Neale Donald Walsch: The Philosophy of the New Spirit Movement

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Neale Donald Walsch: The Philosophy of the New Spirit Movement

The philosophy of the New Spirit movement, that is what the third part of the interview with Neale Donald Walsch. According to Neale Donald Walsch, the greatest misunderstanding of our time is the assumption that we are separate from others and from our environment. In an interview, the 76-year-old reveals what causes this misunderstanding: "It starts with our ideas of God or a higher, divine power. Many people believe that this higher power is somewhere up there, while we are down here. This is what I call separation theology. By that I mean a theology based on the idea that God or the higher, divine power is out there somewhere, far away from us."

Contra New Spirit Movement: When separation leads to destruction

Furthermore, Neale Donald Walsch believes that many people want to unite with or find their way back to the higher power. The crux of this lies in the cosmological understanding that these people have. They believe that everything is separate from everything else and must first be put together. Neale Donald Walsch explains, "This separation theology inevitably creates a separation psychology. As a result, one begins to see one's own psyche as separate from every other psyche. One even denies that one could be unified."

The sociology of separation produces a pathology of separation.

Neale Donald Walsch

The bad thing about this, according to Neale Donald Walsch, is that a separation psychology in turn leads to a separation sociology. He explains: "Political parties, nationalities, and so on, fit into their own individual groups and want nothing to do with other groups. It goes even further: because the sociology of separation creates a pathology of separation, and this creates self-destructive behaviors. And that's the result we see on the planet today." All the more Neale Donald Walsch aspired to the philosophy of the New Spirit Movement.

The philosophy of the New Spirit Movement

But what can we use to break this cycle that causes a negative spiral? Neale Donald Walsch explains: "We need a new idea, a new thought that could take us to a new place. I call this idea the new mind movement. It says that we are all one. I am not only one with you, but I am one with the earth itself. I am one with all life. And I dare say that I am one with God. I am one with the divine."

The New Spirit Movement: We Are All One.

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch firmly believes that everything is a powerful expression of the divine. He compares people, life and every existence to waves, which are a part of the sea. A single wave is not the sea - but it is a part, an expression of the sea. In the interview he says, "If everyone understood this and considered themselves part of the divine, the world would change overnight into a better place. The essential question is not to whom is God speaking? It is, who is listening?" Perhaps you will also succeed in integrating more and more the philosophy of the New Spirit Movement into your life.

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