Ice bath - 5 benefits for your health

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Ice bath - 5 benefits for your health

Ice bathing is currently all the rage. As part of cryotherapy, it is based on cold stimuli. Long practiced in Nordic countries, more and more people in this country are also benefiting from the positive effects on body and mind. The ice bath expands your consciousness and promotes transformation. Discover why ice bathing is more than just a bold challenge and how it can shape your personality and well-being.

Ice bath: What is it anyway?

If you take an ice bath, you are usually not swimming in ice, but in extremely cold water with temperatures in the single digits. This is also known as winter swimming. Occasionally, people actually cut a path through the ice and then swim in the lake. However, it is also possible to bathe in a tub at home.

Why ice bathing? A cool trend with profound benefits

A number of scientists are convinced that ice bathing is healthy. The cold triggers various mechanisms in the body that give you a real boost. The ice bath can improve blood circulation and reduce pain and inflammation. The cold also stimulates your metabolism and burns fat. Many athletes take an ice bath to recover quickly after training.

What are the real benefits of ice bathing for your health?

The fact that ice bathing is healthy because cold water hardens and strengthens the immune system has been known since before the time of Pastor Kneipp. How a Study by the University of Warwick shows that the inflammation levels in the body drop significantly in many people. An ice bath is probably very good for people with chronic inflammation, for example arthritis. But the psyche also benefits from the cold shock.

What happens during an ice bath?

When you take an ice bath, your body releases endorphins, which are known as happiness hormones. These are the body's own morphines that relieve pain. The cold water also boosts the adrenaline and noradrenaline systems, giving you an energy kick. Dopamine levels also increase by up to 500 percent. This puts you in a state of euphoria.

In addition, the ice bath activates the Sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is part of the autonomic nervous system. In stressful situations, it mobilizes the body's own forces and thus optimizes performance. The respiratory rate, heart rate and muscle tone increase and blood circulation improves.

ice bathing

Ice bathing at home: 5 simple steps to get started

Want to try ice bathing without leaving the house? Here you can find out how to get started with a special barrel or even your bathtub. Later you can switch to a lake or river if you like it. If you live near the sea, you can enjoy your ice bath in a particularly beautiful setting.

1. practise ice bathing in the barrel

Specialist shops sell barrels especially for ice bathing, which you fill with cold water and place on the patio or in the garden. Alternatively, you can get a bathtub.

2. prepare yourself properly for the ice bath

Wear warm clothing or stay warm before the ice bath. But don't overheat! Drink plenty of fluids. As your head cools down the quickest, wear a hat when bathing. Keep your arms out of the water. Never go completely under!

3. start with moderate temperatures

It is best to get used to the cold very gradually. At the beginning, bathe in water that is around ten to twelve degrees cold. Over time, the temperature will drop lower and lower. Add ice to the water to achieve the desired cooling effect.

4. take your time

Never jump into cold water suddenly, but gently acclimatize your body to the low temperatures. Start with short intervals of around one minute and build up slowly. Don't put yourself under pressure.

5. pay attention to your body's signals

Do not overexert yourself. Stop the bath immediately if you feel tired. Dress warmly after the ice bath or enjoy a hot shower.

How long and how often should you practise ice bathing?

How often ice bathing makes sense depends on your physical condition and time. It is best to bathe regularly, for example once or twice a week. Some people also get into the cold tub every day and are then particularly well trained. Find the ideal balance and adjust the duration and frequency to your individual needs. This way, you can benefit from the health benefits without overexerting yourself.

How long to ice bathe?

Do not bathe for too long to avoid hypothermia. On average, the ice bath lasts about two to five minutes. The bathing time corresponds approximately to the water temperature. As a rule of thumb, you should spend about ten minutes in water that is ten degrees cold. If the water is five degrees cold, then it is five minutes and at up to two degrees it is a maximum of two minutes.

The role of coaching in ice swimming: Overcoming mental hurdles

All beginnings are difficult. Many people are interested in ice swimming, but keep putting off their plans. Give yourself a push and dare to go into the cold water. It's worth it. If you don't succeed, a coach can help you to overcome mental blocks.

The coaching motivates you to overcome your inhibitions. You get the courage to leave old paths and are free for new experiences that the ice bath brings with it. Ultimately, it is possible to use ice bathing as a tool for your personal development.

Ice bathing and personal development: grow beyond yourself

The challenge of ice bathing can help you to overcome your fears, gain more self-confidence and promote your personal growth. In an ice bath, you feel your body particularly intensely. It is a very extreme experience that pushes you to your limits, but also shows you your potential.

Why ice bathing? The psychological benefits

Body and mind form a unit. Regular ice bathing not only strengthens you physically, but also mentally. The ice bath reduces stress and promotes your mental health. It can alleviate depression by Micro-inflammations in the brain and awakens your spirits. In short: the ice bath brings you to an alert level and you live more consciously.

Strengthening self-confidence

The first ice bath in particular takes some effort. You need courage to leave your comfort zone. But the ice bath rewards you with a great sense of achievement and a boost of freshness that inspires you physically and mentally. Most people are in a better mood afterwards. Ice bathing lifts the mood and has a stimulating effect on body and mind.

Success stories: Transformations through ice bathing

Be inspired by impressive stories in which people experienced significant changes in their lives and personalities through ice bathing. The most famous transformation is that of the Dutchman Wim Hof. The extreme sportsman repeatedly encourages people to push their own limits and surpass themselves. He has developed a special breathing technique that makes ice swimming easier.

Where there's a will, there's a way. Wim Hof, also known as "The Iceman", lasted almost two hours in the ice cube bath. In 2000, he swam 58 meters under the ice. He ran a marathon in Finland at minus 20 degrees in shorts and sandals. He proved that he doesn't mind the heat either with his marathon through the Namib desert.

Before his extreme sports career, Wim Hof was just a normal person like you. After the suicide of his wife in 1995, he underwent a significant change. He used the ice bath to overcome his sadness and continued to develop his skills. Today, he inspires countless people around the world with his method.

Frequently asked questions about ice bathing

Is ice bathing dangerous?

Ice bathing at home in a barrel is safer than in open water. There is a high risk when swimming in ice holes. There is a high risk of falling under the ice or being swept away by the current.

Although ice bathing trains your cardiovascular system, it is also particularly strenuous. If you suffer from heart disease or are not fully fit, it is better to avoid the ice bath.

Can you go ice bathing alone?

Yes, you can theoretically swim alone, but for the reasons mentioned above, it is safer if at least one other person is with you. It's easier for you to get over yourself in pairs or in a group. Ice bathing is also more fun because you motivate each other.

What is the best time of day for ice bathing?

Many people take their ice bath early in the morning and start the day with fresh energy. Others prefer the warm midday hours and prefer to go into the water in sunny weather. Never swim in open water at dusk or after dark.

The cold water as a mirror of your soul

Ice bathing is more than just a short-lived trend, because it is like a journey to yourself and therefore an important tool for self-awareness. This type of cryotherapy combines physical health with personal development. Ice bathing forces you to confront your very own nature. It draws attention to yourself and your needs and counteracts self-alienation.

In addition to ice bathing, there are other methods of self-discovery. Our free Masterclass shows you how to fill your inner emptiness and give your life a deeper meaning. Find yourself and activate previously hidden powers.


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