Denys Scharnweber 3/3: How to program yourself!

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Denys Scharnweber 3/3: How to program yourself!

Let's take the term apart word by word: The term Neuro stands for our perception: How do we orient ourselves in this world? How does behavior arise? Why do we react to certain things? The Linguistics questions how we bring linguistic things to the outside - and to the inside, because of course we also have an inner communication: "How do we deal with ourselves? How do we deal with other people?", clarifies Denys Scharnweber on.

The term Programming ultimately stands for your inner program: How have you been programmed by your family, friends and acquaintances? It is important to know that each of us already has a programming. whether he realizes it or not. Denys Scharnweber: "Ultimately, it's about changing your own programming, your inner beliefs, your own thoughts. We all have patterns of repetition in us. Everything you've experienced in your life is stored inside of you." If you develop an awareness of this and manage to reprogram it, then you can get rid of bad patterns and give yourself new patterns that fulfill you.

Denys Scharnweber: NLP with heart

The LIFEcoach and expert has further developed the model for himself personally. Denys Scharnweber: "This has to do with the fact that NLP has not evolved much for me in recent years. It originated as mentioned in the 70s and was further developed in the 80s and 90s. And then, unfortunately, it stopped."

At some point Denys Scharnweber realized that everyone is allowed to discover their own, very individual NLP, which brings them even more into fullness: "And I noticed that Neuro-Linguistic Programming is missing something crucial. NLP deals a lot with programs and with language - in other words, with the body and the mind. But it's called body, mind and soul. And the soul for me is the heart. That part is missing for me in most NLP schools."

That's why the expert has added other aspects to Neuro-Linguistic Programming: "I want the body, mind and spirit to be considered as one. If you need a strategy to Achieving goalsthen I go over the spirit. BSync and corrections by n17t01 If you are blocked and cannot reach your goals because you are living certain fears, then I work with your body and your mind. But if you really want to feel true happiness in your life, then you need love. So I make sure that this aspect is always included in my trainings as well."


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