A fulfilled self: How to make your wishes come true

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A fulfilled self: How to make your wishes come true

On a scale of one to ten - how are you doing right now? Honestly! In which areas are you currently stuck? What could you be really upset about right now? Who would you most like to give a piece of your mind to? We invite you here and now to clean up your life. Do you feel like a little big autumn cleaning? In all corners? We would like to give you some tips on how you can really clean up your act - both internally and externally. Do you want a fulfilled you? This is how your wishes come true! Let's go!

For a fulfilled self: Create order on the outside

It will be difficult for you to tidy up inside yourself and ensure clarity when the outside looks like Hempel's under the sofa. Therefore: Use the next rainy weekend and clean up your place - for a fulfilled you.

  • Clean up
  • Cleaning
  • Clean out: Get rid of things you haven't used in more than a year.
  • Sort - but with system: Stow away annoying stuff in boxes, you can do the same in your kitchen or bathroom with all kinds of things.
  • put clean sheets on the bed
  • Paint a wall in a warm color
  • Get a mirror to add more light to your favorite room
  • for more cosiness and warmth you need: Candles, a pleasant room scent, great music, pillows & a blanket.
  • Diary

Fulfilled I: Introduce new rituals

Part of a fulfilled you is, of course, to create clarity in your issues. A ritual could be to meditate regularly or to write in your diary every evening what you are especially grateful for today. The following exercise is fantastic for finding out which needs are dormant in you and which would like to be seen and lived again:

  1. Write down things you wish for - e.g. a house by the sea
  2. Ask yourself now: What does the house by the sea give me? Maybe pride. Then ask yourself: What gives me pride? Maybe contentment. What gives you contentment? Maybe peace. And what gives you peace? Love!
  3. Then ask yourself honestly: What can you do now to invite this state into your life or to satisfy the need?

Visualize and let your wishes become reality

And, are the ideas of the new fulfilled you becoming more concrete? What do you want to bring into your life? In order to feed your visions with love, you are now allowed to write down everything - from the perspective as if you were already in your new life! Feel inside yourself what emotions this sparks. Wonderful, isn't it? You can introduce another ritual: Create a Visionboard. There are various apps for this, such as Mindmovie. With this film of your life, you can soon make your wishes come true. Open up now for your new, happy life! 


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