Rhetoric Coaching: With good rhetoric to professional success

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Rhetoric Coaching: With good rhetoric to professional success

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to convince others and stand their ground even in difficult situations? Surely you know someone who can argue and defend their points of view in a quick-witted manner. Good rhetoricians have always been able to convince others with their views and win them over.

Today, good rhetoric is considered a driver for personal success. Professionally, we depend on our rhetorical skills for presentations, speeches, team meetings, job interviews as well as negotiations with customers.

Every personal contact with others requires not only communication skills, but also good rhetoric. In order to achieve the necessary attention from the interlocutor and to successfully represent one's own position, one needs rhetoric.

Rhetorical skills are not innate

Nervousness, fear of speaking in front of an audience and a clumsy choice of words can make the difference between victory and defeat. Rhetorical skills are not innate, but they can be specifically trained. Rhetoric coaching is about improving physical and vocal self-awareness.

With the support of a rhetoric Become a coach rhetorical shortcomings recognized and solutions developed. Rhetoric coaching is designed to help you develop your full power of persuasion so that your words reach your audience. You can find out what good public speaking coaching involves, how you can learn to present yourself confidently and convincingly and where to find a good coach here.

What is Rhetoric Coaching?

Coaching can be defined as helping people to help themselves. Rhetoric coaching is used to promote rhetorical competence. Rhetoric coaching differs from rhetoric training in that training is a technical instruction, while coaching is a reflexive procedure. The goal of coaching is to improve the client's behavior.

A good rhetoric coaching is oriented to the needs of the coachee. For example, you will learn how to deal with nervousness if you find it difficult to speak in front of an audience. You also learn how to use your body expression optimally and how to strengthen the effect of your words.

Practical tips in rhetoric coaching

In a good rhetoric coaching, practical tips are taught. You learn what you need to pay attention to in order not to be interrupted when speaking. The contents of a coaching for rhetoric include exercises for self-awareness, speech training and instructions on the Self-reflection. In this way, you recognize errors in communication and develop your own solutions.

Rhetoric coaching aims at improving rhetorical skills and strengthening communication skills. In the professional sphere, in private life and in leisure time there is a lot of communication. Information and messages are exchanged and discussed. Good rhetoric forms the basis of successful communication.

Rhetoric is also called the art of speech. Rhetoric coaching is about recognizing and strengthening your potential. The goal of rhetoric coaching is to support you so that you can perform convincingly and present yourself confidently.

coaching rhetoric

Why is rhetoric important for study and work?

Rhetorical competence is one of the decisive factors in job interviews, oral examinations and negotiations with business partners. A successful presentation on the job only succeeds if information and content are understood and correctly interpreted by the audience. Conversations with the boss only lead to the desired success if the arguments are presented in a rhetorically convincing manner.

Verbal information influences the audience more strongly than visual information. Good rhetoric is part of a convincing appearance. The importance of rhetorical skills is particularly evident in job interviews. Often, a person who could convince is preferred even though other applicants had better qualifications. People with rhetorical competence are able to inspire their listeners and win them over.

Learning to argue convincingly in rhetoric coaching

Nowadays, only a few professions can do without rhetoric. Whoever wants to be successful in studies, in the professional environment and even in private life, depends on communicating correctly. As professional support, rhetoric coaching should enable you to argue convincingly in order to lead conversations more successfully. The demands at work and at university are constantly increasing and are not limited to subject-specific skills.

Confident public speaking and good rhetorical skills are among the key competencies. Especially in professions that require frequent contact with people, good rhetoric is in demand. Entrepreneurs, managers and speakers are often in the spotlight. Employees in the service sector must also be able to communicate and negotiate convincingly. Rhetorical competence is just as important in professional life as it is in academic training.

What are the goals of rhetoric coaching?

Rhetoric coaching is designed to enable the coachee to use voice and language consciously. The objective of coaching for rhetoric is:

  • Improve rhetorical skills
  • Use rhetoric in a targeted manner
  • Convince with speech and voice
  • Mastering effective argumentation
  • Appear sovereign
  • Apply rhetoric techniques

Self-consciousness and nervousness can reduce the success in conversations and speeches. In Rhetoric Coaching, speaking in everyday conversational situations is practiced. Various rhetoric techniques are trained on the basis of conversation simulations. The goal is to learn how to present content and information effectively and convincingly. The learning objectives in Rhetoric Coaching are:

  • Convince with coherent arguments
  • Become more confident in presentations, speeches and lectures
  • Communicate in a more goal-oriented way
  • Develop more ease in speaking and arguing

Rhetorical competence is needed to solve objections, to refute counter-arguments and to prevent misunderstandings. In the rhetoric coaching, you will therefore practice how to communicate in a more goal-oriented manner and how to better "get to the point" of your arguments. Confident appearance is important to get the attention of the audience and the attention for the respective concern. Practical exercises are an essential part of rhetoric coaching and make up a large part of the coaching.

When is a rhetoric coach right for me?

Professional support from a rhetoric coach is helpful in many situations. Do you have an important speech, a job interview or a presentation coming up? A lot depends on your performance. Your career is not only shaped by your professional knowledge, but also by your personal strengths. Rhetorical skills are among the most important soft skills today.

When speaking and lecturing, many people often make mistakes. A good rhetoric coach helps you to unmask rhetorical mishaps and to avoid them in the future. With a rhetoric coaching you learn to formulate more pointedly and convincingly.

In everyday professional life, but also in studies and in private life, communicative skills are of great importance. You can only succeed in talking to business partners, customers and colleagues and presenting your own views clearly if you have mastered rhetoric.

Develop rhetorical competence

However, very few people are successful speakers by nature. Rhetorical skills can be acquired and improved. Rhetoric coaching serves exactly this purpose: to develop and strengthen rhetorical competence.

A rhetoric coach to offer support is basically useful in every life situation. With targeted exercises you practice rhetorical skills and exploit linguistic possibilities.

Speaking convincingly is an art that is just as important in a professional environment as it is in political involvement or family discussions. Nervousness before speaking, poor body language and unclear speech have an unfavorable effect.

In order for small talk not to turn into a tough conversation but into a relaxed one, the rhetoric has to be right. The task of a rhetoric coach is to promote your potential and to support you in improving your rhetoric skills.

Seminar or individual coaching - differences and advantages

Rhetoric trainings are offered as group seminars or individual coaching. These two forms of coaching differ somewhat from each other. Coaching alone or in a group can have advantages and disadvantages.

Which is better: individual coaching or seminar? As a rule, a seminar is more cost-effective. A course offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants and to benefit from their knowledge and ideas.

In individual rhetoric coaching, the trainer is there just for you. The focus of the individual coaching is on your wishes and ideas. A personal rhetoric coach takes more time for you. Your own learning speed is decisive. Individual coaching also gives you the opportunity to try out different solutions.

Individual coaching is tailored to you

Unlike the standard course, individual coaching is very individual and flexible. However, the high intensity of the coaching can also turn out to be a disadvantage. Whether the individual rhetoric coaching is optimal for you depends very much on your goals and your motivation.

A seminar offers the advantage that assistance and support from the group is possible at any time. Practicing together increases motivation. Group coaching gives you the opportunity to compare your progress.

A disadvantage is that individuals do not get enough speaking minutes. Depending on the goals, duration and structure of the seminar, the learning pace may be too high or too low. Coaching in small groups can minimize these disadvantages.

Online or offline rhetoric coaching?

Rhetoric coaching is possible online or in the office of a rhetoric coach. If the coaching takes place in the company, the seminar usually takes place on the company's premises.

What is the difference between online and offline rhetoric coaching? Online learning is among the modern teaching methods that allow a lot of flexibility and independence. Online coaching is an efficient and convenient way to improve skills. Your rhetoric coach can coordinate the training with you and determine the practice times depending on your professional and private commitments. This allows for a particularly high learning success.

Rhetoric coaching also possible online

Rhetoric coaching online accommodates the personal life situation of working people. Practicing in familiar surroundings conveys a feeling of security and Security. There is a possibility to work through online programs in the evenings and weekends. Of course, data protection is very important in online coaching.

With offline coaching, you arrange fixed appointments. Individual coaching is only possible at predefined times. However, offline coaching also has advantages. You sit opposite the rhetoric coach. In direct contact you discuss your topics and mistakes are corrected immediately. Offline rhetoric coaching is suitable for coachees who like to clarify questions in a personal conversation. The offline method is also more suitable for people who find it difficult to practice sitting alone in front of a screen.

How do I find a good public speaking coach?

A lot depends on rhetoric coaching. Improving rhetorical skills is best done with a rhetoric coach who has experience. However, finding a good coach is not easy.

Before you start looking for a suitable rhetoric coach, you should determine which criteria the coaching must fulfill. Define your coaching goals and determine the time frame for the rhetoric coaching.

What do you want to achieve with rhetoric coaching? How do you imagine working with a coach? Coaching is a strategic partnership for a limited period of time, based on trust and good cooperation.

Good coaching is neutral

For cooperation to work, the chemistry between coach and coachee must be right. Good coaching is neutral. The rhetoric coach should be independent and unbiased. Rhetoric coaching focuses on your goals. Therefore, the coach should not pursue his own goals or try to steer you in a certain direction. A good rhetoric coach offers a preliminary meeting. The non-binding appointment serves to get to know the coach and coachee.

The job title coach is not a protected title in Germany. Since basically anyone can call themselves a coach, it is important to pay attention to the qualification. What training does your coach have? What successes does he or she have? Information about successful projects can usually be found on the website.

How expensive is a coaching session? The question of price is a crucial point. For individual coaching, you can expect higher rates than for a seminar with many participants. Online coaching is often somewhat cheaper.


Rhetoric coaching helps to develop and improve your rhetorical skills. Rhetorically skilled people have less stage fright, are more confident in dealing with others and can convince better.

Regardless of whether you train alone or in a group, online or offline: A rhetoric coaching is worthwhile in any case! Especially if you manage to fascinate, captivate, move and inspire with your presentation - at least if you manage to fill the whole stage with your presence and to amaze the audience. Your appearance, your words and your personality decide whether you succeed or fail.

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