These 5 videos make you really want to attend the Greator Festival Online 2021!

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These 5 videos make you really want to attend the Greator Festival Online 2021!

"He who always walks in the footsteps of others need not wonder that he leaves no impressions."

Dieter Lange, GFO 2020

Are you determined to finally step out of your comfort zone this year and still thinking about what you could do for yourself and your personal development? Then we have good news for you! Because also this year there will be a Greator Festival Online give. Grab your free ticket and look forward to topics around personal development, business, health, mindfulness and meditation.

It's time to unlock your full potential and create positive Change into your life! Last year, coaches and experts like Dieter Lange, Tobias Beck or Laura Malina Seiler have already been able to provide valuable impulses and important tips in their keynotes. Because sometimes it takes a few inspirations and thought-provoking impulses to take your first step in the direction of a healthy mindset!

You can't wait and already want to start doing something for your self-realization? Here you can find 4 inspiring keynotes from our top speakers from last year! And if you want to get in the mood for GFO 2021, we have an aftermovie of last year for you. Don't be shy: take your happiness into your own hands, because your personal success story starts with yourself!

1. learning acceptance: how to get through the Corona crisis well

"How do I get through the crisis?" If you're asking yourself this question, then you may want to watch the exciting interview with Dieter Lange don't miss it! In it, the expert explains how you can meditatively go through your everyday life, take on responsibilities and accept the crisis.

YouTube video

2. positive mindset despite Corona: recognizing your emotional protection program

In his emotional keynote address Tobias Beck about personal development, personal responsibility on the micro level and self-reflection. He addresses the reactions to the Corona crisis and explains how the crisis is changing our society - and how much potential it holds!

YouTube video

3. finding yourself: 3 steps for change

Laura Malina Seiler reveals in her inspiring keynote how you can listen to your heart, trust and find new energy in times of crisis. You want to set a new focus, be open for change and look full of hope into the future? Then you shouldn't miss Laura Malina Seiler's exciting impulses! At the end there is a wonderful Meditation for change on you.

YouTube video

4. the big why: how to be happy in the here & now

The big why - almost everyone strives for it. But do we really need to have a vision to live a happy life? Isn't it just as good to change our focus, gain joy from doing, give more meaning to the present, and simply enjoy life? Philosophizing about this question Leander Greitemann in his exciting keynote and gives you many valuable impulses to take with you on your way.

YouTube video

5. Greator Festival Online 2021: This is why you should be there!

On 27 - 30 May 2021 it's that time again! We celebrate our second Greator Festival Online with you! Again completely FREE! Click here for your ticket.

YouTube video

With speeches from top international speakers, interviews, meditations all about personal development & self-realization, business & entrepreneurship, fitness & health, love & relationships and mindfulness & meditation!

You in? Grab your free ticket!

Reviewed by Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich

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