Denys Scharnweber 2/3: Understanding behaviour

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Denys Scharnweber 2/3: Understanding behaviour

How did the expert actually come to Neuro-Linguistic Programming? Denys Scharnweber: "That was 18 years ago. I started when I was 30 years old, NLP to learn intensively. Because neuro-linguistic programming is a super tool. If you understand it, basically anything is possible." The expert has trained as a professional trainer and coach and is still a big fan of Neuro-Linguistic Programming: "I believe that basic training in NLP is the best training you can give yourself. Richard Bandler and John Grinder have created something that allows you to explain to people in a very easy way how to do life without having studied psychology."

Use NLP: help for self-help

Surely you also know many people who have fears and are blocked. Denys Scharnweber: "Or they are controlled by others and do many things that others think are right. Maybe they have no creativity anymore and don't know what they really want in life. When you learn NLP for yourself, you get the ability to change your Life so self-determined To live as you would like to live."

In the meantime Denys Scharnweber I have completed seven different NLP trainings. So is neuro-linguistic programming not a method that you can learn once and then use all the time? "For me, NLP was a means to an end, first to understand myself. Then it was a way to better understand people and the world. When you have studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you can understand exactly why some people are particularly strong in certain situations. And at the same time, you understand why some people don't come into power. So you get a tool at your fingertips to understand how behavior happens."

Denys Scharnweber: "You learn how behaviour is created".

However, there are also critics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming who claim that the method is superficial or even manipulative. What does the expert say? Denys Scharnweber: "I believe that NLP is something very good. Of course, in the wrong hands, though, you can use it in a way that hurts people." Because if you learn in a very short time how behavior is created and how to change behavior, you can of course apply that to others.

Denys Scharnweber: "In the 80s and 90s, Neuro-Linguistic Programming first entered the free economy. In the process, people who worked in sales misused it for manipulative purposes. That's a real shame, because that's not what it was created for. NLP was designed to help people become independent of others, to help them come into freedom, and to help them experience more joy and love in their lives."


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