Greator Become a life coach - help others achieve happiness

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Greator Become a life coach - help others achieve happiness

Would you like to become a Greator Life Coach? But you have so many questions burning under your nails right now? We have our Greator Life Coachtrainers Christina and Walter Hommelsheim under cross-examination. 

Why did you become coaches?

"We want to support people in making more of themselves," says Christina. Because sometimes there are only one or two screws you can turn to make a difference. positive change in your life. "If you have an understanding for what has been, what is perhaps still there and a great will to change everything - then Coaching the shortcut," Walter is convinced. It goes much faster if you have support in the form of coaching. More and more people are discovering this!

What does it mean to be a coach?

  1. Be willing to look at yourself!
  2. Discovering your blind spots and resolving them!

The moment you arrive more at yourself, you can convey to the other person much more credibly that it is possible to effect change. If you have done this with yourself and achieved it, then you know:

  1. how to do it
  2. as a coach you can also take your client with you on this journey

Another prerequisite is, of course, an interest in people and in the connections - which we may not yet understand - as to why we co-create our lives.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

"Therapy is about the treatment of mental illness. That's not the coach's job," Walter clarifies. "In coaching, the coach addresses the client's everyday concerns."

How does coaching work?

"You can come to your coach with any topic. We use the right questioning techniques to take a closer look. The golden rule: as coaches, we don't give the client advice, but ask questions to find out the exact topic and the reason for the visit," says Christina.

Who would you recommend coaching to?

"Anyone who has a topic!" the coaching couple agree. Walter, for example, is over a Life crisis came to coaching in the first place. He and Christina believe that coaching can always support you. No matter where you are in your life. No matter whether you are a company boss or a mother. 

Greator Become a life coach - find out more now!

Also for Christina and Walter, who met ten years ago as a Seminar leader met at work, it was initially a challenge to work together as a couple. Christina remembers: "We asked ourselves whether we were really authentic with what we say and how we present ourselves? We use our own tools to ensure that this is the case during a seminar or coaching session, for example!"

If your curiosity is not yet satisfied, then take a look at the interview with Christina and Walter in full length. In the Video the couple also tells you what coaching methods there are and how you can recognize a good coach. Of course, the two also answer whether you can make a living from coaching! 


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