The lying eight: Find the cause of your problem

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The lying eight: Find the cause of your problem

Everything is connected. Everything is one. And everything in our life is connected. What we do and are today is the result of who and what we were and did in the past. And what we do and are today, significantly influences what we will do and be in the future. 

That is precisely why an important part of our Greator Coach Trainingto be aware of these interrelationships. This is actually quite simple, if we look at the following three Questions put 

  1. What is my problem in the now?
  2. Where did it come from in the past?
  3. Where do I want to go, how do I see my future?

Our life is a lying eight

"The lying eight is the sign for infinity," explains Walter Hommelsheim, instructor at Greator Coach. "Everything is connected. Our life is a lying eight. A river flows permanently and unceasingly through this lying eight." 

Imagine a horizontal eight in front of your eyes. It consists of three parts: The left circle, the right circle, and the point in the middle where the two circles meet and touch. Here - at the transition of both circles - they flow into each other, so to speak.

Lying eight: Look closely!

The dot in the middle is our now. The left circle is our past, the right circle is our future. Our river of life flows through our now into the past, into our now, into the future, into our now, into the past... "Everything that swims in our river, we always take with us unconsciously. So it's worth taking a close look here: What is actually swimming around in there?", Christina Hommelsheim explains the method of the lying eight further.

Christina and Walter have found a beautiful image for this, which they use to describe the process within us: "Driftwood from the past, for example, flows into our now. All of a sudden, so much driftwood floats into our now that it blocks the flow into the future. Our energies are stuck. How we recognise this driftwood and fish it out of our river, recognise and release this blockage, is also what the Greator Coach training is about. 

Solve your problem in the now with a journey into the past

"So we have a problem in the now. In the middle of the lying eight. That's where we look and ask ourselves, 'What is my problem?' And what is behind it? "Because a problem is often not in what shows up in the now at all, but quite often has to do with our past," Walter continues. "Now you might think this only applies to problems of a psychological nature. But this connection applies to everything. If your car runs out of gas, it's because you didn't fill it up on time earlier, in the past!"

If you're 40 kg overweight, maybe it's because you've been eating too much unhealthy food for the last few months. Your fridge is empty and you have nothing good to eat in the house - then it's because you didn't go shopping yesterday. Every problem has its cause. And it always lies in the past.

The lying eight: Which blockages do you want to release?

You are the sum of your past in the now! So let's travel in our lying eight simply to the left into the past and look at where our problem in the now could come from. What is the actual problem behind the problem?

"In our past we find our learned old beliefs, our behavior patterns and repressed emotions. That's our driftwood, which makes it pretty difficult to flow through our figure eight," Christina knows. What pieces of driftwood are currently blocking your flow? What is in your way? Which pieces can you fish out of the river, which blockages do you want to release?

Walter and Christina Hommelsheim are trainers at Greator Coach.

Recognize, release, let go: set energy free again

So we free our past from these blockages, releasing energy that we can channel back into our now. "Sure, the river flows faster and more beautifully when there is no driftwood wandering around in it. So this now clean river flows through the left side of the figure eight, through our past, back into the now. But this time without the actual problem that had caused the problem in the now. This recognition, release and letting go is part of phases one and two of the lying eight. 

Phase 3 of the lying eight

You take your now liberated energy with you into the future. From the now you move to the other side of the lying eight in the middle: You shape your future - welcome to phase 3! Now you can look ahead: Where do you want to go? Make bold and clear decisions for yourselfthat yearn to actually be put into practice. "Thinking is one thing, acting is another," Christina and Walter encourage. 

Connect a clear thought with a feeling

"That's why, with the help of the Vision WorkIn the Greator coach training, we also show exactly what our future looks like and how it feels. We combine a clear thought with an enthusiastic feeling and bring the future into the here and now", Christina tells about the method of the lying eight.

"We figuratively imagine, with all our feelings and senses, that we are already where we want to be. Our body, our cells, do not know the difference. We feel our vision so strongly within us, as if it were already there. And we in the middle of it!"

Lying eight: Find the cause of your problem

So our river flows on unceasingly in the lying eight. From our future into our now. For you it's about this: If you have a problem in your life, you look back and see where it comes from. Then you find out how and where blockages have arisen from repressed emotions. The energies released in the subsequent solution process you direct into your new self and then let yourself be attracted by your future. 

Give yourself inner clarity now

If you want to achieve more peace and inner clarity for yourself in the here and now, the Training as Greator Coach be the right one for you. In a well-founded training of a total of 9 months you will discover completely new dimensions of your own personality.

You learn to listen to the voice of your inner child and let go of all the baggage that keeps you from achieving your goals in life. Afterwards you will be able to show other people new perspectives to be successful and happy.


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