Base fasting: Woman eats healthy food

Base fasting - How to detox without starving!

Beautiful, slim, active and healthy. Wouldn't we all like to adorn ourselves with these adjectives? But fasting is not always about beauty ideals, sporting achievements or even religious acts. Sometimes it is about detoxifying your own body and healing (chronic) diseases. That is why we want to present you today with exciting facts on the subject of base fasting, a great alternative to therapeutic fasting.

When the body needs to detoxify

Surely you have already noticed that more and more people suffer from chronic stomach and intestinal problems. After all, the saying "This hits me in the stomach" does not come out of nowhere. Stress, anger and sadness make themselves physically felt. But increasing acidity of the body is also to blame for regularly recurring stomach aches, diarrhoea and flatulence.

The increasing acidity? That's right! One could also say: If the pH-value of your body gets out of balance, the Acid-base balance and your body is over acidifying. This can lead to organ and tissue damage and, in the worst case, can form the breeding ground for serious diseases. It is therefore important to counteract the overacidification of the body in time.

What is base fasting?

One of the simplest and healthiest methods for this is the alkaline fasting. Alkaline fasting is a purification and detoxification of the body, which lasts about one to two weeks at the most. The special thing about it is that during the fasting you only eat alkaline foods. The aim is to stimulate the intestinal flora with the help of the right Nutrition and reduce inflammation in the intestinal area so that it can regenerate.

During the alkaline fasting you avoid unhealthy food and consciously omit food that produces acids or metabolic toxins. To the, during the alkaline fasting forbidden, so-called "Acidifiers" count:

  • animal proteins: meat, fish, milk products and eggs
  • Cereals: bread, pastry and noodles
  • Cabbage and pulses
  • industrial sugar: sweets and soft drinks
  • alcohol, coffee, fruit tea, green and black tea

Sounds like your staple diet? Then the alkaline fasting will definitely be a small challenge for you. The following foods, known as "Base formers" are permitted during base fasting:

  • Fruit
  • Salad
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts, seeds and kernels
  • cold-pressed oils
  • Herbal Tea

Why is base fasting useful?

There is an increasing number of people who attach great importance to their Nutrition and eat, for example, only vegetarian or vegan food. For many of us, however, food should be one thing above all: easy to prepare. We live in a time in which everything has to go quickly. Hectic and stress are part of everyday life and only very few of us really take the time to choose our food carefully, to cook freshly every day and to eat in peace.

This is where base fasting comes in! Because an unhealthy diet, disproportionately large portions, hectic, stress, little exercise and stimulants in the form of alcohol, cigarettes and coffee leave their mark. Whoever wants to counteract this cannot avoid relieving and regenerating his body. Surely you have already heard of therapeutic fasting in this context? It means that for a certain period of time you almost completely abstain from eating - preferably under a doctor's supervision.

Base fasting therefore offers a wonderful Alternative to therapeutic fasting and is not for nothing a popular variant of purging. With the alkaline fasting you don't have to starve, but can eat your fill and detoxify your body on the side. All right, it's not that easy, but at least you don't need medical supervision. Moreover, it is much easier to integrate the cure into your everyday life. Sounds pretty tempting, doesn't it?

For whom is base fasting good?

Base fasting is useful for everyone who wants to do something good for his body. Anyone who is severely overweight or underweight, not fully grown or pregnant, should of course not fast. As a rule, however, it can be said that every healthy, adult person fast can. If you're unsure, ask your family doctor for advice. He can give you concrete advice and tips!

Alkaline fasting is a great health prevention, but is also suitable for taking concrete action against chronic diseases. If you suffer from stomach and intestinal complaints or have frequent migraines, alkaline fasting can work wonders. Because, as we already know, the culprit is often an unbalanced acid-base balance. And just this Acidification you declare war with your fasting cure!

When the right time for base fasting is, you decide yourself. But keep in mind that the change of food and the renouncement of stimulants will probably be a challenge. Expect that you will not be able to perform at full capacity or will be a little less concentrated than usual. Therefore, don't put the base fasting into the week in which your most important customer appointment is due or you want to run a strenuous marathon. It is best to choose one or two weeks in which you have little stress and enough time to really get involved in the alkaline fasting.

How does a base fasting cure work?

A base fasting cure usually lasts seven to fourteen days. If you're fasting for the first time or just want to try it out, just three to five days are a good alternative to relieve your body. It also makes sense to slowly but surely get yourself into the right mode before the actual fasting begins. For example, a few days before the start of the fast, you should eat mainly alkaline-producing foods and abstain from unhealthy stimulants. This makes it easier for you to get off to a good start.

But what can you eat and when? For breakfast, for example, you can start off optimally with delicious fruit. For lunch you can have a salad or vegetables, a few nuts as a snack in between and vegetables again in the evening. Make sure you don't eat any fruit or raw vegetables after lunch, as this is not good for your metabolism! By the way, the last meal should be between 6 and 7 pm. Eating later is not clever, because the later you eat, the worse you sleep, because your intestines still have to digest.

You will probably soon find out which preparation you like best with your food. Whether as smoothie, vegetable soup or pan - the main thing is that the dishes are free of "acidifiers". At best, the vegetables are firm to the bite - the longer you cook them, the more healthy nutrients are lost. Also make sure to drink two to three litres of water a day during the alkaline fast! This will literally flush the toxins out of your body.

5 tips and tricks for base fasting

Everything understood so far? Great, then let's get started. Before you start, we will give you five practical tips for base fasting.

  1. Delicious fruit - but please no more than a quarter. How? What? The fruit content of your diet during the base fasting should not exceed 20 to 25 percent. And why? Because otherwise a sensitive gastrointestinal tract will rebel!
  2. Attention with raw vegetables: If you have a sensitive intestine, too much fruit and raw vegetables can cause flatulence and stomach ache. In this case, switch completely to steamed, cooked or boiled vegetables. Make sure that the vegetables are not completely overcooked. The firmer the vegetables are, the more vitamins they contain.
  3. Hold back on the spices! These irritate your taste buds, which makes you feel fuller for longer. And of course: If you season during the alkaline fasting, please use spices without flavour enhancers.
  4. Chew, chew, chew! How often do you manage to chew one bite? 30 times, 50 times, or even 80 times? The more you chew, the better. This way you can pre-digest your food, which saves your bowels a lot of work. Optimal for base fasting!
  5. Stress, grief, anger and rage also make you angry. And you don't want that, after all it's about saying goodbye to acidity! Therefore, allow yourself as much rest and relaxation as possible during the alkaline fasting. You will see how good you feel after the fasting cure!

One small note: Like every Detoxification Base fasting can also lead to symptoms such as headaches and aching limbs, fatigue and concentration problems. Do not worry if you do not feel as fit as on other days. If the symptoms persist or get worse, give yourself a break. Slowly return to your normal diet and try again a few weeks later.

And now we wish you a lot of fun with base fasting and your new, healthy body feeling!

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