Wanda Badwal: "Yoga is my spiritual life path!"

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From successful model to mindful yoga teacher: Wanda Badwal became famous through her participation (2008) in the third season of Germany's Next Topmodel. For years she was a successful international model and worked with the best photographers in the world. But today the limelight is in the background for the 34-year-old: she decided on yoga as a spiritual way of life. Instead of shining on the outside, she now focuses on the inner world. As a yoga teacher, she lives her purpose of existence and has valuable tips at the ready that you too can use to go deeper into the realms of Meditation and spirituality. Have fun reading!

From acting to spirituality

Wanda Badwal sits barefoot in a comfortable cross-legged position in her chair during the interview. Her eyes light up when she talks about yoga. Wanda tells how she came from acting to spirituality. She has a confident air about her and seems well-balanced all around. But that was not always the case. During her training as a musical performer and her start in acting, she began to falter. In conversation Wanda Badwal: "I fell into absolute self-doubt and was totally tense inside. I put myself under immense pressure, felt sad and isolated. During this time I lost my lightness and my joy."

At that time, she didn't have any tools, such as her daily Meditationto be mindful of herself. She let herself be strongly influenced by the words of others and could not separate herself energetically from negative influences of strangers. Looking back, she reports: "The energies of another person have nothing to do with me, so I don't have to take them personally. At the time, however, I didn't know that and took it all in unfiltered."

Are you in the right place?

Wanda Badwal realized more and more that her outer world was not doing her inner world any good. She felt burnt out and was not in the Purpose of their existence. In addition, there was the feeling of not being in the right place. Wanda Badwal: "I was just giving out energy all the time, but I wasn't getting much energy back. It was not a give and take. I can only advise anyone who also feels this feeling to take it seriously. Because it shouldn't be that you don't feel fulfilled. It's clear that sometimes you have stressful days or you're annoyed. But you should have the basic feeling of being in the right place." And then slowly she became more and more interested in spirituality.

Wanda Badwal began practicing yoga regularly during her time as an actress. She felt that yoga made her feel most like herself. And she realized that although she was living her ideal with acting, she was not happy at all. On the contrary, she felt burnt out and emotionally drained. This radical honesty with herself was painful, because she realized that she had to change something.

Spirituality - Connection with the soul

And that's what she ended up doing: Wanda Badwal made the decision to hang up her media career and instead found something much more valuable - namely her purpose and life's mission. In the interview, she reveals it, "I am here to bring more light to the world through different things that I do. Yoga is an expression of that, to be an inspiration to others and remind them of their inner light. I'm there to remind others of their own soul and their own essence, and to motivate them to find new ways."

Spirituality for Wanda Badwal means being connected. She shares, "Spirituality is not something that exists outside of us. We need to reconnect with our soul to have an experience of pure being. Spirituality is our natural state, we are all spiritual beings. All humans are spiritual, even though they may not know it themselves. We are spiritual when we live in harmony with our soul."

Wanda Badwal yoga

Yoga as a way of life

"I am now a yoga and meditation teacher and have found my way within." What most don't know about Wanda Badwal know is that she was already working as an actress before she took part in the casting show and trained for several years as a musical performer. Show business has always been in her blood. But Wanda Badwal also came in contact with spirituality as a child. More about that later! Now it's first about the importance that yoga has in her life. She reveals: "Yoga is much more than a movement technique or a sport. What we in the West typically understand by yoga is unfortunately a very reduced view of the big picture. Because yoga is an ancient tradition and an all-encompassing way of life. This includes a philosophy and various values that provide a certain direction in life."

You have the choice

Wanda Badwal is convinced that yoga holds intangible treasures for many people in the Western world. Our world is so complex that we need practical guidelines to live by. The former GNTM contestant tells us, "The nature of our mind is very restless and that's why there is a certain suffering in humans." In the interview, she shares how yoga came to be and why the values are of high importance to her: "Yoga offers very many beautiful offerings that we can use to live more peacefully with ourselves and our fellow human beings."

Yoga holds many treasures.

Wanda Badwal

Yoga creates unity between mind and soul. But how do you even get to this state? Wanda Badwal: "You have to engage with yourself and get to know yourself better. You can start by doing this, for example, Writing a diary. We have all been shaped and conditioned by society. As a result, we sometimes forget in everyday life how many other options there are to shape our lives. We always have freedom of choice; unfortunately, we forget that too often. "

With yoga quiet the mind

So the original idea of yoga does not have much to do with what is practiced today in gyms to achieve physical fitness. Instead, yoga means to deal with oneself, to go into silence and to meditate. The big goal is to calm the mind. Wanda Badwal: "Yoga is the quieting of the thought waves in consciousness so that a state of oneness can occur. When the thought waves of the mind come to rest, then yoga can arise. So it is a state of mind of oneness and the absolute falling away of duality."

According to Wanda Badwal, enlightenment or the unity state is not something that remains unattainable or can only be achieved by highly spiritual people. Instead, the expert believes that every individual can reach the state of consciousness at any time with a little practice. She says, "We can create a sense of oneness right now in this moment. We can create that moment anytime with more mindfulness. I now don't separate yoga from the rest. I try to live in a way that I'm always creating connections, for example in my social relationships and in nature."

More than the material world

Wanda Badwal seeks to bring more connection and less separation into the world. Because separation creates wars and suffering. Separation and Loneliness leads to the feeling that we are alone with our suffering. The yoga teacher wants to avoid this and instead create more compassion. At the age of 27, she began to deal intensively with this topic. But the interest in it was practically laid in her cradle. She says: "I was lucky to be born into a family that was already very familiar with spirituality. My parents were seekers themselves in the 70s and 80s and lived in India for a while."

The hippie wave influenced her childhood, because during her first years of life Wanda Badwal grew up in a community. In the interview, she says: "We were 60 people who lived an alternative concept of life. My parents always questioned whether you have to live the way society tells you to live. They dealt with it intensively - but it wasn't always problem-free. I lived in the community for the first three or four years of my life, and that had a very lasting effect on me. Because I grew up knowing that there's much more than the material world and what we can see."

Wanda Badwal about healing

Wanda Badwal goes deep and is not afraid to look where it hurts. In the interview, she reveals, "I believe that we are all here in this world to experience healing. Because healing is a big purpose of our existence. We are not only made up of our body, but more importantly our soul, which is gaining experience in our fleshly body. That is why there is no death, but only a transformation into another state. When we leave this body, we change our form, but we remain an immortal soul."

We are all here to experience healing.

Wanda Badwal

inspire people

Some time ago Wanda Badwal joined the authors, her book is called "Yoga - The 108 most important exercises and their holistic effect". In it, the author not only shows individual movement sequences, but also explains how they affect the body. She also offers yoga training and is involved in various projects. In the future, the 36-year-old would also like to take a more mindful approach to the topic of sustainability and deal more with climate protection.

She reveals: "Personally, there are still some areas for me in which I would like to develop. I want to continue to create things and have a lot of energy and desire to inspire other people for the inner path. I would like to create a Inspiration Be for a holistic life and bring more light into this world."

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