Living alone and not being lonely - is that possible?

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Living alone and not being lonely - is that possible?

Many people find it difficult to live alone. This is actually quite natural at first, as we have been coming together in groups since the beginning of humanity. But living alone does not mean being alone in general.

It is truly an art to live alone. As social beings, we first have to learn to enjoy being alone. But once you have experienced how decelerated living alone can be and have learned to find the right balance between Time with and without company, you will see how many advantages being alone can bring.

Read on to find out what these are and how you can manage to feel great with just yourself.

Living alone: Challenges and opportunities

Are you just moving out of your parents' house and have your first place of your own? Have you just separated and are now moving into your first single apartment? Sure, it's quite an adjustment at first. But do you realize how much freedom you've just gained?

You alone decide how your home is furnished. You decide what's for dinner tonight and what series is on TV. You also only clean up after yourself and no one else. You will also learn to appreciate silence. Especially in hectic everyday life, where you're rushing from one appointment to the next, peace and relaxation at home are worth their weight in gold. This can often be difficult if there are other people living in the household.

But it is precisely this peace and quiet that may cause you difficulties at the beginning. If you're used to always being surrounded by hustle and bustle, living alone can be a bit of a challenge at first. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy being alone!

5 tips to enjoy living alone

1. establish structures

Humans are creatures of habit. The more cornerstones we have to guide us, the more comfortable we feel. These cornerstones are, of course, set by our own lives. Job, appointments, necessary household chores, and so on. But the more of these points there are, the more secure we feel. And where two people live, there are twice as many things we can hang our hats on.

So if you live alone, it can help you to bring more structure into your everyday life. In this way, you can build your own basic framework that you can use as a guide, even if you have decided to live alone.

2. invite friends regularly

Living alone doesn't mean being alone all the time. Take advantage of the fact that you don't have to take your partner or flatmates into consideration and invite your friends over whenever you feel like it! Maybe your single apartment will even become the new meeting place for your circle of friends, just like in your favorite series!

3. work on your own projects

What have you always wanted to do but never did because you only focused on your partner and not yourself? What hobby have you always wanted to try? What color would you like to paint your walls? You have time for all these things now, so let's get started!

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Living alone at 50: Starting a new chapter

Do you think that at a certain age you're just too old to give up and live alone? Absolutely not! It's never too late to focus on yourself and free yourself from old shackles that don't serve you well. Who says you can't start a new chapter at 50?

"Remember that everything won't be so easy when you're older.", "Do you want to face your old age all alone?", "Do you really think you'll be able to cope on your own when you get older?" - These are the typical sentences you hear when you talk about wanting to live alone, aren't they? We live in an ultra-modern world where almost nothing is impossible! So don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something because you're dependent on others, because you're not. You owe it to yourself to do something for your happiness. And if you can find it in starting a new chapter and living alone for a while, then go for it! Better to be happy alone than unhappy for two.

And who says that you would be completely alone just because you don't share your apartment with anyone? Your social contacts are still there and that's important! You decide what balance you want to keep between me-time and social time, and you've more than earned it with your turbulent life at 50+.

Standing alone in life: How to be happy alone with yourself

As social and empathetic beings, we humans attach great importance to how our fellow human beings are doing and how we are received by them. We strive to be liked and put our loved ones above ourselves. Do you recognize yourself here? This is actually how most of us feel, because the social streak is in our nature. It is anchored in our genetics, because a long time ago it was decisive for our lives whether we were part of a group or not. Nowadays, however, people no longer need to form alliances to avoid becoming prey. We can all survive perfectly well on our own and completely independently of others. But this must first be internalized.

You have your own apartment, your own source of income, provide yourself with food and don't need a third or fourth hand to survive. And certainly not to find your own happiness! As the saying goes? Everyone is the architect of their own fortune. As trite as that may sound, it's true. You alone have it in your hands.

Just grab a good book in the evening and make yourself comfortable on the couch. Order whatever you fancy from your favorite delivery service. Sense nobody needs to know that the bulk order is just for you. Watch that movie you've always wanted to see, but in peace and quiet, without anyone constantly talking into it. If you decide to live alone, you have an incredible number of opportunities to spend valuable me-time. You'll see how your everyday life slows down. And you'll see what's really important to you in life now that you can find out what decisions you would make on your own.

The role of relationships when you live alone

Living alone doesn't rule out relationships, quite the opposite. Just because you don't share your apartment with your partner or live in a shared flat with your best friends doesn't mean you don't have any social contacts. In fact, if your loved ones aren't around you all the time, you'll learn something important: how to value time together. When you see each other, you enjoy the moments much more and soak up the Positive energythat they give you. Of course, this doesn't mean that you don't appreciate your partner when you live with them. But if you live in separate apartments, spending time together is all the more special because it doesn't happen every day.

But if you live alone, you should always cultivate interpersonal relationships of all kinds. Otherwise there is a risk of Loneliness and that's not good for anyone. It has been scientifically proven that people who are lonely are not only more prone to psychological problems, but that physical illnesses can also increase.

Alone in life

Coaching: your companion for a fulfilling life alone

Living a self-determined life, overcoming the feeling of loneliness, finding yourself - these are all challenges that you will face if you decide to live alone. But we won't leave you to face them alone. As part of our Greator Coachings we help you learn to focus on yourself without distractions and without a guilty conscience. We will show you how to Achieving goals without outside help and get to know a whole new side of yourself without feeling lonely.

Living alone - a path to self-discovery

Only those who focus on themselves can get to know themselves and their most hidden desires. If you have time to focus solely on yourself, to simply do what you feel like doing and not have to orient yourself to the needs of others, you will discover a whole new side to your inner self. You will develop a complete Awareness for yourself. Does that sound pretty complex? Then take a closer look at our self-confidence webinar!


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