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Tobias Beck: "The journey of your heart - you are special!

"Life doesn't always play out the way we want it to. On the contrary, it runs like the first pattern we recognize when we are born: the pattern of our heartbeat." Tobias Beck is a successful keynote speaker and coach. He knows that life consists of ups and downs - just like the recorded waves of our heartbeat. He says: "The very first thing that starts to live is our heart. And it is also the last thing with which we leave this world."

Tobias Beck: "Children adopt your view unfiltered!

According to the personality expert, the challenge is that many adults prefer monotonous normality: "Although life goes up and down, many adults have this zero line. Children, on the other hand, have an automatic desire for more. And children take over everything they perceive from their parents unfiltered," says Tobias Beck. If you always tell your children how hard your work or life is, they will adopt this view.

We only have this one life.

Tobias Beck

But that would be more than a pity. Or as Tobias Beck says: "We only have this one life. It starts sometime and it ends sometime. Children have a burning desire for more. They learn to walk, fall down, get up again - and they do it many times." Kids have stamina and they don't lose faith that one day it'll work out. So why do we so often lose our patience with ourselves later, when we are adults?

The challenge of your life

According to Tobias Beck, the challenge in life is that at some point we run into a black box - mostly between the ages of 20 and 60. He says: "We don't know exactly what we should do and how we should behave. And we adults often confuse two important terms, namely 'fun' and 'happiness'. Happiness is the feeling you get when you lie in your bed at night, close your eyes and want to jump up again in gratitude. But not to let yourself be shot at from the outside - for example with series and films. That is not happiness. That's fun."

Once you understand this difference, according to the Cooh live an incredibly full life. And there is another point that plays a decisive role. Tobias Beck: "No matter what you do, it is important to give back to others. Why do you do what you do? What is your purpose of existence? Why did you see the light of this world many years ago? At some point the millionaire will crumble to dust somewhere next to the beggar. And that's why it's so important that you take the best out of those minimal days you have here."

Tobias Beck: "I'm having mutant fits instead of tantrums.

Do you ever wonder how you're supposed to do that? How to deal with the constant ups and downs in life? For the successful personality expert the matter is clear. Tobias Beck: "We need more courage attacks and fewer tantrums in this society. We need people who are strong for others and willing to make decisions for others - people with great visions in their heads. You are the one who makes the difference in this society. There will always be people in your life who will reach out to you. You just have to learn to accept them."

Tobias Beck - a moving letter with depth

Tobias Beck has been working on personality development for many years now. A decisive point in his life was the death of the old lady Ruth, whom he met as an 18-year-old during his community service. Ruth left him a letter. He says, "This letter has changed a lot in my life." Are you curious? Here's what's in it for you:

A letter

My dear little friend,

you must have gotten old in all those years. Remember those dreams you used to have when you were in that ambulance with me? Your eyes shimmered like uncut diamonds. Did you bring your dreams to life? Look, the people who not only dream their dreams, but actually make them come true are the ones who are changing the world for all of us. They're the ones they use to build statues in city centers all over the world. Are you changing the world, my friend?

Have you had your dreams come to life?


Of course we can change the world in many different ways. Some teach things to others and sometimes see only small successes in them. Others compose music that reaches people's emotions. You know what? There are people who cry the day they are forced to retire. These are the people who really loved what they were doing.

Show your strengths

And you'll probably get angry now, my little friend, while you read this letter. And you'll say, "I get bludgeoned in the head all the time. "I can't take it anymore. I don't know what to do." And yes, life is not easy. And only for you will it put things in the way of showing your strength.

If you were healthy this morning rather than sick, you are better off than all those people who will not survive tonight. If you have clothes on your body, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are better off than 70 percent of your brothers and sisters on this planet. Get your head up and stop whining, little buddy.

In those moments when you manage to be who you really are without thinking about who you should be or what other people might think about you, in those moments your life light shines like a bright star. I want your life from now on to be an exciting journey. Because mine is over now.


your Ruth

Your heartbeat on a great journey

That's very moving. Tobias Beck's appeal to you is: "I would wish from the bottom of my heart that you would lay your hand on your heart for a moment - because that's when your journey begins, with the first heartbeat. It goes up and down. You are special until the last day."

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