Using positive affirmation correctly for a happy life

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Using positive affirmation correctly for a happy life

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, most people tend to focus on the negative aspects. Self-criticism and self-doubt are often more dominant than self-love and self-confidence. This is caused by negative beliefs that you have internalized. The latter arise from negative past experiences to which unnecessary importance is attached.

The use of positive affirmations is becoming increasingly popular. These specifically counteract the negative beliefs. Unfortunately, positive affirmations are sometimes still afflicted with the prejudice of naivety. You should not let yourself be misled by this. Used correctly, positive affirmations can help you to gain new strength and new energy. Self-confidence to draw.

However, there are a few rules to follow. The most important rule is: you should feel comfortable with the affirmations. Anything that feels wrong cannot be helpful. In the following article, we would like to show you how to use affirmations positively and how to create your own affirmations. Beliefs formulate.

What are positive affirmations?

Before we get into the application and benefits of positive affirmations, it makes sense to first define the term: Positive affirmations are basically nothing more than affirmative affirmations to yourself:

  • "I'm good the way I am."
  • "I have everything I need to be happy."
  • "I have the strength to achieve my goals."

These were, of course, only a few of the many possible affirmations. You could also call them simply positive beliefs. The important thing is that you can internalize the affirmation as your personal truth. If an affirmation doesn't feel right to you, it is defeating its purpose.

Beliefs: Effects of negative affirmations

In order to fathom where negative beliefs come from, the main thing is Self-reflection asked.

If you listen deep inside yourself, you will surely be able to answer quickly where the negative beliefs have their origin. As mentioned at the beginning, they are mostly past negative experiences, often even from childhood. The more often you are told something, the more willing you are to believe it:

  • "You're not athletic."
  • "You're clumsy."
  • "You can't remember anything."
  • "You're always causing trouble."

A self-fulfilling prophecy is set in motion. This is a subconscious process. You behave exactly as you are expected to. Only unfortunately in a negative way. To break this vicious circle is not so easy. The most elementary step is to change your To strengthen self-confidence.

Other people are often not even aware of what they can do with their statements. Especially when the negative judgments are voiced by people close to you, they burn deep into your soul. It is possible that the negative beliefs unconsciously influence your actions for years. However, you are not powerless against it. This is where positive affirmations come into play.

How positive affirmations work

Yours Thoughts shape reality. What may sound a little spiritual at first is actually scientifically proven.

Positive affirmations work by telling yourself a certain thing until you believe it. You reprogram your subconscious from "negative" to "positive".

Your mind is governed by your emotions. If you are afraid of a task or simply do not feel like doing it, all mental or even physical reactions will occur that prevent you from completing the task. A striking example from school days is the famous stomach ache in the morning before a math test.

But if you keep telling yourself "I am well prepared" and "I can do this", the negative reactions will turn into the opposite. You will approach the task with motivation and perhaps even with anticipation, because you are convinced of a positive result.

Affirmations: How to use them positively for yourself

Positive affirmations can be used in all areas of life in which you want to achieve a Change wish for. While negative beliefs demotivate you, positive affirmations ensure that you can create new Motivation you'll find.

Possible topics for positive affirmations are:

  • Occupation
  • Self-realization / Success
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Weight
  • Partnership
  • Self-confidence

To apply the affirmations, you should provide a quiet environment. How about a little morning meditation, for example? In the morning you usually have peace and quiet: the phone is not ringing yet and no one else is asking you for anything.

Find a place where you feel comfortable, for example on your balcony or in the garden. Of course, it can also be the living room. Sit comfortably and repeat your affirmations several times in your mind. Alternatively, you can say them out loud. Depending on what feels better for you. If you like, you can also light a few candles or turn on some quiet background music.

Solve problems and overcome fears with the help of positive affirmations

Positive affirmations can help you to get rid of negative habits and fears. It is important that the affirmations are formulated affirmatively. Phrases like "no" and "not" are to be avoided at all costs.

Instead of, "I'm not shy."

Lieber: "I'm confident."

Instead of, "I'll never bite my nails again."

Rather, "I relieve my tension through healthy activities."

How often should you use positive affirmations?

It is best to take five minutes three times a day to repeat your positive affirmations. Especially at the beginning, it is important to maintain a certain regularity. If you use affirmations only sporadically, they cannot develop their full effect. It takes about a month until you get used to new beliefs. Therefore, consistent repetition is required.

Affirmations work even better if you write them down 15 to 20 times per session instead of just reciting them. The best way to do this is to create a kind of "bullet journal". Design it creatively according to your own wishes. Whenever you feel down or discouraged, you can look into the booklet and read through your positive affirmations.

Units of three times five minutes each are to be understood as a minimum requirement. Of course, you can also repeat the affirmations at any time in between, e.g. in stressful situations. You can also stick post-its with your affirmations in sight to remind yourself of them at all times.

Extra Tip: Positive beliefs have an even more intense effect when you visualize them. Let's take the popular positive affirmation "I am calm and serene" as an example. Imagine images that you associate with Calm and serenity connect. This could be a crackling open fire or a field of lavender in bloom, for example. Perhaps you are also thinking of your last vacation.

The 20 most effective affirmations by area of life

Below we would like to introduce you to the 20 most effective affirmations, divided into areas of life (5 per area).

Positive affirmations for better finances

  • My work is fulfilling.
  • I myself decide on my prosperity.
  • I have everything I need for a successful career.
  • I'm making more money all the time.
  • I'm attracted to money.

Positive affirmations for health

  • I'm comfortable in my body.
  • My heart is beating strong.
  • I am healthy and happy.
  • My body is efficient.
  • I'm glowing from the inside out.

Positive affirmations for love

  • I am worthy of love.
  • Love will find me.
  • I let go of the past and open myself to the future.
  • I'm receiving love.
  • I am a desirable woman/man.

Positive affirmations for more self-confidence

  • I am free from doubt and fear.
  • I know everything I need to know.
  • I'm improving every day.
  • I'm capable of handling anything.
  • In any situation, I can use the Assume responsibility.

The 15 most powerful affirmations for every day (general)

Sometimes the desire for change is not related to a specific area of life, but is general. For this case, we have compiled 15 healing affirmations that are appropriate in any situation in life:

  • I am ready for a positive turn in my life.
  • I am grateful for all the people in my life who love and support me.
  • My day is filled with love and confidence.
  • I forgive myself for my mistakes and focus on the future.
  • I dissolve all blocks and believe in myself.
  • I was born to be a a happy and successful life to lead.
  • With every breath I take in strength and love.
  • I am cheerful and serene.
  • Confidence is my constant companion.
  • My inner strength is stronger than the outer resistance.
  • Through the power of my thoughts, I effect change.
  • I have the power to make my dreams come true.
  • I am independent and free.
  • Only I decide my fate.
  • I trust the flow of life.

How do you develop your personal affirmation?

In order for positive affirmations to have their desired effect, you should be seriously prepared to engage in change. First of all, you should define which negative belief system is blocking you. Once you have found it, you consciously rephrase it.

Example: "You can't be taken seriously."

This belief is deeply hurtful and shakes your self-confidence. Your task now is to no longer believe this statement. No matter who once said this to you: It is not true. It only becomes true when you believe it yourself and (subconsciously) act accordingly. You remember the self-fulfilling prophecies?

Now formulate an affirmation that feels right to you. This will not be easy at first, because you will be holding on to the negative belief. This is perfectly normal. For example, say to yourself:

  • "I know my strengths."
  • "I'm competent."
  • "I have confidence in my ability."

A slightly unfamiliar feeling is normal, as mentioned above. If, however, you feel aversion to your affirmation or even consider it derisive, you should choose a different formulation. It is best to take a notebook and write down several variations.

Example: Someone who suffers from severe obesity may find affirmations like "I am slim" ridiculous. Accordingly, the positive affirmation will not work. Better would be the following variations:

  • "Every day I get closer to my desired weight."
  • "I have the power to make a difference."

Criticism of positive affirmations

Despite all the benefits mentioned above, there are also critical aspects to positive affirmations. While they are a great help for some people in gaining self-confidence and organizing their lives, other people can even suffer psychological damage through the use of affirmations. This is especially true for patients with Anxiety disorders and pathological self-hatred.

The positive affirmations trigger enormous pressure in these people, which aggravates the already tense psychological situation. This proves a study by Canadian scientist Joanne Woard.

Do not misuse positive affirmations for denial of facts

The constant suppression of negative thoughts should be viewed skeptically from a psychological perspective. Negative beliefs also have their justification. Sometimes, like fears, they even function as useful warnings. Every person has deficiencies. Only those who are aware of their weaknesses can work on them. However, those who try to explain them away with positive affirmations do not develop further.

Ultimately, it depends on what the issues are. As explained earlier, positive affirmations can certainly help you feel stronger and better. However, they are not a miracle cure. Some deficits you have to face in other ways.

Example: You have a Dyslexia. Telling yourself "I can read and write without mistakes" is counterproductive. It would be much more useful to acknowledge the problem and do something about it, e.g. by attending special courses.

In short: don't use positive affirmations to deny serious problems. This is of course more convenient, but it won't get you anywhere. On the contrary, there is a risk that you will create further major Disappointments experience.

The balance between positive and negative beliefs is also crucial. No one can have only positive beliefs about themselves. But the latter should predominate.

What are negative affirmations and how can you fight them off?

Negative affirmations are self-explanatory the opposite of positive affirmations. We have already roughly addressed the topic of "negative beliefs" and the sometimes devastating effects, now we want to go a little deeper. The main question is: How can you protect yourself from the power of negative affirmations?

Unfortunately, this is not so easy. Negative beliefs arise from negative experiences such as insults, disappointments and failures. These experiences are usually so formative that they remain in the mind for a long time. Memory remain. Consequently, there can only be one option: Detach yourself from the memory of the situation that triggered the negative belief.

Prove to yourself that the negative belief is incorrect. Just because some people have told you that you can't do something doesn't necessarily make it true. Encourage yourself with positive affirmations (see above) and go into the situations that are afflicted with negative affirmations.

Don't be afraid to seek help

Letting go of deeply held beliefs sometimes doesn't work without outside help. Don't be too stubborn or proud to ask for help. Talk to people you trust about the things that are blocking you. Friends and family may be able to help you unblock your negative beliefs. A neutral view from the outside is often worth its weight in gold!

If there is no one around you that you can or want to talk to, a professional Coaching or cognitive behavioral therapy may also be suitable measures for you. Negative beliefs are stubborn. It is absolutely not a sign of weakness to consult an expert. Quite the opposite: this is very courageous and will improve your quality of life in the long term.

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