Redefine Leadership!

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Redefine Leadership!

You are a manager and think that you are not getting far enough with the current leadership methods? You have the feeling that there could be more for your company and your employees? Your gut feeling is absolutely right: leadership alone is no longer enough. And we at Greator are planning something for you. You can be curious!

What is the best leadership style? This is a question that managers ask themselves time and time again. Leadership has changed again and again over the years. As a result, there are a wide variety of ways and methods in which bosses operate. Some examples:

Different leadership styles

  • Authoritarian management style describes "top-down" delegation: the boss gives orders, the employees obey. This is still common in the military, but for companies this style has long been considered outdated.
  • Cooperative management style puts a little more focus on employee satisfaction. This is about jointly defined goals.
  • Transformational leadership style focuses specifically on competence and trust. There is almost no hierarchy. Everyone is responsible for their own area, and at the same time everyone thinks for themselves. The focus is also on the goals and construction sites of the individual employees, so that their competencies can be used ideally - for the benefit of the company and also for the benefit of the employee.

How to really get to people?

Today, more and more companies are relying on the transformational Leadership style. But as a manager, how do you find out what someone needs? Often, employees don't really open up. There is often a glass wall.

And here Greator has something for you. The next step in your career. A booster for your further development as a leader.

Imagine being able to talk to the people on your team in a way that really brings out what they and the team are about. The glass wall is gone. This is how you take people much further in their professional development than other leaders.

Imagine you have figured out how to optimally set up your team. Then you will not only increase the performance of your team, but also advance the entire company. Your future career is guaranteed!

Business Coaching: Greator redefines leadership

For us at Greator, "leadership" is no longer enough. It is clear to us: Good Today's managers also need business Coaching. These are skills that you as a leader can use to coach your people. Instead of hiring an outside coach, you bring these skills in-house. (Or you acquire these skills so you can help companies as an outside coach - that works, too, of course).

The development from supervisor to leader was an important stage on the way to more trust and willingness to cooperate in the company. But the demands on good leaders go much deeper - methodically and communicatively. And at Greator you get the necessary know-how.

For example, you learn how stress management works. On the one hand, this helps you yourself, and on the other hand, you can also communicate it to your team. Or: How can you have constructive and appreciative conversations? You learn this for yourself - and you get the skills to pass this competence on to your team members.

Are you ready to rethink leadership styles? Greator is redefining leadership. You should too! To learn more, simply register for our live webinar - where we'll reveal the whole secret.

We look forward to seeing you!

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