What can adults learn from children?

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What can adults learn from children?

Children are full of joie de vivre, curiosity and a sense of adventure. Whereas the lives of many adults are characterized by routines, fears and boredom. For this reason, it is immensely important that we ask ourselves the question: "What can adults learn from children?"

7 things adults can learn from children

"Every child is an artist. The only problem is to remain an artist while growing up."

Pablo Picasso

Children are just great. They live freely, self-determined and are detached from social conventions. You could say: children are people in their purest form.

What can adults learn from children? We are already very curious in which of the following 7 points it clicks with you and you think: "Wow, that's right! That's exactly the quality I'd like to take from a child."

Be authentic

If I tell my work colleagues that I like to play computer games, they won't take me seriously anymore. I should rather say that I like to invest in shares. That way I look much more serious."

Here's the sad truth: We adults often pretend and are only authentic in the rarest of cases. Fearthat the world might not accept us for who we really are.

How do kids do it? Well, they don't care what other people think about them. They live authentically, freely and self-determined. Wouldn't that be a really great state for us to emulate as well? Wouldn't that be one of the most important points to answer the question, what can adults learn from children?

Enjoying the little things

What does a butterfly that has made itself comfortable on a leaf have to do with a cat chasing a flying dandelion? Well, for children such events are quite great cinema. 

What about us adults? We often pay little attention to such events. Instead, we concern ourselves with how we can save taxes, earn more money and make a career. 

It would also do us good if we paid at least a little more attention to the little things in life. Then we could enjoy life much more.

feel at ease

Over the years, we gather not only positive experiences, but also a variety of prejudices. These prejudices contribute to the fact that we close ourselves off and thus also lose our openness towards our fellow human beings. 

With children it is quite different. They are interested in everything and everyone. It is not difficult for them to approach strangers, say "hello" and then shake their hand. Sounds like an open person, doesn't it?

And how adults? How do we behave? Well, we ask ourselves: "Hm, what's that one? I'm not quite sure about him." Here, too, adults can learn a lot from children in terms of openness.

Simply switch off

What can adults learn from children? The answer: Just switch off! Finally stop worrying all day about what bad things could happen in life.

How does a child do it? It just sits around somewhere, waits for an impulse and goes out into the world. Or: It just sits around, enjoys the moment and switches off relaxed.

Such tranquility is needed by the human being in order to be able to Stress level to reduce. To relax and make sure to find the inner center that allows a life in balance.

Using our imagination

What do you think it looks like on the moon? What adventures await beyond the stars? What would my life be like if I had superpowers? These are questions that children deal with on a regular basis.

What about us? Well, we're more like: "How am I gonna pay the next bill?" "What new shoes will I buy?" "Is it really going to rain again tomorrow?" These questions are kind of boring, aren't they?

There is no magic in them. No Fantasy. However, if we as adults make use of our imagination again, then a completely new world opens up for us as well, into which we can comfortably immerse ourselves.

Living in the here and now

Do you know what it's like? You've planned a trip to the woods and you're wondering..: ,Hm, have I prepared well? Do I have a warm jacket with me? Is the cell phone charged in case something is? Am I prepared for anything?"

How does a child deal with such a situation? The answer is perfectly obvious: differently! It marches into the forest. It jumps around in the water. Climbs trees. Gathers beechnuts and chases squirrels.

Or to put it in other words: It lives in the here and now! It enjoys the moment. The child listens to the babbling of the brook. It does not think about whether the weather can change or not. What can adults learn from children? That's right, just live in the here and now.

Be curious

Do you still remember your childhood? Back then, we could hardly wait to discover the world anew every day. No corner of the house was spared our curiosity. We wanted to know everything.

"Mom, what's that?" "Dad, how does it work?" "Grandpa, why is it like that?" Everything around us was just exciting. But then? How was it that curiosity got away from us over the years? What was the reason for that?

We can speculate about that, of course. What we adults can learn from children in this context is - be curious! Because the world still offers so many corners to discover.

Adults learn from children

Conclusion: Dhe world becomes more colorful when we look at it through the eyes of a child

"We must not forget to see the world through the eyes of a child."

Henry Matisse

What can adults learn from children? We have tried to answer this exciting question in this article. In doing so, we have named a total of 7 things that adults can learn from children.

Which of the above did you find yourself in and where did you think: "Gotcha! If I were to exhibit these behaviors of a child, I would certainly be far freer and happier."

Can you think of any other characteristics of children that we adults can learn from? Feel free to share your insights with us. We would be very happy to hear your opinion.


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