How do I find home in myself? 6 tips when life overwhelms you

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How do I find home in myself? 6 tips when life overwhelms you

In life, we are constantly confronted with situations that one person can handle with ease and that, in turn, pull the rug out from under the feet of another. Strange heaviness, sadness, panic, being alone - what comes up for you when you feel stress? We would like to give you some tips on how to find your home again.

Get back in tune with yourself

What you can do concretely when you have the feeling that life is currently overwhelming you, how you can gratefully accept such phases, how you can bring yourself back into harmony with yourself and how you can even emerge from this time strengthened and with new strength, knows Coach Laura Malina Seiler best from her own experience. She became a mom a year ago and is sometimes torn between baby and calling herself. Her 6 tips on how to find home again when you feel overwhelmed by life:

6 tips if you're overwhelmed right now

  1. Don't neglect your relationship with yourself, make peace with yourself - especially when you feel like everything is just too much. Be there for yourself. How are you going to love life if you don't feel good about yourself right now?
  2. Don't devalue yourself when you're not doing well right now. It will only make the situation worse. Be honest and authentic and it's totally okay to not feel good sometimes.
  3. Be with that feeling of sadness or heaviness - let it be there and don't push it away. The body wants to communicate with you in this way. Don't turn a deaf ear to this message. Write down the reasons why you are not in tune with your feelings!
  4. Make a list: What are the expectations I want to meet - and which ones I don't?
  5. Find a coach with whom you can always work on your feelings. Don't make the big mistake of thinking you have no more issues. Everyday life will quickly present you with new challenges!
  6. Realize what you have already mastered in your life. Remember your unbridled power, strength and light within you. Even if you can't feel it right now: The power is there! Go into communication with your inner spiritual guidance.

Create home in yourself through small rituals

Everyone feels stress differently. And everyone deals with it differently. The cause can lie in your early childhood: Were you often confronted with it? Did you often perceive your parents as stressed? Find home in yourself! Create stability for yourself and your life, for example by introducing various rituals such as regular exercise, drinking enough, balanced nutrition - or with a little gratitude meditation:

  1. Breathe deeply in and out. Observe your breath for a short while, let the inner restlessness be there and expand for a moment.
  2. Ask yourself: What's upsetting you right now?
  3. Think: What could you do better next time? Maybe a to-do list on which you mark the most important things in red. Just put today in the category "experience" and put a check mark behind it.
  4. Think of a song or situation that always cheers you up. You'll see how that thought alone will quickly make the gloom fizzle away.
  5. Don't fret that things aren't going according to plan right now. Leave your comfort zonebecause you are not alone. Ask for help!

From inner restlessness to a source of strength

"At the bottom of our hearts, we're all after love!", is. Shary Reeves convinced. And how love can be the key to turn your inner turmoil into a true source of strength, you will learn here in the Magazine interview with the presenter and actress. We are curious about what experiences you have gathered. What is home for you? We look forward to your feedback!


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