Alexander Müller: Success through the quality of your questions

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Alexander Müller: Success through the quality of your questions

At the age of 15, Alexander Müller attended his first seminar on personal development. He reports: "The seminar lasted nine days - nine intensive days. I have never forgotten what I experienced and learned. Because it was then that I felt for the first time how much potential I actually had inside me. I decided then that I not only wanted to lead a successful life, but also a happy and successful one. fulfilled Life."

Many years later, the current CEO of Greator bring together for the first time his two great passions: the passion for Personality Development and a passion for entrepreneurship. Alexander Müller: "At the age of 26, I became the managing director of Robert Betz. I was allowed to build up a team of 40 employees. In the process, I felt for the first time how much potential is released when you do what you really want to do. And how much power it gives not only to yourself when you have a great vision, but also to the entire team and each individual employee."

Alexander Müller on vision, courage & implementation

A few years later, Alexander Müller met his future business partner Dr. Stefan Frädrich. He reports: "When Stefan and I met, we were able to share a great vision right away. We wanted to make the idea of Greator big - the idea of offering a platform to the best speakers and coaches so that they can pass on their best knowledge with the help of events, seminars and online courses to help others."

On the one hand, the great vision was born, on the other hand, the two entrepreneurs realized that it was not so easy to implement this idea in everyday life. Alexander Müller: "In the beginning, we couldn't give away enough tickets to fill the small halls we had booked. Our expenses were much higher than our income. We didn't always know how we were going to pay our employees' salaries on time at the beginning of the month. And so it sometimes happened that Stefan sold his much-loved motorhome on a Thursday so that we could pay the salaries on time on Friday."

The own corporate culture

The two also quickly realized that if the idea of Greator was to become really big, they had to take their cue from really successful companies like Apple and Google. Alexander Müller: "These companies have managed to develop a corporate culture in which employees want to go to work. It was clear to us that we wanted the same. We also wanted to create a corporate culture like that. It was also clear to us that we would have to invest in it, especially time."

Developing a corporate culture and putting it into practice is not something you do on the side. In addition, every employee has to help. Looking back, Alexander Müller says: "That's why we decided to fly to Mallorca for a whole week with the entire team to develop our corporate culture. At the time, we didn't know whether we could afford it financially. Today I know: we couldn't have afforded not to."

Alexander Müller on corporate purpose & core values

A company purpose was developed in Mallorca. This can be described in one word: self-realization. Alexander Müller: "We want to support people in realising themselves and living their own potential. At the same time, it has become clear to us that we as a team also have the desire to realise ourselves. Our ambition is to become better and better at this. I am a firm believer that people are not there for companies, but that companies are there for people."

For the past five years, the expert has been driving regularly to the Silicon Valley. He says: "For me there is no other place in the world, where there are so many inspiring corporate cultures. It's always striking that there are a few aspects that all truly successful companies have in common: They all have a company purpose and know what they are doing what they are doing for. In addition, these companies have principles and core values that they maintain on a day-to-day basis and use to guide their decisions."

Alexander Müller: "The quality of your questions is crucial".

Greator tries to live its own principles and core values as well as possible in everyday life. The CEO reveals: "We communicate this strongly to the outside world and only look for employees who fit in with our culture and principles. I am firmly convinced that Thoughts your reality shape your thoughts. And questions shape your thoughts. Successful entrepreneurs in particular ask themselves really good questions." But what is a really good question?

Alexander Müller: "You can tell a really good question by the fact that you don't yet have the answer. Back then, we asked ourselves the question: What is actually stopping us from reaching ten times as many people? What are our actual blockages? In the process, we realized that at some point we would have to internationalize. Great questions release great potential. The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life. Are you asking yourself really big questions yet?" If not, it's high time. We wish you every success with it!

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