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Balanced sleep - balanced mindset: How to tank up on strength at night

Sleeping well is important for our well-being. And you don't need 12 hours for that. Rather, it depends on your routine: What do you do before you go to bed? What are you eating? How is your sleeping environment? As confused as the many thoughts in your head or rather a cosy oasis of well-being?

What is often the cause of sleep disorders?

Up to 15% of Germans suffer from regular problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night. One reason: We are available around the clock, taking work with us into the evening hours. There is no separation of private and professional life as we used to know it in the past. All this puts us under pressure. And Stress is poison to a good night's sleep, for it will not let you rest. We are glassy-eyed due to the many social networks that bring many of us to life, especially in the evenings. Everyone participates in our private lives. If you don't fulfil the expectation of some friends to answer immediately, this often leads to pressure on you.

How many hours of sleep are healthy?

In addition, there is another effect of digitalization: Every day we absorb a lot of information, including new findings about sleep. What people like is that we have to sleep seven to nine hours every night, as much of it as possible in deep sleep - otherwise we could become seriously ill, they say. Do you also have the impression that you have to function even while sleeping? Many actually monitor the quality of their night's sleep with an app. It is not helpful to refer to general research results. Some people even get six hours of sleep. If you sleep enough:

  • you're less aggressive
  • you have more energy
  • it leads to a better cooperation
  • During sleep, cells that may have been damaged during the day are repaired

When should you be worried?

In Swedish there is the word "Lagom". That means as much as: Find a good middle ground for yourself. Sleep is your lifelong friend, do not make him your enemy. Phases in which you do not rest well at night are part of life. You should only start to worry if you can't sleep at least three nights a week for three months. Then it is advisable to talk to your doctor. 

How do you find your ideal sleeping center?

You determine this through your personal target area. If you are agile during the day, you can manage without litres of coffee, you can exhaust your mental capacities and you can get a good night's sleep. You could set up a sleep diary for the evening! 

  1. Write down what moved you today. They don't have to be long sentences. It is also sufficient if you write down a realization of the day as a message.
  2. Think about the three things that made you happy today. What are you for? grateful?
  3. Write down what you wish for the next day!
  4. Of course you can also document your rhythm in the diary or how you slept the night before.
  5. Being active during the day, doing sports and resting in the evening helps your inner clock to understand whether it is day or night. It is more difficult if you sit in the office all day, go to the treadmill in the evening, heating up your body and releasing adrenaline. Do not always eat your main meal after work. 

Assume the situation as it is

Don't go crazy if you're lying awake at night anyway. If you can't fall asleep again after 15 to 20 minutes, it's best to leave the bedroom. Otherwise your brain will start associating the bed with the fear of not being able to sleep. This will put more pressure on you in the future. Read a book instead, but with as little light as possible so as not to send the wrong signals to your inner clock. Don't stress yourself when you get fewer hours of sleep. Accept the situation and tell yourself: This is how it is! 

Realign yourself!

Maybe you even feel like analysing not only your sleeping behaviour... Are you open to go really deep? To reflect on all areas of your life, to clean up, to sort, to change your perspective? Realign yourself now! Discover everything that is still slumbering within you and get all these wonderful qualities out of Sleeping Beauty's sleep: lightness, devotion, success, attentiveness, gratitude, confidence, love...

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