Motivation work - shine as a leader and inspire your team!

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Motivation work - shine as a leader and inspire your team!

If you have to overcome yourself every day to even go to work, you are not motivated. Work frustration happens in every job. However, motivation at work is a crucial factor in getting ahead professionally. When we are motivated, we enjoy our work more, achieve better results and increase our career opportunities. As a leader, you play a critical role in motivating work. Support your team by setting realistic goals, offering new perspectives and helping your colleagues to overcome frustration at work.

The concept of motivation at work

In psychology Motivation referred to as an internal source of energy that influences one's behavior. In the workplace, it is important to be motivated in order to perform well and meet the set Achieving goals. Motivation regarding work means for us to give our best every day. If we are motivated at work, it will be easier for us to concentrate on our tasks. We automatically give ourselves more effort and apply more energy up when we are motivated.

External factors can also influence motivation to work, such as the level of salary, positive feedback, recognition by superiors or the prospect of promotion. However, motivation regarding job and work is by no means self-evident. Mostly, internal factors are decisive for the motivation to do work. For example, work motivation also depends on whether we consider our work to be meaningful and feel valued. Motivation at work has a direct impact on our performance. In organizational psychology, which deals with the interactions between an individual and an organization, it was found that performance is influenced by:

  • individual ability to perform tasks
  • personal motivation, successful To be

In summary, the formula for motivation is work:

Motivation x Ability = Performance

This means that it is not enough to have the necessary skills and abilities for a profession. To succeed, you must be motivated. Your motivation regarding work is even more important when it comes to successfully implementing difficult projects or completing tasks despite unclear instructions.

Your motivation is the engine that helps you do this, Uncertainties in overcoming complicated tasks and mastering challenges. Highly motivated employees are an asset to any company. Therefore, it is in the best interest of a company to create the conditions to combine motivation work and employee development.

Why is motivation important at work?

There are two types of motivation. A distinction is made between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. While the intrinsic motivation While extrinsic motivation relates to work and comes from within and is based on enjoyment of the job, extrinsic motivation is influenced by the environment. This is why financial incentives, support from superiors or colleagues and an ergonomically designed, pleasantly furnished workplace can have a motivating effect. Motivation is important in working life as it influences our Satisfaction increased and, at the same time, career opportunities improved. For the company, motivation at work is a prerequisite for achieving its economic goals.

motivation at work

No motivation at work: 8 main reasons

Sometimes not being motivated is normal. Everyone has a bad day, is in a bad mood or is overwhelmed. However, if the necessary motivation to work is regularly lacking, it is important to find out the reasons for the loss of motivation. Lack of motivation can have various reasons, for example:

  • Stresses due to high deadline pressure
  • Criticism by superiors
  • poor working atmosphere
  • Overchallenge as well as underchallenge
  • lack of promotion opportunities
  • Perfectionism
  • wrong job choice
  • lack of recognition of own achievements

High time pressure often leads to a decrease in motivation. The feeling of having to cope with too many tasks within a short time fosters stress and has a demotivating effect. Here, a discussion with superiors can help to reduce the workload to a normal level in order to regain the motivation to work.

Job dissatisfaction

Constant overstraining, just like understraining, often causes Job dissatisfaction. The so-called bore-out describes a state of being bored, which has a negative impact on motivation and work quality. In this situation, a change of job is often the best solution for enjoying work again.

Striving for success is an essential prerequisite for job satisfaction. In a job that offers few opportunities for further development, the risk of a loss of motivation is significantly higher than in a job with interesting prospects. Change often triggers anxiety. Are you worried because restructuring measures could endanger your job? Has your area of responsibility changed, does a new supervisor suddenly make higher demands?

These factors can have a negative impact on your motivation at work. A clarifying discussion with your boss will clear up any misunderstandings. At the same time, you will learn more about possible restructuring in the company and be prepared for changes.

8 simple tips to increase motivation at work

If the job is no fun, the working atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired or the workload is simply too high, motivation drops. How do I motivate myself to work? Most of the time, simple measures are enough to increase motivation to work. The following eight motivation tips should help you to improve your motivation at work:

  1. think positive
  2. focus on your goals
  3. provide a pleasant working environment
  4. learn to say "no
  5. Maintain a good relationship with your employees
  6. work with to-do lists
  7. recognize your own achievements
  8. do not overburden yourself

Think positive helps in all situations. As Executive it is important not to focus only on negative aspects, but to see the positive in every task. Negative thoughts rob you of valuable energy and contribute to a decrease in motivation to get work done. Direct your focus to things that are important and will move you forward. Consciously seek out the company of positively oriented people who can carry you along with their dynamism and energy. Learn to say "no" when your job responsibilities get on top of you. Accept a new task only if you have enough time to take care of this project with motivation.

A good working atmosphere has a positive effect on motivation and job satisfaction. As a manager, one of your tasks is to strengthen team cooperation. Offer support to colleagues if you notice that the motivation to get work done is not as high as it should be because of Overload sinks.

More structure in the daily work routine improves motivation

Creating to-do lists is a good way to bring more structure into your daily work routine. Set yourself realistic daily goals and work through your checklist systematically. With each item you check off your list as done, your satisfaction improves. Using to-do lists provides an extra boost of motivation. But what helps if you really have no motivation to work? A pleasant work environment is essential to enjoying work and staying motivated.

Design your workplace as an oasis of well-being. Equip your office with air-purifying plants, make sure your work furniture is ergonomic, hang pictures and use light sources that properly illuminate your work environment. Plants improve the oxygen supply in the office and contribute to a positive atmosphere. This also helps prevent concentration problems and keeps you motivated for longer. On the other hand, you won't feel comfortable at an uncomfortably furnished workplace and therefore won't be motivated to get work done.

A pleasantly designed workspace contributes both in the company and in the Home Office contributes to well-being and has a positive effect on motivation and performance. Recognize your own achievements and those of your team. Praise your team members for their commitment and dedication.

Appreciation and praise increase motivation

In the reality of work, praise rarely occurs, although it is known that praise increases motivation. The lack of appreciation is now one of the most common reasons for quitting. The so-called "inner dismissal" is also essentially based on the fact that the services rendered at the workplace are hardly appreciated. As a manager, you can do a lot to ensure that your team members are motivated to complete their tasks.

Excellent work performance is a good opportunity to express recognition and praise. In this way, you help to increase motivation and ensure that your employees enjoy their work.

Overload always leads to stress. As a result, not only the quality of work suffers, but also the motivation for the work. Assess your individual performance capacity realistically and do not overload yourself if you want to work with motivation. In a management position, it is important to consciously manage your work capacity. Do not burden yourself with too many projects, but delegate tasks to your colleagues. An overload due to too much work has a negative effect on motivation.

As a leader, one of your responsibilities is to develop constructive solutions to problems in the workplace. With a efficient With time management, you ensure that all work can be completed to full satisfaction. At the same time, you achieve an increase in work motivation.

Conclusion: This is how you as a leader can stimulate the motivation of others

Motivation is the energy that inspires us and drives us in our daily work so that we can fulfill our tasks and make a maximum contribution to the company's success. As a manager, you have it in your hands to increase your own motivation and to stimulate the motivation of others.

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