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How your diet affects your mindset

Have you ever realized how much your Nutrition is affecting your body? How much do you care about her? Do you eat what's good for you or what you come across? Maybe you can't change your turbulent everyday life right now. But definitely your consciousness, in which you honestly reflect on what you eat to satisfy your hunger. We will show you how you can make sure that you always take some relaxing times. Because that is your path in the right direction. And if you were able to eat everything you wanted before, as a teenager, without anything changing, this will become more difficult the older you get. The body now needs more food of higher quality, more vitamins and less energy.

Better nutrition: 4 tips to keep your puff up

Sure, we all have moments when we simply have no air at all to cook something healthy for ourselves. And thus to pay attention to our diet. That's why we've put together 4 tips for you on how to replenish your vitamin stores. This is the basis for you to be able to give 100% every day and not feel completely exhausted at lunchtime. Above all, your body needs these reserves so that all kinds of viruses that are floating around do not stick to you.

  1. Make a meal plan for each week: What can you possibly pre-cook at home and take with you in comfort?
  2. Is there a great supermarket, organic farm or café in your area - whether at home or at work - where you can buy inexpensive and healthy food?
  3. If you have to skip lunch - then take time in the evening for a warm, healthy meal.
  4. Especially at work, you can create a small compartment or drawer where you can store ingredients for a delicious muesli and fruit, for example. Because under stress we tend to eat poorly. We like to calm down and then reward ourselves with chocolate. Perhaps a tea or a crunchy apple could be the new nerve food.

Nutrition: self-love when eating

Be aware where you shop. In the supermarket only the cheap products or especially when it comes to meat, at the local butcher? Do you reach for shrink-wrapped fruit in the shop or are you looking forward to the weekend trips to the market? Also be aware of how you eat. How important is nutrition for you? Do you simply gobble down your food or do you take the time to enjoy and appreciate it? Pay attention to your body, what changes in you when you eat in peace and quiet and relaxed. This is where self-love begins. Be careful with yourself and your body and be grateful for what you can do for yourself every day.

Nutrition: Focus on intuitive eating

We do not want to recommend a diet or motivate you to follow a particular diet. You are solely responsible for this. Listen to yourself: When does your body signal that you are really hungry? Nutrition experts call this "intuitive eating": You listen to your body, you don't have to limit your choice of food and you simply feel good again. They also recommend that you should not be forbidden to eat any food and that you should enjoy a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine. This is part of life and prohibitions are more likely to cause stress and bad mood. If you do something good for your body all week long, it will not throw you off track. You might even get less and less inclined to commit these sins. And that's not bad, is it?

Sate yourself at the source of life - not at sugar

Perhaps the one or other sweet tooth of you now feels addressed. In the book "Das Füllhorn" about the psychological symbolic language of food, Christiane Beerlandt writes on the subject of sweets: "Sugar stands for the longing for the intensely close, blissful, sweet rising within yourself (...) The dream sphere that sugar calls upon is far removed from reality, but it consoles and soothes the hard, frozen and cold in the heart. It offers satiation to those who do not know how to saturate themselves at the source of life". The author also writes that sugar is symbolic of the belief in something much more beautiful than what one has ever experienced. It stands for the heavenly happiness of feeling yourself in the warm glow of life; you have longings, dreams and hopes ... and you don't want to leave this intoxication.

Ticket for a journey to yourself

Hopefully we could help you a little bit with our tips. And maybe there is already an idea how you can take better care of yourself. Do you even have an idea what you really want in your life? What do you miss for your fulfilled self? Is it lightness, self-love, fullness, acceptance... You want responsibility? You want more? We give you many answers to your questions: "How can I realize myself? Is happiness a decision? How do I get to the next level in my business?" Take the chance, if you are ready for a change and get a ticket for our "Growth Festival" from 27th to 29th May 2021 in Cologne. Look forward to three days with more than 200 top speakers, 100 stages, 40.000m2, stage area, intensive workshops, various music acts and celebrate with us the world's biggest festival for personal development! We are looking forward to you.

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