something very beautiful, but also as something more complicated. It influences one's life since childhood. But as a child, we do not yet understand, to what extent Beliefs or other behavioural patterns have a significant impact on our future relationship constellations.. This is meant both positively and negatively, because the effects show themselves in a different way in each person - just according to the events and circumstances that shape us. In a family constellation, the individual family members (parents, children and other relatives) are placed symbolically or by proxy, and the family members are then brought together. the interconnections of the relationships broken. In this way, clients gain an impression of which Childhood memories have not yet been processed. They also see which longer existing family conflicts have a much deeper cause. 

Relationship / Partnership

For a romantic relationship many people always choose a partner with whom they can live the relationship as they have already known or seen in some form. An example of this is the relationship between a child and his father. The same dynamics and patterns are often repeated, so that problems and crises occur repeatedly. The desire for change and the longing to finally know "the right person" by your sidecan be explored through a systemic constellation. 

Job & Career / Organizational Constellation 

In companies and organizations, many different people work together. Small teams and even whole departments should be able to work well together. Occasionally, however, there are situations that are completely the opposite. In order to identify the causes and possibly uncover recurring problems in the cooperation, there are the organisation constellation. Pupils and students find out with the help of this type of constellation even before they start their career in which area they would like to work at all. Accordingly, a career can be aligned. 

A systemic constellation with figures as representatives

The procedure of constellation work

Every now and then, there are phases in which people feel insecurities in their relationship, their own family or in their everyday professional life. Yet hardly anyone assumes that these Uncertainties can have much deeper causes than just the acute conflict that has arisen. If these problems and conflicts then also occur more and more frequently, a deep dissatisfaction wide, which hardly seems to be tamed anymore. 

With the help of the systemic constellation, this discomfort can be brought into focus in a solution-oriented way. Positive changed become. To get the process rolling, there are usually three major steps that are addressed in Systemic Coaching. 


In an initial detailed discussion, the coach and the client talk in a solution-focused way about what the constellation should look like. For that the subject that needs work is highlighted and together decided which influencing factors should be taken into account and considered. However, the preparation also includes, Define goals and partial stepswhich are associated with the topic at first glance. The clear naming of individual goals, values and desires is relevant for achieving the solution - just as it determines the basic assumption and structure of the constellation. 

As a rule, the number and type of defined elements represented within the constellation depend strongly on the client's desire for change. In addition, possible deviations or clear successes can then also be determined in the later debriefing.  


The subject matter defined in the preparation is now recreated in a representative way with certain elements so that a picture of the relationships within the system arises. This image should reflect the situation or constellation stored in the inner and subconscious mind. Only in this way can deeper causes be made visible. The whole thing also has a amazing effect on the deputies. Here we are talking about "representative perception", because the participants suddenly perceive changes in sensation that must be amazingly similar to those felt by the actual intended members of the system. 

A system constellation can be in individual sessions (single settings) or in groups in the form of seminars be addressed. In the group, the clients present their personal concerns and then determine Substitutes (representatives) who take the position in the system. Together, the system is then set in motion through targeted questions of the constellation leader. In this way, new solutions and approaches are made visible that were previously completely ignored. The goal is to create a solution picture that shows a new order in the respective system. and thus contributes to a positive change. 

In individual settings, figures, building blocks or symbols are used as substitutes.. Of course, these cannot speak, which is why clients have to think themselves into the different perspectives here. Here they increasingly ask themselves whether all participants have a good view of the whole constellation or whether perhaps someone is in the way. The figures can be laid out on the floor, on paper or on an extra system board and moved around again and again - for as long as it takes, until the perfect solution is found for the client

The duration of a system constellation - both individual and group coaching - amounts to usually an hour. Of course, it can also be individually different.

Integration & Debriefing 

The new pattern is first processed and accepted until it is completely stored. This takes some time, but it is still possible to discuss the integration process in two ways. On the one hand, there is the possibility of going through and reflecting on individual parts immediately after the constellation work. On the other hand, the patterns may first be internalized and reflected on in a solution-focused manner at a later point in time are to be evaluated. This shows the extent to which the defined goals and desired changes have been achieved.

Covert Systemic Constellation - What is it?

We speak of a covert systemic constellation when the representatives are unaware of who and what situation they are representing. This prevents them from possibly being sabotaged by their mind and losing focus. In addition, in this way, completely new impressions can be gained, which were previously felt to be missing.   

A woman discusses the Systemic Constellation with her coach

For whom is the Systemic Constellation useful?

The Systemic Constellation is especially useful for people who consciously perceive that they are still have unresolved issues, which in addition also burden them emotionally or even physically. Especially when Fears and blockades are involved, the constellation work is recommended. In addition, the method is interesting for all people who would like to get to the root of their problems in order to for a better quality of life: Negative beliefs, feelings of guilt, decision-making problems as well as similar (inner) conflicts become more self-confident with the right counselling, empathy and impact potential have been pushed into the background. 

However, a systemic constellation should not be tackled when people are in a rather unstable condition. Thus, the method is less recommended for people with diagnosed mental disorders and diseases. In these cases are other Coaching methods or therapies more appropriate. 

Learn Systemic Constellation & Become a Systemic Coach

If you would like to become a Systemic Coach and use constellation work to support clients in their personal development process, it is best to make an effort to for an apprenticeship or. Continuing education in this area. These usually include the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge in the fields of psychology, depth psychology, communication and systems theory. This then also includes the acquisition of further methods such as the Systemic Constellation, which support coaching. 

To Become a coach To be able to do this, we recommend that you first do inner work. The resources you need for this are already inside you. We at Greator are happy to advise and support you. 

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Our training essentially consists of two steps. In the twelve-week program to the Greator Coach Practicioner you get to know your own personality better with the help of the impulses we give you. You work on topics that preoccupy you, in order to then in the six-month Greator coach training course learn all the important coching tools and methods. In this way, you will acquire a comprehensive repertoire of solution strategies that will make it easier for you to enter the coaching market. 


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