Wishes for the future: inspiration for life

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Wishes for the future: inspiration for life

There are many wishes for the future. If they are formulated for you by others, then they are honest, ambiguous or just a polite phrase. The most important thing, however, is what you hope for yourself for your future, because no one is perfectly happy. And then there is the self-fulfilling prophecy that gives your life a positive turnaround. Peter Drucker, a pioneer of modern management theory, said: "The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself."

Why are wishes for the future important?

We know wishes for the future as empty phrases in the Sense congratulations on birthdays, births, weddings, company foundations and anniversaries. We wish the other person all the best without defining this term precisely. In short: the words are often simply said, but are nevertheless an important part of manners.

Wishes for the future are also important when an employment relationship ends. They form the ambiguous Closing formula in the reference. This provides information in coded language about the reason for separation and the relationship with the employer. If your line manager wishes you good health and success, this is an indication that you have lacked this up to now.

Wishes for the future are important for your development

Anticipation is the greatest joy. The joyful anticipation of future events is the engine that drives you. Your wishes for the future motivate you and provide you with guidance. People without dreams are unhappier because they lack confidence. From the outside, everything seems perfect, but inside they are plagued by the Feeling of emptiness.

Even if you have already achieved a lot, it makes sense to strive for a more fulfilling life. Wealth is not always material. If you already have a house, a garden and a family, you may want more Time for your hobby. Find your purpose. In our coaching program, the School of Life with Dieter Lange, you can find out more about this.

Can the future be influenced?

The future is what lies ahead of you. You live in the present and also know your Pastbut you can only guess at future developments. Nevertheless, it is possible to help shape the future to a certain extent and adapt to changes.

People who keep a close eye on current events know that the world is becoming increasingly digitalized and automated. That's why it makes sense to focus on the next five to ten years, as this is the best time to assess the changes. It's up to you what you do with your life. The Indian politician Mahatma Gandhi once said: "The future is based on what we do today."

wishes for the future

How do you formulate your wishes for the future?

It is best to formulate your wishes for the future clearly and briefly. Concentrate on the essentials and focus sharply on your goal. For example, if you want to own your own home, then do everything you can to make this dream come true. But don't get too hung up on the details, such as the size or location. This will leave you enough leeway.

Room for change is important. This will save you from disappointment if things don't turn out as well as you had hoped. Beware of overly high expectations and keep your feet on the ground. Think about whether your wishes for the future can be realized.

5 tips for good wishes for the future

Good wishes for the future are similar for most people. We wish ourselves health, happiness, success in our professional and private lives, a harmonious Relationship, healthy children and money. However, a wish for the future is often much more. Everyone has different visions. Internal blockages and too much distraction from outside make it difficult for you to define your wishes.

1. reflect on current situation

Think about where you are and what you want to achieve. Think about what you like about your current situation and to what extent it is worth changing. Where should the journey take you?

2. play through possible scenarios

Play out different future scenarios in your imagination and consider different perspectives. Never lose sight of reality and focus on your personal possibilities.

3. better manifestation through mindfulness exercises

If you find it difficult to find wishes for the future, the Meditation in the manifestation of your dreams. Mindfulness exercises help you to ground yourself and find yourself. This opens the door to your visions. Ultimately, it is important that your wishes for the future harmonize with your inner self and are not just based on a superficial choice.

4. write down wishes for the future

What is written on paper is fixed and is not easily forgotten. Write down your wishes. Write them down in a notebook so that they don't get lost. For many people, brilliant ideas come spontaneously and disappear just as quickly.

5. ask coach for help

Are you looking for wishes for the future and can't think of anything suitable? The Coaching helps you to define achievable wishes for the future. You develop a positive self-image as a basis for the creation of realizable visions.

Wishes for the future professionally: How can you set your career goals?

Are your wishes for the future of a professional natureThese are usually aimed at a higher and better paid position. The individual steps of the career ladder are often predetermined, so that you can achieve your goals with ambition and Discipline gradually climb up. In short: Your Career is easy to calculate. It is best to work through the plan step by step.

However, there are also people who are looking for a professional challenge and are striving for self-fulfillment. In this case, the focus is on the current profession and thus the Leaving the hamster wheel and set off for completely new shores.

Perhaps an office administrator doesn't long for a job as an executive secretary, but would rather have a small bed and breakfast or a café where she can spoil her guests with home-baked cakes.

Cool wishes for the future: inspiration and ideas

Some people have wishes for the future that others wouldn't even think of. Nevertheless, these wishes for the future are so creative and inspiring that they will also motivate you to achieve the extraordinary.

Organize an art exhibition

Are you passionate about painting or photography? Collect your works and plan to present them later in an exhibition. With a bit of luck, you might even make it into the regional newspaper.

Establish a private nature reserve

Do you care about nature? Buy a plot of land and donate it to the local flora and fauna. Watch a species-rich biotope develop over the years and enjoy the feeling of doing something really good.

Open adventure farm

Join forces with like-minded people and transform an old farm into an animal paradise. It's a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun. Perhaps you could add a small farm café and a playground for the little ones.

Found an association or party

Is there something you are passionate about? Maybe you have a hobby that you like to share with others. Or you want to get involved in a charitable cause. Join forces with like-minded people and found an association.

Publish a book

Do you have an exciting life? Tell us about it and write your memoirs. Or you can publish a novel or a non-fiction book. You no longer need a publisher for this. Many authors use the Print-on-demand process.

Wish for the future: How do you stay motivated?

Attractive future aspirations awaken positive emotions. The fulfillment of the wish must really be worthwhile. Utopian wishes are not only exposed by your mind, but also by your Subconscious quickly become irrelevant. They are therefore of no use. Make sure that your wishes can be realized.

Approach the fulfillment of your wishes step by step. Partial successes will keep you happy and encourage you to keep going. Build up a business as a sideline for the time being before you devote yourself fully to your Business dedicate yourself to. Before you build a house, you need a plot of land. If you have one, the next step will follow at some point.

How can coaching help you achieve your future aspirations?

An experienced Coach supports you in planning your life by giving you the skills to find yourself. It supports you in helping yourself. You finally gain clarity about your wishes and plan the first steps in your life. Steps towards self-realization. You will receive the necessary Self-confidence and learn to free yourself from blockages.

Wishes for the future and personal development

Wishes for the future are important to motivate you and give your life meaning. Aiming for a goal gives you security and direction. You focus your attention on a future image that fills you with joy. If you know what you want and know your path, you won't be easily distracted and you'll keep your balance even in difficult situations.

Wishes for the future are a kind of vocation and promote your Resilience. They contribute to your Personality Development and your growth. They give you support and satisfy the Need for self-development and a meaningful life. In the form of visions, they are like an inner voice that drives you and gives you strength. Focusing on a goal creates a feeling of confidence and hope and strengthens your sense of purpose. Self-worth.

Success stories: How have others achieved their wishes for the future?

Positive images of the future, wishes and visions support the goal-setting and change process. With a happy future in mind, you will master the challenges of everyday life more optimistically. Believing in the good is particularly important in difficult times.

Many people fulfill their dream of owning a house by the sea or have a stellar career. Behind every success is always the desire to change the future for the better. Hollywood star Tobey Maquire, who came from a poor background, thought and believed in his progress throughout his life and found happiness. This is just one of many examples, because ultimately the success of almost all successful people is based on actively shaping the future.

Conclusion: Your path to fulfilling your wishes for the future

Wishes for the future are an important signpost. Imagining a desirable future helps you to overcome crises. Actively shape your wishes for the future and hold on to them. Those who pursue their goals live happier lives. This attitude to life is expressed by the French author Victor Hugo in the following quote: "The future has many names: For the weak it is the unattainable, for the fearful it is the unknown, for the brave it is opportunity."

Live your dream and stand by your individual wishes without being influenced by others. Only you know what is right for you. Our free Masterclass "Why goals are nonsense are" with Dr. Stefan Frädrich shows you how to improve your Achieve goals.


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