Personality coaching - build your mental strength

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Personality coaching - build your mental strength

Professional competence and self-motivation are basic requirements for professional success. People who do not believe in themselves and their abilities have a much harder time asserting themselves. A lack of self-confidence also has a negative impact in private life.

Uncertainties, fears and lack of life energy are often due to dissatisfaction or lack of life goals. Every person thinks and acts according to certain patterns. Often, however, the power of habit stands in the way of one's own success. A personality coaching helps to perceive and strengthen one's own personality. Thus, difficult situations can be mastered.

What is personality coaching?

A personality coaching focuses on personality development. The Coaching includes emotional and mental maturation processes. The Setting Goals consists in the development of the "I" as well as in the strengthening of the individual personality.

In personality coaching, it is assumed that the development of a personality is a lifelong process. Innate characteristics as well as influences from upbringing, socialization and environment have a great influence on the Personality Development.

Personality coaching to strengthen your character

Nevertheless, it is possible to shape and develop a personality to a certain extent. These findings have led to the establishment of personality coaching as a method for the further development and strengthening of character traits and individuality.

Under the guidance of a personality coach, coachees come to a deeper understanding of their personality. The task of a personality development coach is to show ways to harness a person's full potential.

Personality coaching is about:

to develop and strengthen. Depending on the life situation and needs, other topics can be discussed. Deficits that have so far prevented further development of the personality are addressed.

A lack of self-confidence prevents us from seizing opportunities in our professional and private lives and from realizing our full potential. Lack of life goals, lack of assertiveness, as well as outdated Beliefs are further aspects that are taken into account in personality coaching.

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How to achieve your goals through personality coaching

Every personality is individual and unique. Therefore, the reasons to decide for a personality coaching are also very different. The most important occasions are:

  • Lack of success
  • Dissatisfaction with the own personality
  • Lack of vision
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of motivation

What is the reason for the lack of success? Are you afraid of failure? Does a lack of Self-confidence do you find it difficult to assert yourself? Is the pressure to perform at work so great that you are overwhelmed? Discuss these questions in personality coaching.

The lack of a vision leads to you going through life without orientation. Concrete goals, however, are the most important prerequisite for success. Do you know your goals? Personality coaching helps, Identify life goals and develop actions to achieve them.

Strengthen your self-confidence

Dissatisfaction with your own personality is one reason to seek out a personal development coach. Your self-image determines how you are perceived by others. Do you find it difficult to believe in yourself? Strengthen your self-confidence! In the personality coaching you learn to become more self-confident and to increase your assertiveness. So you achieve more in life and come closer to your goals.

Lack of motivation is caused by a lack of perspectives. Often the Self-motivation hindered by unfavorable beliefs. Could statements like "I can't do it" or "I can't do it" apply to you? Overcome persistent motivation problems by detaching yourself from these beliefs.

A personality coach will show you by example how to motivate yourself and improve your Motivation sustainably. If you perform your tasks with a high level of motivation, you will quickly experience a sense of achievement.

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8 advantages of personality coaching for your development

In personality coaching, your strengths and weaknesses are decoded. You learn how to use your personal resources. Personality coaching has these eight advantages for your development:

  1. more self-confidence
  2. A strong identity
  3. better quality of life
  4. personal goals are achieved more quickly
  5. you recognize your chances
  6. the own solution competence improves
  7. more mental strength
  8. you become more capable

Become a personality coach

Want yourself Become a personality coach and guide your clients in the development and advancement of their personality? Coaching is an interesting, challenging and extensive task. The Personality coach training can also be completed online. This gives you the opportunity to combine learning with your job or studies.

How to find the right coach for you

Do you want to find a personality coach to help you with your personality development? Personality coaching distinguishes between a coaching form where you sit face-to-face with the coach and personality coaching online.

Relationship between coach and coachee is central to the success of coaching. Arrange a non-binding conversation to find out if the chemistry between you is right.

Check the coach's website for their qualifications and professional experience. Often personality coaches are trained psychologists, social scientists or consultants. However, since the profession is not protected by law, personality development coaches come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.

Personality coaching costs also depend on the professional training (or studies). Ask specifically if the costs, which are either on an hourly basis or for the entire coaching, are not listed on the website.

5 techniques and methods that can help you in your coaching

Various methods are used in personality coaching. We present here 5 techniques and methods that can help you in your coaching. These are:

  1. The lying eight
  2. Client Centered Conversational
  3. Mental training
  4. Gordon model
  5. Transactional Analysis

The Lying Eight is a method developed by the instructors of the Greater Life Coach training. This technique includes a review of the past based on depth psychological work as well as a preview of the future based on findings from brain research and modern vision work. The lying eight combines several methods with each other.

Prone Eight Methods

It combines approaches from "The Work" by Byron Katie with NLP, systemic coaching, trauma-therapeutic work and insights from Gestalt therapy, Enneagram work and vision work according to Dr. Joe Dispenza linked with each other.

Client-centered interviewing is about the proper interaction of the coach with his coachee. In mental training, skills, behaviors and processes that need to be mastered in certain situations are mentally replayed over and over again.

Gordon training focuses on non-violent, constructive communication and conflict resolution. The Transactional Analysis aims to promote the development and change of personalities.

How to integrate what you have learned into your everyday life

The in personality coaching can be easily integrated into everyday life. The insights and practical exercises are suitable to be used directly at work and in private life.

Take half an hour a day for your exercises. Observe yourself as you do so. Focus on how you feel in a complex situation. Say things clearly. Motivate yourself every day. Your efforts will soon be rewarded by the first feelings of success.

The first step to your best version: personality coaching

Personality coaching helps to identify one's own Identify strengths and weaknesses. Through the Self-reflection under the guidance of a professional coach, work is done on the further development of the personality.

In coaching you learn to build or improve your self-confidence, to develop a vision for your professional and private future. You are able to use your full potential! The personality coaching is therefore the first step to your best version!


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