Viktoria Höcht: "Self-realization - works playfully with your challenge list!"

Do you have desires for yourself, your life? With a challenge list you can achieve your self-realization in no time at all: "Your wishes are easy and playful to achieve", claims Victoria Hoecht. With her lecture "Challenge yourself" she inspired the audience at the Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz. "I have tried out many things in my life. And I would like to share the soup with you. In my life I have been active in the event business. There I rather always worked backstage. But there is one experience that I would like to share with you: I want you to feel that you can do more in your life than you think you can.

For self-realization: Trust yourself

Then the Austrian takes her listeners on a journey: "Imagine you are standing on a cliff. Below you the free fall and very discreetly a few trees can be seen. If you look down on you, there is a bungee rope hanging from it. Ask yourself: "Can I trust a rope like that? Yes! You jump. And as you bounce in the air, countless feelings of happiness shoot through your body. With this feeling you stand there and ask yourself the questions: Why can I trust this rope but not myself? What is the challenge behind the cliffs and which cliffs would you like to take a step into free fall to find out what good will happen to you afterwards?". 

Create a "challenge list" if you want to get ahead

There is a Harvard study that shows that people who write down their goals - as opposed to those who do not - earn more and have already achieved more in our society. Just by writing them down. "Do you know what a bucket list is," Victoria asks and explains: "It's a list of experiences, activities, events that you want to experience or achieve in your life. Everyone who wants to get a little further in life should have a challenge list. I invite you to take a look at my list. It has normal wishes on it like:

  • build a house
  • start a family
  • I want to visit ten dream beaches

But because I could check off my last wish on a holiday, I decided to set my sights higher." She increased the number of dream beaches from 20 to 50 and even to 100. One thing you must never lose sight of for your "challenge list": "Be brave. By the time I wrote down my wishes, I didn't think I could even make ten beaches!"

Self-realization with "Challenge List

What else is on Victoria's list? For example, writing a second book. "And again a Statement of Faith in my head because I haven't even written my first book yet. So I should write the first one first and then write a second book later: The how? doesn't matter in the context of your challenge list. It's all about writing down your dreams and wishes in order to realize yourself. "Just like playing ukulele on the beach in Hawaii," Victoria adds another wish to her "challenge list. 

No more excuses for your self-realization

When you hear it like that, do you think of a young, dynamic person sitting on the beach and playing? No, probably not. So - next important indicator for your challenge list:

Create a timeline, by when you want to reach which wish. 

"Because I had also decided to go on stage with my punk band and end my career effectively. Fame, the world tour, the money had not come yet. Because I had forgotten to add these small details to my 'challenge list'. So I had to end it effectively. For me it was clear that I needed a singing teacher. Because I wanted to perform this in front of family and friends - and I wanted to know them in my life afterwards. In the first singing lesson I couldn't make a sound. Great. So I called my band. Who I didn't know, of course. So I found one. And they said YES! So my excuse was gone. I wrote a WhatsApp to all my friends with a 'Save the Date Invitation' in four months. Often I tended to postpone the event. 

"My best bet is to find yourself a Challenge Buddy. Someone who will remind you at the right moment why you're doing this." 

Self-realization is fun!

Then comes that day when 50 family members and friends are eagerly waiting for you. "I went on stage. "And the first thing that fell down with me was my lyrics. So there was nothing left in my head. So I started singing. For me that was a performance. The audience applauded. Why shouldn't they applaud? After all, they were my friends. And they don't want to see me cry. I took this as an incentive and also performed the second song. Then my supreme discipline followed: I decided to have fun! That means for me to dance! I really didn't care about anything. I completely came out of myself in this moment. My performance was then ended with a confetti cannon," Victoria remembers fondly of that evening.

Self-realization - start today and now

95% of our decisions are made subconsciously. So write down your thoughts. Because the pen gives life and reality to the written word. Speak your thoughts so that there is no way back.

  • Turn off all excuses
  • Create results 

You decide when you can make a decision as a pilot of your life

"If I can sing on any stage in the world, I can speak on any stage in the world! I've never done that before in this context. So get behind it!", Victoria is proud of herself. You too can already achieve more today than you might think at the moment. And you can't start with that at some point. You can start now!

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