What is a landing page & how do you optimize it?

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What is a landing page & how do you optimize it?

If you use a website as a digital business card or run an online shop, you need to generate as much traffic as possible. Because if many interested parties visit your page on the web, the chance of gaining new customers increases. You probably already know that you can attract website visitors with the help of online marketing measures such as search engine and social media marketing. But maybe you're not quite sure what a landing page is and how to optimize it for maximum efficiency? If you have a big question mark in your head right now, this magazine article is made for you. We explain to you in a short and concise way what you need to consider so that your (online) business grows even faster. Have fun reading!

What is a landing page?

A landing page, also called a landing page, is a single page on your website. It usually has its own URL that can be linked to from an external page or mailing. When the user clicks on the link, they land on your landing page. The goal of this page is to be maximally persuasive to get the user to convert. A conversion in turn can be, for example, a purchase, an entry into the newsletter form or a similar action.

In order for this to work, your landing page must optimally satisfy the user needs, i.e. offer exact answers to the questions or problems of the website visitors. As you can see, marketing jargon consists of many complicated terms. But it's actually quite easy to understand the broad context. And so that you not only shine in theory, but also in practice, we explain to you in the following what you need to consider.

How do you measure success?

To put it succinctly: with the help of the conversion rate. If you use certain elements cleverly, you improve the conversion rate. That is, you increase sales, newsletter signups (or whatever you previously defined as a conversion) in relation to the number of visitors to your website. So, to determine the conversion rate of a landing page, you need the number of your website visitors and the number of transactions made. And then you apply the following equation: Number of transactions / Number of visits x 100. As a result, you get a percentage value. The higher this value is, the better your landing page performs.

How is a landing page optimized?

Enough math, now let's get down to the nitty gritty. Here are ten best practice tips you should start with to optimize your landing pages.

1. start with the most important

The first tip may sound trivial, but it is extremely important. Because the upper area of your landing page receives by far the most attention. Some page visitors don't even bother to scroll down. Therefore, you should place the most important messages at the top of your landing page to make sure they catch the eye.

2. visualize your offer

In addition to a compelling headline, be sure to include a photo or video of your product at the top. Because visual stimuli are extremely powerful. You yourself are the "product", because you provide services? Great, then choose a picture of yourself or one that represents your target audience. Be creative and use professional imagery.

3. use call-to-actions

In most cases, users will only take the action you want them to take if you tell them exactly what to do with a call-to-action. Common call-to-actions are short, concise, and always written in the imperative, such as "Buy Now!" or "Learn More! By creating buttons with these same prompts and placing them prominently on your landing page, you increase the chance that users will click on them.

4. build trust

Most people are pretty skeptical - especially on the World Wide Web. Trust-building elements can therefore help your landing page perform better. For example, use seals of approval, testimonials and customer comments to build trust and convince people of your expertise or the high quality of your products.

5. ensure short loading times

Website visitors are not only skeptical, but also impatient. Therefore, the loading times of your landing pages must be as short as possible. Basically, the faster your landing page loads, the lower the bounce and abandonment rate.

6. renounce unimportant things

If your website visitors are distracted by too many elements, they won't end up where you want them to be. Therefore, abandon all unimportant elements such as navigations, forms and links that do not contribute to optimizing the conversion rate. Have courage for minimalism!

7. clarify the added value

No added value, no conversion: Every user must be able to see at first glance what added value your product or service offers him. Be creative and explain to potential customers on your landing page why they should absolutely buy from you instead of the competition.

8. put on good advertising texts

Never underestimate the effect that a convincing headline or a rousing text can have. Pay attention to the content and the linguistic level. Write vividly and include text passages here and there that appeal to the heart rather than the head. Most people buy emotionally and with the help of good advertising texts you can additionally push the performance of your landing page.

9. check the competition

What are your competitors actually doing? How do they design their landing pages? Do they look professional to you? And if so, what can you learn from them? Or do you immediately notice mistakes that you can avoid on your own landing page? In any case, it's useful to keep an eye on your competitors and regularly check their landing pages.

10. test, test, test

Of course, there is no golden rule for the optimal landing page or even a one hundred percent conversion rate. In the end, you have to test, analyze and optimize yourself. Classic A/B testing helps you to continuously improve. Ready for it? Great, then try it out!

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