DISC "Conscientious" - What characterizes this type?

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Often people behave in a way that annoys us. You may wonder what the other person is thinking. How we behave has a lot to do with our personality structure. The DISC model helps you to analyze and better understand yourself and the people around you. It distinguishes between the following four main dimensions:

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According to the DISG model, every person carries all four personality traits, but in different strengths. With a DISG personality test you can find out which is your strongest personality dimension. This will help you to better understand why you think and act in a certain way.

The DISG model is based on scientific findings. Worldwide, the DISG model is used a lot in psychology. It helps to find an access to the pattern of a person. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the DISG model. DISC.

DISC "Cautious" Behavioural dimension

The blue type according to DISG is the born analyst. This person thinks logically, plans down to the last detail and performs his work according to the highest quality standards. Strong in concentration and persevering, diligent and thoughtful, he sets to work. A DISG blue type is motivated by the fact that things go perfectly according to his ideas. Those around him appreciate his competence and reliability. However, the blue type is not a team player. From others this type of person feels rather disturbed. Alone, this type succeeds best to live out his sense of order and to focus properly. Sometimes he seems distant, reserved or even dismissive to others. His Perfectionism sometimes causes him to lose his bearings.

A DISC "Cautious" type is usually peaceful and adaptable. Impulsiveness and aggression do not suit him. Instead, he is cautious and avoids risks. The DISC Blue type acts tactfully. This person acts cleverly and diplomatically and likes to lead an orderly, stable life. Familiar things give him security and so he likes to orientate himself to established procedures - privately as well as professionally. The DISC "Cautious" type gladly accepts and follows rules and regulations.

A DISC blue type is a good problem solver because they have an eye for detail and see what many others miss. This also makes this personality extremely creative. In a team, they are the sense of reality who thinks everything through and realistically assesses the consequences of decisions. DISC "Cautious" personalities don't like to talk about their feelings and it's hard to get them to do so. They avoid conflict where they can.

Mixed types with DISC "Cautious" parts

According to the DISC model, many people are not pure types, but their personality combines different aspects. There are 20 different personality types, which can be combined from the four DISC dimensions. The blue family of the DISC model includes the:

  • Perfectionist (blue),
  • Experimenter (blue-red),
  • Assessor (blue-yellow),
  • Critical thinker (blue-green),
  • Designer (red-green-blue).
disc cautious

A person with predominantly blue parts is the perfectionist. The experimenter also integrates red, i.e. dominant parts into his personality. He is innovative and likes challenges. It is easy for him, Making decisions. The appraiser is a mixture of DISG "Conscientious" and "Initiative". As such, he values contact with other people and has a sense for maintaining relationships. The critical thinker has a significant amount of DISG Green and thus brings steady elements. He is friendly, balanced and helpful. A stable environment is important to him. The designer is not only conscientious, but also dominant and steady.

Strengths of the DISC Cautious Dimension

You have a problem? A DISC blue type can solve it! Pragmatic and analytical, he gets to work and finds solutions that work for everything. Even in challenging situations, the DISC "Cautious" type remains objective and serious about his work. Before making a decision, he thinks things through thoroughly. As a result, his decisions are always sound and well-considered. When entrusting someone with a task, a DISC blue type gives clear instructions on how to complete the task. Even if he has to analyze large amounts of data, he doesn't mind. At work, he likes written instructions and also likes to give written feedback - this is solid and tangible for him.

The DISC blue type finds it easy to observe formalities. They are respectful and detached and are in control of themselves at all times. Uncontrolled outbursts of temper will never occur with a DISC type Cautious. Accurate with a sense of detail, the DISC Cautious type never misses a mistake. If accuracy is important to you, it's best to have a cautious person take another look. He or she is guaranteed to find any mistake, no matter how small. It is important to him to be correct and to deliver high-quality work.

Weaknesses of the DISC "Cautious" dimension

The DISG blue type tends to be hypercritical. Other DISG expressions with less attention to detail therefore sometimes find the blue type exhausting. As critical as a DISG Conscientious person can be with others, however, he fears criticism himself. Precisely because he is so accurate in his work, he does not tolerate it well if someone finds a mistake in his work. The DISG model blue does not like conflicts anyway and does everything to avoid them. Also what his feelings The DISG type Conscientious keeps a low profile. It is not easy to get this person to reveal something about his emotional life.

The DISC "Cautious" type tends towards perfectionism. Instead of simply implementing and perhaps also being satisfied with a practical solution, if it is not perfect solution, he finds it difficult to be content. He needs a lot of time to gather information and weigh risks. People who do not share his sense of thoroughness he avoids or criticizes. A DISC blue type tends to be reclusive and often appears closed off. It takes him a while to open up to other people. However, he prefers to be alone anyway. As a leader, he tends to micromanage. He wants to control every step of his employees and asks very often how things are going. The thing is important to him, less the people themselves.

disg blue type

What motivates a DISC "Cautious" person?

Information and logic motivate the DISC "Cautious" type. With a lot of information and a good dose of logic, he can meet the high demands he places on himself. He likes to deliver excellent work and for this he needs the right conditions. If he is well informed and can do thorough research, this gives him confidence. He should be given time to make decisions and be provided with sufficient information material. Then he will come up with ingenious solutions. Instructions and general conditions for work should be communicated to this DISC type in as much detail as possible.

The DISC "Cautious" type values a peaceful and organized environment. There should be no conflicts. He prefers to work alone and does not need social contact at his workplace. Clear instructions and routine make him flourish and motivate him to perform at his best. On the other hand, he needs a certain independence and autonomy. It is best to give him clear instructions and then let him solve the tasks in his own way.

How can a blue type develop according to DISC?

To avoid becoming an unsociable recluse who loses all contact with the outside world, the DISC "Cautious" person should work on his issues in good time:

  • Focus on doing the right things, not just doing things right.
  • Also, open yourself to the ideas and methods of others, especially if you are working together in a team.
  • Learn to sometimes just be fast instead of accurate so you can finish your tasks on time.
  • Open up to other people in general and build some good relationships.
  • Learn to sometimes just take a decision to be made - even if you haven't analyzed every single one of the 2,378 relevant sources.
  • Take a risk now and then.
  • Learn to appreciate the strengths of those around you, even if they are very different from your own.

Common occupations for the DISC blue type

The blue type according to DISC flourishes when he has the opportunity to do his work accurately, with the highest precision and according to the best quality standards. Autonomy, enough space to find a solution to a problem as well as clear guidelines are among the prerequisites for his ideal working atmosphere. He also likes other employees to get tips from him on how to work more efficiently. The DISC blue type is therefore often found in these professions:

  • Controller,
  • Accountant,
  • Minister of Finance,
  • Software Developer,
  • Mechanical Engineer,
  • Engineer,
  • Financial Analyst,
  • Investment Analyst,
  • Actuary,
  • System Administrator,
  • Data Scientist.

Famous DISC "Cautious" Personalities

  • Albert Einstein
  • Bill Gates
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Hermione from "Harry Potter"
  • Spock from "Star Trek"
  • Sheldon Cooper from "Big Bang Theory."
  • Wolfgang Schäuble
  • Isaac Newton
  • Condoleezza Rice
DISC Cautious

How can I find out my DISC dimension?

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