Overcome existential angst: With these 5 tips you will succeed

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Overcome existential angst: With these 5 tips you will succeed

Many people are familiar with existential fears. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, even those who have never had to worry about their livelihood before have come into contact with it. As fears of this kind can be very stressful, they often lead to a vicious circle of recurring worries and blind actionism. Below you will find out how you can better deal with your existential fears and ultimately overcome them.

Understanding existential fear: What is it and how does it affect your life?

First of all, it makes sense to look at the definition of existential fear. In order to heal it, you first need to understand it. Anyone who suffers from existential angst is constantly preoccupied with the scenario that their life will be shattered. This is why it is also referred to as existential anxiety.

In common parlance, existential angst is often mentioned in the same breath as money worries. The topic of finances is a frequent trigger for existential fears, but by no means the only one. Worries can revolve around all the building blocks of existence: Fear fear of losing their freedom, fear of homelessness and, of course, fear of unemployment, illness or excessive debt.

It is characteristic that those affected have a strong Loss of control which is mentally very grueling. You have the Feelingthat their own lives are slipping away from them and that they are powerless in the face of the situation. As a result, they often act rashly or resign themselves completely.

Mindset Matters: How your mindset influences existential angst

Feeling existential anxiety is by no means a sign of a sensitive or even weak character. Like any type of anxiety in general, existential anxiety also fulfills a protective function: there is something in your life that you should urgently take care of. Existential anxiety is therefore a warning signal or a natural reaction to a stressful life situation.

The question now is how you deal with existential fear. Your mindset an important role. People who have a high level of Resilience have a clear advantage. Resilience describes psychological resistance. This can be trained in various ways. You can find out exactly how this works in our Professional article on the topic.

It is also worth observing how you deal with problems in general. People who have a low Self-esteem and are not aware of their own strengths usually feel helpless in the face of problems and fears. If, on the other hand, you have the inner conviction that you have the necessary resources to master difficult situations in life, existential fear will have less of a grip on you.

Existential fears

The first step: recognizing the roots of your existential angst

The above statements take us one step further - or back. Where do your existential fears come from? In most cases, feelings of anxiety are just the tip of the iceberg. One possible cause of excessive existential fears is stressful experiences in the past and childhood trauma. Traumatic experiences give rise to negative Beliefs:

  • "I am powerless at the mercy of fate."
  • "I can't do anything to change my situation."
  • "I always fail."

Do you recognize yourself in these descriptions? Perhaps you can remember the first time you felt this way (as a child). There may be a stressful unresolved event in your life that is fueling your current existential fears. Dealing with past traumas can be very painful. In many cases, therapeutic support is useful.

5 tips for overcoming acute existential angst

Do your thoughts only revolve around your (supposedly) threatened existence, so that you can no longer lead a normal everyday life? In this case, our 5 tips for overcoming acute existential fear can help you:

1. news detox

During an acute phase of anxiety, it is important not to constantly provide your fears with new "food". Catastrophic reports of war, energy crises and inflation are therefore absolutely counterproductive. It is perfectly sufficient to inform yourself about world events once a day if necessary. Don't watch every news program and avoid googling crises.

2. relaxation exercises

People suffering from acute existential anxiety often experience physical symptoms of restlessness and irritability. These in turn intensify the general malaise. Relaxation exercises can help you to calm down in acute crises. inner peace find yourself again. Have you ever tried meditation, yoga or progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen?

3. find an outlet

Do you have the feeling that your existential fears are robbing you of the air you need to breathe? If so, you urgently need a suitable outlet to relieve your inner tension. Have you ever tried to put your thoughts into words? Getting stressful thoughts off your chest can be incredibly liberating. Not the creative type? Then try exercising as an alternative.

4. stop circling thoughts

If your thoughts are going round in circles, it is almost impossible to come up with a productive solution. You should therefore interrupt the spinning thoughts by saying "stop" out loud. Even this brief interruption of the spiral of thoughts will provide you with relief in acute crises.

5. conversations with trusted people

The personal situation often seems more dramatic than it actually is. That's why it can help to talk to someone you trust but who is not emotionally involved. An outsider can mirror your situation much better and show you new perspectives.

Financial freedom as a way out of existential fear: a mindset shift

Money worries are the main trigger for existential fears. Financial freedom is therefore almost a guarantee for overcoming your existential fear once and for all.

Does this goal sound utopian to you? It's not at all. Even with an average income, you can Financially independent as long as you follow a few basic savings tips and manage your finances wisely. You can find out exactly how this works in our free masterclass "Never worry about money again".

Self-reflection: how to constructively question your fears

Questioning fears constructively is not that easy, but it is necessary in order to check their appropriateness. To do this, you need to think your fears through to the end. In other words, what could really happen in the worst-case scenario? If you imagine the worst-case scenario, you will realize that even losing your job is not the end of the world.

The role of support: overcoming fears together

As already mentioned, it can be extremely beneficial to talk to other people about your fears. Outsiders can not only bring in new perspectives, but also actively support you in overcoming your existential crisis. Whether emotionally or temporarily financially, a functioning social network of friends and family can literally cushion you in a crisis.

8 steps to overcoming existential fear in the long term

We have already familiarized you with the most important tips for alleviating acute existential fears. We would now like to familiarize you with the long-term strategies.

Step 1: Acceptance

Would you like a written guarantee that the event you fear will threaten your existence will never happen? Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Accept that there are no one hundred percent guarantees in life. For nothing and no one.

Step 2: Get active

To overcome existential crises in the long term, it is important that you take action. Even in a seemingly hopeless situation, there are almost always aspects that you can change. The experience that you are not at the mercy of your fate strengthens you for future crises.

Step 3: Realism

Let's assume the catastrophe actually comes true. Would this really mean the end of your personal or professional future? In the vast majority of cases, this is not the case. Anyone who is temporarily unemployed will find a new job. Even in serious crises such as the loss of a home or freedom, there are always opportunities for rehabilitation.

Step 4: Provide security

There are numerous ways to protect yourself against financial crises. Save up a nest egg to bridge crises safely. Already the Awarenessthat you will not face acute poverty if the worst comes to the worst can alleviate existential fears. Important: Do not use the nest egg for other purchases beforehand!

Step 5: Existential fears are not harmful

Let go of your conviction that you have to get rid of existential fears - and fears of all kinds - as quickly as possible. Fears may feel unpleasant, but they have no harmful effects on your soul or your body. To overcome them in the long term, you need to lose the so-called "fear of fear", which perpetuates the vicious circle.

Step 6: Live in the here and now

Existential fears revolve around negative events that lie in the future. This makes it all the more important that you focus on the present. What can you do here and now to shape your life? What are you happy and what changes can you initiate?

Step 7: Self-confidence and positivity

Reflect on your strengths and look back at the crises you have already overcome. This will give you the certainty that you will be able to overcome any challenging situation in the future. It is also worthwhile not always assuming the worst. Thinking negatively is sometimes like a self-fulfilling prophecy. The same naturally applies to the positive thinking!

Step 8: Flexibility

Surely you know this old Wisdom: Where one door closes, another opens. Even if your previous existence is actually destroyed, this does not mean that you will never be happy again. It often helps to think of a plan B in advance.

Conclusion: overcoming existential angst by developing inner strength

Existential fears can be extremely stressful, but with a positive mindset, clear steps and support, you can find ways to overcome them. The journey to overcoming existential angst begins with looking inwards and developing your inner strength. To conclude, we would like to once again recommend our free masterclass "Never worry about money again" recommend

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