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Vision as a signpost: Come into your creative power

Who do you want to be? What do you want your life to be? What do you want it to feel like? What do you want for your future? A lot of questions at once. But have you ever seriously asked yourself any of them? We would like to introduce you step by step to the topic of vision and vision work and show you how to get into your creative power.

What is vision work?

At school we learn nothing about actively creating our lives. With all the challenges and happiness that surround us. Vision work is about daring to look into your personal sphere of the future. Because visions help you to actively shape your future life. "A vision is a signpost that constantly reminds us where we actually want to go," explain Christina and Walter Hommelsheim in their book "Heart over head - The simple formula for a happy life". "Why not just direct your life where you want to go? You can do that? Yes, that's possible. Visions will help you", the coaches know too well from their own experience.

What distinguishes a vision from a goal?

The vision is not directly comparable with a goal. Perhaps you have heard: "To be successful, I just have to set myself big goals. Then I just march towards them and eventually I get there." Goals usually refer to things on the outside. Like a car or a house. But goals don't make you happy in the long run. Because what happens when we reach them?

A vision is about something completely different. Goals are often about "having", visions, on the other hand, are about "being". That is, about who and how you want to be and live in the future. It is about feelings and values that you associate with it. A vision has much more to do with qualities that you cannot "achieve". It reflects how you want to be and feel.

How do I visualize?

When you are dealing with visions, you must be able to look at them with confidence and trust in Visionary work into the unknown. "With a vision we determine the direction we want to take, but we do not yet know how. This is precisely the reason why many people don't even think about it," explains expert Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim. 

To get to the bottom of your vision, consider the following questions:

  1. What life do you want to lead?
  2. What do you want it to look like?
  3. What's it supposed to feel like?
  4. What do you want in your life?
  5. Who and how do you want to be in your life?
  6. Which film would you like to see about your life?

Vision: How to get into your creative power

Now you can turn your pictures of your future into a wonderful film - your mind movie. A film that flashes you. One that captivates you. One that touches you. And which lets you say: "Yes, mega. That's me!" You can use that:

  1. APPs like Inshot
  2. Programs like Adobe Spark
  3. iMovie on the IPhone
  4. Or you can create a large poster in the classic way and give it a special place in your four walls.

Visions may contain material aspects. And you are allowed to weave together in your visions everything you wish for. Visions have no limits, no rules, no laws, no "this is not possible". "Of course the vision alone is not enough. You may also take action and put it into practice. Or take small steps to make it come true. Become active and implement," Walter recommends. "We have the power to achieve everything we dream of in our lives. You bear full responsibility for everything you do. And what you do not do." 

Free of charge: 7-day vision challenge

If you got really hungry for your mindmovie, we have a little present for you as a starter: Register now for free for the 7-day Visionschallenge with Christina and Walter Hommelsheim. The coaching couple will show you step by step how to give your life the right spice. How much energy do you put into your job or relationship? What do you miss? Maybe it's friendships, maybe relationships - you can only find out if you start taking stock of your life now.

You will see how quickly you gain clarity for more and more areas of your life. And above all: How you will get closer to your visions step by step. You have probably never before dealt with your beliefs and fears in such detail... Open yourself up to it. Look forward to wonderful meditations that will pick you up where you are standing right now.

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