Lars Amend 2/3: Success through visualization - this is how it works!

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Lars Amend 2/3: Success through visualization - this is how it works!

Lars Amend has not chosen a classic path in life, but has always dedicated himself to new projects and challenges. However, there is one aspect that runs like a thread through all his activities: "I became successful through visualization. I try to have fun in everything I do. And I'm like an observer." Lars Amend knows how to take a step back himself and observe and understand other people in a non-judgmental way. His empathic abilities helped him, for example, to write the autobiography of the rapper Bushido.

I try to have fun in everything I do.

Lars Amend

However, it was not at all clear at the beginning that the book would be a huge success. Lars Amend: "I wrote to all the German publishers, but everyone turned me down. As a result, of course Self-doubt and critical voices in my head. Everyone knows these voices that want to tell us what we're not and what we can't do. And the chance of failing in such a project is actually quite high. After all, I wasn't a professional, didn't know anything about visualization yet. Ich Just worked from the gut."

What a cancellation means

But after several rejections, a small publishing house agreed to publish the book on a small budget. Lars Amend: "Out of necessity, of course, we accepted the offer. And a few months later we were number one on the SPIEGEL bestseller list." Later, Lars Amend learned why all the other publishers had previously rejected the biography: The publishing industry simply didn't have the rapper's fame on their radar. Visualization successful!

Lars Amend drew an important lesson from this: "The situation showed me what rejections mean. When someone says no to you, it can have many reasons that have nothing to do with you personally." The book became a mega-success and was later even made into a film. The film features many well-known German actors such as Elyas M'Barek, Moritz Bleibtreu and Hannelore Elsner. Lars Amend: "That's how I got into writing books and realized how much I enjoy writing."

Visualization with the personal mentor

And so Bushido's autobiography was not to remain the only book. Lars Amend also wrote a motivational book for Rudolf Schenker, bandleader of the Scorpions, which became very successful. In fact, the two got along so well that Rudolf Schenker became Lars Amend's personal mentor. He reveals: "At that time I had a lot of questions about life and Rudolf had the right answers. Rudolf leads his life according to spiritual Beliefs. Working with him was indescribable. Out of that came one of the most important books for me. It's called 'Rock Your Life: Fun to Happiness and Success' and that's what it's all about."

The power of visualization

Fun and joy are Lars Amend's elixir of life. He reveals: "You have to enjoy the work and the journey, then success comes all by itself." Contact with the world-famous author Paulo Coelho also came about through Rudolf Schenker. Lars Amend: "Paulo Coelho wrote the foreword to our book. Rudolf said at the time that he would meditate on it. A few days later he told me that Paulo Coelho's foreword was clear. We put out press releases and it wasn't until a week later that Rudolf emailed Paulo Coelho asking him if he would write our foreword."

Rudolf Schenker was firmly convinced that the world-famous writer would agree. Lars Amend: "And it actually worked. Madness! Rudolf made the result clear through the power of visualization. He imagined every single step while meditating. Because the images were so clear, all he had to do afterwards was walk the path. I still get goosebumps today when I think about it. Later, I tried visualizing my successes myself. And it worked. That's incredible!"


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