Stop negative thoughts - how to become more optimistic

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Stop negative thoughts - how to become more optimistic

This won't work and you can't do that - such negative thoughts sometimes nag you for days. But you can stop negative thoughts: This is also important to feel better. Otherwise, you are threatened by excessive demands and a chronically bad mood. Find the way out of the negative thought pull and overcome your blockades!

Why negative thoughts arise and how you deal with them

In everyday life, mistakes and other mishaps happen all the time. Negative thoughts and feelings come automatically. You envy other people, feel taken advantage of or neglected.

But you can stop your bad thoughts. Look at the different situations and think about why you judge certain things negatively. A lot of things take place only in your head. There are good reasons why you should stop negative thoughts: It's worth the effort.

8 Tips: How to banish negative thoughts from your mind

You're in a bad mood again - stop the negative thoughts before they drive you crazy! But how can you do that? Here you get a few useful Tipshow to stop negative thoughts. You can apply them to different examples of negative thoughts and learn positive rethinking. This will make you aware of how to stop and influence negative thoughts.

  1. Imagine your thoughts as clouds in the sky and let them move on. There are always new clouds - sometimes even very dark thunderclouds - but they are all driven away by the wind.
  2. Stopping worries, fears and negative thoughts also works by replacing them with nice thoughts. Do not focus on the negative, but on neutral or positive things.
  3. Get away from your negative thoughts and free yourself from long ruminations. A walk or other activities can help.
  4. Write down your thoughts so that you can check them off - or to keep the Brooding to a later date.
  5. Talking to yourself can exacerbate your negative thought spiral. Don't talk to yourself in the first person, talk to yourself in the second person. "Why are you doing this now?" - This will reduce your agitation.
  6. With singing you can stop negative thoughts, as studies show. While you sing, your body does not produce feelings of anxiety.
  7. Talk to other people about your problems and worries. With the help of other people, negative thoughts can be stopped.
  8. Meditation and others Mindfulness exercises drive away the bad thoughts.
how can i stop negative thoughts

The power of positive affirmation: how to influence your thoughts

Stopping negative thoughts sounds so easy - but it's not. The problem lies above all in the Habit. Most of the time, it's the same triggers over and over again that get you into a Negative spiral pull in.

But positive sayings and affirmations will help you get rid of the stressful thoughts. Find a suitable Mantrathat gives you new drive and overcomes the negative attitude.

If you want to stop negative thoughts, you need positive replacements. That's exactly why positive affirmations are important. Think about your successes, good experiences and beautiful images to strengthen you from the inside. This is an important step to think positively.

Negative thought patterns can become a self-fulfilling prophecy - which is exactly why you want to stop negative thoughts. The good thing is that positive thoughts work the same way. So when you think positively, your chances of experiencing something good increase.

5 Steps: How to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

Once again, you've been hit by negative thoughts: you feel overworked or underchallenged at work, there's stress in the family and you're also struggling with fitness.

How can I stop negative thoughts - if this question comes up, you know: It's time to act. The following tips will show you how to stop negative thoughts and think more positively instead.

  1. Do not ignore your negative feelings, because they do not appear for no reason. If you push them away, they may become even stronger. Allow your negative thoughts and feelings to come up first. This way you can deal with them and it will be easier for you to let them go later. Take the time you need to do this.
  2. Self-observation is the order of the day. Notice the negative, stressful situations and check what thoughts and feelings they trigger in you. Is it really that bad or are you just in your usual Thought carousel landed? Write down your thoughts and analyze the typical patterns. Like this you gradually find your inner peace.
  3. Tidying up helps to sort out your external environment - and also gives you the feeling of more order internally. In this way, you get rid of old burdens and find your way around better. Sort out your closet, free your desk from paper clutter - when everything is tidy, your well-being increases and you think more positively.
  4. Be fair to yourself and also to others. Sometimes that means you have to be fair to yourself forgive need to. This way you can free yourself from hurts and other negative feelings.
  5. Physical activity can also stop negative thoughts: Take a long walk, bike through the park, or go swimming. Fresh air, in particular, will take your mind off things. In addition, your body releases happy hormones and reduces stress when you move.

Cognitive behavioral therapy: how to break negative thought patterns

In the long term, negative thoughts can lead to psychosomatic complaints. Depending on the severity, those affected suffer from depressive moods or other symptoms of illness. In the case of depression, it is advisable to consult a psychotherapist.

Against depression and Fears cognitive behavioral therapy helps. This deals with thoughts, inner attitudes and expectations. In the course of such therapy, you get to know your own beliefs better. Many stressful thoughts are wrong or at least exaggerated. If you see that you give too much importance to some things, you have made a big step forward.

An important element of the Therapy is to write down your own thoughts. This will make it easier for you to analyze your own assessment. Are your fears and worries realistic? If you look at the supposedly negative experiences from a different perspective, you'll notice that your colleagues don't mean any harm - or that some things simply happen by mistake.

Meditation and mindfulness: get out of the thought loops

Stop negative thoughts with mindfulness exercises - it works very well. When you meditate you will simply find it easier to deal with stressful thoughts. This way you lower your stress level and increase your quality of life.

When meditating and other Relaxation techniques you consciously focus on something else. This way you get a clear head and find your way to a serene Posture. This in turn improves your Satisfaction. Your whole life seems full of meaning and the negative thoughts have hardly any place.

Meditation is supposed to free you from negative thoughts, but especially in the beginning it looks quite different. At the first Exercises you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts. You can't find peace at all, because things are chaotic in your head. Now you must not give up, because this stream of thoughts is part of the meditation exercise. You observe your thoughts and feel them. Do not judge them, but meet them in a curious and friendly way. In this way, you feel the present moment very intensely - and thus escape the negative spiral.

Stop negative thoughts with the appropriate techniques

You believe, the negative thought patterns have you firmly in their grip? That's not true, because you can stop the negative thoughts. This is how you escape the seemingly hopeless situation. Observe yourself and open yourself to positive thoughts.

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