Alkaline Fasting - How to detox without starving!

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Alkaline Fasting - How to detox without starving!

Beautiful, slim, active and healthy. Wouldn't we all like to adorn ourselves with these adjectives? But fasting is not always about beauty ideals, sporting performance or even religious acts. Sometimes it's about detoxifying your body and healing (chronic) diseases. That's why today we want to introduce you to exciting facts about alkaline fasting, a great alternative to therapeutic fasting.

When the body needs to detoxify

You've probably already noticed that more and more people are suffering from chronic stomach and intestinal complaints. After all, the saying "It hits me in the stomach" is no coincidence. Stress, anger and sadness make themselves physically noticeable. But also an increasing hyperacidity of the body is to blame for regularly recurring abdominal pain, diarrhea and flatulence.

The increasing acidity? That's right! You could also say: If the pH-value of your body gets out of balance, the Acid-base balance no longer balanced and your body overacidified. This can lead to organ and tissue damage and, in the worst case, forms the breeding ground for serious diseases. Therefore, it is important to counteract the overacidification of the body in time.

What is alkaline fasting?

One of the simplest and healthiest methods is alkaline fasting. Alkaline fasting is a purification and detoxification of the body, which lasts about one to a maximum of two weeks. The special thing about it is that you only eat alkaline foods during the fast. The aim is to strengthen the intestinal flora with the help of the correct Nutrition rebalance and reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract so that it can regenerate.

During alkaline fasting, one avoids unhealthy foods and deliberately leaves out food that forms acids or metabolic toxins. Among the, during the alkaline fasting forbidden, so-called ".Acid Formers" count:

  • animal proteins: meat, fish, dairy products and eggs
  • Cereals: bread, pastries and pasta
  • Cabbage and legumes
  • industrially manufactured sugar: sweets and soft drinks
  • alcohol, coffee, fruit tea, green and black tea

Sound like your staple foods? Then alkaline fasting will definitely be a bit of a challenge for you. The following foods that are considered "Base Builder" are allowed during the alkaline fasting:

  • Fruit
  • Lettuce
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts, seeds and kernels
  • cold-pressed oils
  • Herbal tea

Why is alkaline fasting useful?

There is an increasing number of people who place a lot of importance on their Nutrition and eat exclusively vegetarian or vegan, for example. For many of us, however, food should be one thing above all: easy to prepare. We live in a time when everything has to be done quickly. Hectic and stress are part of everyday life and only very few people really take the time to choose their food carefully, to cook fresh every day and to eat in peace.

This is where alkaline fasting comes into play! Because an unhealthy diet, disproportionately large portions, hectic, stress, little exercise and stimulants in the form of alcohol, cigarettes and coffee leave their mark. If you want to counteract this, you cannot avoid relieving and regenerating your body. Surely you have heard of therapeutic fasting in this context? This involves abstaining almost completely from food intake for a certain period of time - ideally under medical supervision.

Alkaline fasting therefore offers a wonderful Alternative to therapeutic fasting and is not for nothing a popular variant of detoxification. With alkaline fasting, you don't have to starve yourself, but can eat your fill and detoxify your body along the way. Well, it's not that easy, but at least you don't need medical supervision. In addition, you can integrate the cure into your everyday life much easier. Sounds pretty tempting, doesn't it?

For whom is alkaline fasting good?

Alkaline fasting makes sense for anyone who wants to do something good for their body. Anyone who is very overweight or underweight, not fully grown or pregnant should of course not fast. As a rule, however, it can be said that every healthy, full-grown person can fasting ...can. If you are unsure, ask your family doctor for advice. He can give you concrete advice and tips!

Alkaline fasting is a great preventive health measure, but it is also a great way to combat chronic ailments. If you suffer from stomach and intestinal problems or have frequent migraines, alkaline fasting can work wonders. Because as we already know, the culprit is often an unbalanced acid-base balance. And just this Hyperacidity you say with your alkaline fasting cure the fight!

It is up to you to decide when the time is right for alkaline fasting. However, bear in mind that the change in diet and the renunciation of stimulants will probably be a challenge. Expect that you will not be able to perform at full capacity or that you will be somewhat less concentrated than usual. Therefore, do not schedule the alkaline fasting during the week in which your most important client appointment is coming up or you want to run a strenuous marathon. It's best to choose one or two weeks in which you have little stress and enough time to really get involved in alkaline fasting.

How does an alkaline fasting cure work?

An alkaline fasting cure usually lasts seven to fourteen days. If you are fasting for the first time or just want to try it out, three to five days are a good alternative to relieve your body. It also makes sense to slowly but surely get into the right mode before you actually start fasting. For example, a few days before you start fasting, eat a diet consisting mainly of alkalizing foods and avoid unhealthy stimulants. This will make it easier for you to start properly afterwards.

But what can you eat and when? For breakfast, for example, you can start optimally with delicious fruit. For lunch you can have a salad or vegetables, in between a few nuts as a snack and in the evening again vegetables. Make sure you don't eat any fruit or raw vegetables after lunch, as this is not good for your metabolism! By the way, the last meal should be between 6 and 7 pm. Eating later is not smart, because the later you eat, the worse you sleep, because your intestines still have to digest.

You will probably quickly find out which preparation makes your food taste best. Whether it's a smoothie, vegetable soup or stir-fry - the main thing is that the dishes are free of "acid-formers". Ideally, the vegetables should still be firm to the bite - the longer you cook them, the more healthy nutrients are lost. Also, make sure to drink two to three liters of water a day during the alkaline fast! This way the toxins can literally be flushed out of your body.

5 tips and tricks for alkaline fasting

So far everything understood? Great, then let's get started! Before you start, we'll give you five practical tips. Tips for Alkaline fasting with on the way.

  1. Delicious fruit - but please no more than a quarter. How? What do you mean? The fruit portion of your diet during the alkaline fasting should not exceed 20 to 25 percent. And why? Because otherwise a sensitive gastrointestinal tract will rebel!
  2. Be careful with raw food: If you have a sensitive intestine, too much fruit and raw vegetables can lead to bloating and abdominal pain. In this case, switch completely to steamed, cooked or boiled vegetables. Make sure the vegetables are not completely overcooked. The more firm to the bite the vegetables are, the more vitamins they contain.
  3. Hold back on the spices! These irritate your taste buds, making the feeling of fullness take longer. And of course: If you spice during the alkaline fasting, please use spices without flavour enhancers.
  4. Chew, chew, chew! How many times can you chew a bite? 30 times, 50 times or even 80 times? The more you chew, the better. This way you can pre-digest your food which saves your intestines a lot of work. Optimal for alkaline fasting!
  5. Stress, sadness, anger and rage also make you sour. And you don't want that, after all it's about saying goodbye to hyperacidity! Therefore, allow yourself as much rest and relaxation as possible during alkaline fasting. Relaxation. You will see how good you feel after the alkaline fasting cure!

A little hint: Like every Detox Alkaline fasting can also lead to symptoms such as headaches and aching limbs, tiredness and problems with concentration. Don't worry if you don't feel as fit as on other days. If symptoms persist or get worse, give yourself a break. Slowly return to your normal diet and try again a few weeks later.

And now we wish you a lot of fun with alkaline fasting and your new, healthy body feeling!

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