Emotionally drained! What to do? 4 ways out

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Emotionally drained! What to do? 4 ways out

In some phases, you feel emotionally drained. But the stress is limited. So why are you not feeling well? What is stressing you out so much that you can't think rationally?

Mental and emotional exhaustion is becoming more and more of a problem. This is mainly because you can't name a specific reason for it. To avoid burnout, you should take a closer look. Something is obviously upsetting your inner balance. Recognize your personal resources and find out how everything can be brought back into balance.

Recognize the signs: Are you emotionally drained?

You haven't slept through the night for ages. Little things throw you off track. You no longer enjoy anything. Something is obviously disrupting your rhythm. Before you completely lose it, you should take a break and analyze your feelings. What's making you feel so broken inside?

First of all, it is important to Signs of emotional overload to perceive:

  • Sleep disorders,
  • constant tiredness,
  • the feeling of loss of control,
  • Dissatisfaction,
  • Feelings of anxiety and panic attacks,
  • Hypersensitivity,
  • Aggressiveness.

You can't concentrate and can't get out of the negative vortex of thoughts. Do you recognize the warning signs? If you admit that you are emotionally drained, you have taken the first step towards improvement.

Emotional exhaustion in relationships: Causes and effects

Fatigue often affects all areas: Work, hobby and private life. If you feel emotionally drained in your relationship this does not have to be the end of the partnership.

The causes of relationship fatigue can be linked to a lack of variety. Or does every conversation degenerate into an argument? But you used to be so harmonious.

Sometimes misunderstandings cause emotional stress. Direct attacks or a purely defensive attitude exacerbate these problems. Even worse is devaluing your partner, whether by ignoring them or insulting them. Where is the respect?

If you are emotionally drained, you may end a relationship. But that's not a solution, it's just an escape. It is better to talk about the feelings that are difficult to analyze. This is the only way to overcome the helplessness on both sides.

Emotionally drained relationship

4 strategies for self-care: What to do when you're emotionally drained?

You can make a contribution yourself so that you can come to terms with yourself and your feelings again. In fact, you have to. Here are a few good suggestions on how to rebuild your energy. This will help you in both your private and professional life.

  1. For a better Mental health it is important to find your own rhythm. Plan your days - this is particularly useful if you work from home and hardly get to meet other people. Determine when you finish work and treat yourself to a delicious meal, an interesting movie or another reward.
  2. Separate yourself from what is stressing you out - whether it's work stress or mental overload from stressful relatives. 
  3. Don't always be available, say no when it gets too much for you. Set priorities and don't let other people run your life. This will help you regain your self-confidence and make you feel stronger.
  4. Many people who feel emotionally drained limit their social contacts. They believe that this will relieve the stress. But interpersonal relationships are important for health. After all, humans are social animals.

The role of mindfulness in emotional exhaustion

If you are emotionally drained over a longer period of time, the basic tips for self-help will help you move forward. The focus here is on mindfulness.

The Tips for mental health support you in regaining your inner balance.

Consciously focus on your surroundings. Recognize the positive experiences and feel inside yourself: you will recognize many things for which you can be grateful. With a mindful lifestyle, you can replenish your energy stores and enrich your life. Forest bathing, aromatherapy, meditation and other interesting experiences will ensure that you no longer feel emotionally drained - but instead rediscover your zest for life.

Coping with stress: practical tips to help you regain your balance

"I feel emotionally drained" - don't push this thought aside, but be aware of its significance. If you ignore the signs of inner exhaustion, you're not doing yourself any favors. The important thing now is to find your balance again.

The Mental and emotional exhaustion is often caused by excessive demands, but not only at work. Overstimulation and stress come from all sides.

The imbalance won't go away on its own. So you have to actively combat a possible burn-out or depressive moods tackle it. Don't hide under the covers, but do something:

  1. Exercise reduces stress levels and releases happiness hormones,
  2. Walks through nature provide distance from negative thoughts,
  3. Relaxation and mindfulness exercises strengthen your emotional balance,
  4. Creativity increases your well-being.

How coaching can help you regain emotional balance

Have you been emotionally drained for a while and can't get a grip on your feelings? Then let us help you. With personal coaching, your Inner stability back into balance.

Together with an experienced coach, you will find out a lot about yourself - and discover the right strategies for you. The individual tips will help you to improve your quality of life: you won't let yourself get too carried away and will train your mental resilience. This will give you more control over your feelings.

Typical components of such coaching are

  • Researching the causes of your own emotions,
  • Mindfulness training for better emotional stability,
  • Stress management against excessive demands,
  • Conflict training.

Depending on the circumstances, other topics may be added.

Good to know: You can Prevent emotional exhaustionbefore things get really bad for you. Individual coaching can also help you with this. Are your expectations of yourself perhaps too high? Are you causing yourself stress - or are toxic people getting in the way of your development?

Stress cannot always be avoided, but you have the opportunity to shape your own life. And with coaching, you can learn to deal with conflicts and problems in a mindful way.

The importance of emotional resilience and how to build it up

Do you want to protect yourself from inner exhaustion? With emotional resilience, you are well armed against it. This special resilience is nourished by itself - and by your mindfulness.

For More emotional resilience there are special exercises. They allow your perhaps unconscious abilities to come to the surface.

Resilience training to stop feeling emotionally drained includes the following building blocks:

  • Dealing with crises and conflicts,
  • Improvement of social skills,
  • proactive action,
  • Acceptance of change,
  • Formulation of positive beliefs,
  • increased self-determination,
  • Personal development,
  • Mindfulness and relaxation exercises,
  • Self-care.

Ways out of emotional exhaustion

In conclusion, we can summarize: If you are emotionally drained, you need to actively do something yourself. But there is help: a Personality Coaching accompanies you on your way out of a low mood. This will help you to recognize what is bothering you and deal better with your inner stress. Your dissatisfaction will decrease - but your resilience, self-confidence and motivation will improve.

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