Earning money online in 2024: a collection of ideas

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Earning money online in 2024: a collection of ideas

Update: 30.06.2024

Earning money online is tempting, because you can divide your time freely and work from any location. All you need is a good internet connection. Some jobs require certain skills, others do not. The question is: How to earn money online? We show you.

Earn money online: 5 proven methods

Many of the methods presented here can be easily combined, allowing you to work multiple online jobs.

Affiliate marketing: earn money on the Internet

The Affiliate marketing is an online sales concept that works through referrals on your website or social media presence. The customer clicks on a link that directs them to the seller and you receive a commission.

To make money online with affiliate marketing, you need a large reach, that is, as many fans, friends and followers as possible. Or you have a website with interesting information. The best way is to appear high on the search engine list.

Your own online store: Earn money successfully

Running your own online store is the supreme discipline. You act as an entrepreneur and sell goods via your website. You purchase the items from wholesalers or directly from the manufacturer and offer them for order. As a store owner you need sufficient storage space for the ordered goods. You do not necessarily have to sell the products of other manufacturers, but you can also earn money online with things that you produce yourself.

With dropshipping, you buy the goods cheaply, for example from China, and sell them on at a higher price without ever holding them in your hands. You don't buy the goods yourself, you don't store them and you don't ship them, but the orders go immediately to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then takes care of shipping the goods to the customer on your behalf.

Earn money with surveys: simple and fast

With Online surveys earn money is another interesting option. There are various portals that ask for your opinion and pay you for the answers. As a rule, a survey takes up to 15 minutes. You fill out a personal profile and then receive the appropriate questions. If you own a dog, for example, you can take part in surveys about different foods, and mothers answer questions about children's toys.

The earnings vary from a few cents to several euros. You can earn triple-digit money online if you take part in many surveys. The good thing is that you can work with your cell phone from anywhere via the app. For example, you can earn money while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, in a café or at the bus stop.

Earn money online with microjobs: Take on small jobs as a clickworker

There are platforms that mediate small contract work. You pick up your tasks via the Internet. These are often jobs in your regional environment. For example, you photograph certain buildings in your city, record data, research addresses or correct texts. Since these are usually only small jobs, clickworking is only worthwhile if you complete a large number of assignments.

Earn money online with courses: Successfully teach on the Internet

Do you have special skills that you can pass on to your students? Webinars and online courses are currently in high demand. Maybe you're particularly good at dog training or fluent in a foreign language. Or you could offer expert support with IT problems.

If you want to earn money online in this way, there are two options. Either you produce course videos and thus generate an income. passive income or you can give individual tutoring. Live sessions for several participants are also popular. In addition, the personal coaching and the aforementioned tutoring takes place digitally, for example via chat. Thus, it is possible to teach from home to people who live far away.

how can i earn money online

3 creative ways to make money online

You like to realize yourself and are proud of what you have created? Then put it on the Internet.

Earn money online with self-made

Are you a carpenter or do you like to craft and tailor? Then you should earn money online with your talent and sell your creations. It's easy to do on the Internet. There are special sales platforms for creatives as well as the classifieds market. If you want to earn money online, it's also worth creating your own webshop.

In addition to self-designed items, you can also earn money online with photos, graphics, videos and images. You receive a usage fee or produce your works on commission. There are photo agencies for marketing your photos and images, as well as platforms that arrange creative commissions.

Take off as an influencer: Make yourself a star

Many influencers are only so successfulbecause they are creative minds with ingenious ideas. Make videos, compose your own songs and upload them to YouTube. Use your acting talent and entertain users with sketches and other content. You'll get paid for ads that interrupt your performances.

Whether it is possible to earn money online as an influencer depends on your popularity. From 100,000 followers, you can expect an attractive income. You reach your fans with interesting topics, original ideas, humor and a professional film and sound quality. Ideally, you have a good editing program and excellent camera equipment.

Earn money online for authors

Do you like to write? Then it's best to contact a copywriting agency. They will mediate between you and the client. You write texts for websites. This may be advice, advertising, product descriptions or other. Knowledge of search engine optimization is an advantage.

Moreover, you can earn money online with your own books. It is no longer necessary to print a certain number of books. If a buyer is interested in your work, the copy goes into individual production. You don't need a publisher to publish your work, you can do it yourself using the print on demand process. Many authors offer their books in print and as e-books.

Earn money with blogging: 5 steps to success

Bloggers regularly publish texts on various topics. Ideally, they have a large following that eagerly follows every activity. You earn with affiliate marketing or find sponsors. You want to earn money online with your blog? Then proceed as follows:

1. choose a topic

Focus on an interesting topic and inspire your target group with it. It can be something very specific or something general. For the latter, it is important to stand out positively from the crowd.

2. search for a suitable platform

There are several blogging platforms that make your job easier. With some providers, creating a website is free, others charge a monthly fee, but offer a more professional service and attractive additional options.

3. think about a design

To arouse interest, the design and layout must fit. Don't make your blog too flashy, but don't make it too plain either. It is important that the design fits the topic and that the font is easy to read.

4. determine content and structure

Think about what you will fill the blog with and give structure to your presentation. Think about what topics interest your target audience and what is still relatively new and unknown.

5. take care of optimal search engine optimization

In order for members of your target group to find you at all, your texts must be search engine optimized and contain the most important keywords. Only then will you be noticed by Google & Co.

Online jobs: Earn money flexibly from home

The advantage of earning money online is the flexible timing. You can work at any time of the day or night. Of course, you have to process orders in your online store quickly and there is a deadline for text orders.

Earn money with social media: Tips and tricks

Earning money online with social media works through advertising. You use social networks as a medium and regularly publish texts, images and videos. With the following tips you can dive into the matter faster:

  1. Visit your target audience's pages regularly and join multiple groups.
  2. Send lots of friend requests to people who are part of your target audience.
  3. Post a lot and participate actively in group communication.
  4. Fill your account with interesting information.
  5. Use the comment function often and like many posts.
  6. Show up often on the networks and take an active part in what's going on.
  7. Draw attention to yourself with promotions and special offers.

Financial worries adé: Earn money online made easy

You wonder if making money online is serious. It all depends on which earning opportunity you choose. Don't trust any advertisement that promises you too much income and don't spend money on expensive trainings or the like. Don't get discouraged. In fact, there are people who earn money online and make a very good living from it.

Our tip: Lower your expectations at the beginning and spend less money. happy. It takes its Timeuntil business really picks up.

Make money online: Overcome financial worries and be successful

The Internet offers you real opportunities to live a more carefree life. You can also use the Internet to Earn money and then make it work for you leave. In our Masterclass you can learn for free how to build up a handsome fortune by saving just a few euros a day. Of course, the tips are also suitable for all people who do not earn their money on the Internet, but in a permanent position.


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